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Help From Krishn

On Kaurav's side, Duryodhan also sent his secret agents to find out about Paandav's activities. As he came to know that Krishn had left for Dwaarakaa, Duryodhan also set out for Dwaarakaa. Both, Arjun and Duryodhan arrived in Dwaarakaa on the same day.

When they arrived there they came to know that Krishn was sleeping at that time. Duryodhan entered the room and sat on a fine seat at the head of the bed and waited for His waking up. After him came Arjun who stood at Krishn's feet by touching His feet by his head, with his folded hands and closed eyes waiting for His waking up.

When Krishn woke up, He first saw Paarth, so He asked him about his journey. Arjun said - "Only sometime before." Then Duryodhan greeted Him, Krish asked the same question to Duryodhan also. Duryodhan said - "Only sometime before." Krishn asked then the reason to come there. Duryodhan said cheerfully - "You have to help me in war. Arjun and I both are your friends, and we have same relationship with you. And today I have come first. The right-minded people take up the matter of that man first who comes first to them." Krishn said - "I have no doubt that you have come first, but I have seen Arjun first. There is no doubt that I will help you both, but Arjun is younger to you, so he should have the first choice. There are 100 billion (10 Crore) cowherd rivaling me in strength, they are called Naaraayan; and there is me who resolve not to fight in the battlefield laying down all my arms. So Arjun, you select first who you want?"

Arjun said - "Hey Krishn, I came to ask your help only, what I will do of your Naaraayanee army? I only need you." Duryodhan got very happy to hear this, but without showing this, he said - "Then I accept your Naaraayanee army." He thought what Krishn will be of help if He has no weapon to fight. After this Duryodhan went to see Daaoo (Balraam). Balraam said - "Duryodhan, You must remember what I said in Viraat Nagar. For your sake I contradicted Krishn but Krishn and Saatyaki have gone against me. Now you say that Krishn is with Paandav? I am sorry for that. But I cannot leave my brother who is a part of me, so I cannot be with you and fight with my own brother. Go and fight like a true Kshatriya, and do not bring shame to your house in which you are born."

Duryodhan left with tears in his eyes. Balraam was also sorry for him. He knew Duryodhan's fate when Krishn had decided to be on Paandav's side, but he could not help him. The moment Arjun chose Krishn, Krishn became the master of ceremonies. Balraam saw it with His inner eye. He knew it was of no use to think about it. Duryodhan also knew that Krishn was not on his side, still he considered Arjun defeated. After that Duryodhan went to Kritvarmaa. He gave him his one Akshauhinee army.

When Duryodhan had left, Krishn asked Arjun - "Why did you choose me? I will be alone and that also without arms. You should have chosen my Naaraayanee army." Arjun laughed loudly and said - "What I will do of your Naaraayanee army? Who cares what happens in the war? How does it matter that who fight from whose side? There is no doubt that you are capable to kill all, but I can do it that myself also. But I wanted you only, that is why I chose you. And I request you to become my Saarathee. You will take the reins of my white horses. Although it will not only be reins for everybody, but it will be the scepter of Dharm to establish Dharm in this sinful world. Besides, my name will be immortal in this world because after this you will be known as Paarthaasaarathee. And I will be known as the man to whom Bhagavaan Himself took to battlefield." And Arjun left for Upaplavya where Paandav were living.

Note: According to Subramaniam's Mahabharata

Krishn was very happy to hear Arjun. He took him by his right hand and led him inside the palace. Saatyaki was waiting for them. He told all what had happened. Then He said - "Look Saatyaki, This Arjun took my right hand and invited defeat for himself." Saatyaki took a sigh of relief and said - "Thank God, Everything has turned out according to our wishes. But Krishn, Duryodhan has gone to Balaraam from here. What if Balaraam fights from his side? Kritvarmaa has already decided to be with Duryodhan." Krishn said - "Don't worry, Balaraam will not fight in the battlefield."

Krishn suggested to Arjun that he should also get blessings of Daaoo. Arjun went to see Daaoo, but Daaoo said to Arjun - "War is not good among brothers, therefore I have not blessed Duryodhan for victory, nor I will bless you for victory."

Krishn further said - "This Shakuni is the mastermind of all this. He must have thought that my friendship is necessary for Duryodhan, that is why he sent him to me, but he doesn't know that he asked only the skin of the fruit, its flesh is with Arjun. I am happy that I was saved from saying "No" to Duryodhan by Arjun's presence. If I had not seen Arjun first, I don't know what would I have done in that case?" Saatyaki said -"I know you. You would have said that "I have already decided to help Paandav that is why I am not available to you. By this course of events you are only saved to say this to Duryodhan, that is all." 

Krishn smiled and said - "It seems that today everyone seems to know me except myself. Arjun said "I know you", now you say that "I know you". Earlier Balraam also said "I know you, Krishn. You are bent up on seeing this war happen. You have already decided to kill all Kaurav and Karn. Duryodhan is a good boy, but the world will remember only his dice game and the exile of Paandav. I wish someone like me had gone to Hastinaapur to convince him to give Paandav's kingdom to them, but now nothing can be done. A wrong person has been sent. The dice is thrown again but this time against Kaurav. Before Shakuni played that treacherous dice, this time you did, Krishn. I know what is going to happen to Duryodhan and Karn. Let us not discuss it anymore. But I am going to stay away from this war."

Krishn said - "Saatyaki, Balaraam is not happy at all, but I am not sorry for them. It is true what Balaraam said that only one event has covered his all good qualities but this is also true that what he has done with Paandav cannot go unpunished. Bheem's oath cannot go false. All these are predestined. I hate war and so does Yudhishthir, but I cannot help, although I will try my best. But now let us go to Yudhishthir, he must be waiting for us."

When it was all over, then Krishn suggested His last advice to Paandav - "If you have trust in me, then I want to go to Hastinaapur as the Peace Messenger." Raajaa Viraat said - "Who can distrust you Keshav?" When Draupadee heard this that Krishn was going to Hastinaapur as Peace Messenger, she stopped Him from going as Peace Messenger reminding her insult. Krishn said - "But still peace is peace, I have to go."


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