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Udyog Parv

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Peace Messenger to Dhritraashtra

The Raaj Purohit of Drupad came to Hastinaapur with the message of Yudhishthir. Hearing that the messenger has come from Paandav, Bheeshm, Vidur and Dhritraashtra all received him respectfully. All were very hospitable to him. He told Paandav's welfare first, then asked Kaurav's welfare.

Note: (From Mahabhaarat Serial)
Seeing this Dhritraashtra said to Vidur - "If Yudhishthir had come here himself, I would have crowned him myself, but since he has sent his messenger, I will have to think over it." All elderly people tried their best to make him agree on that he should return Yudhishthir's kingdom peacefully, but his thoughts were colliding together somewhere between his heart and mind, so he was not able to think properly and taking decisions properly.

All came to a hall. There the messenger, Raaj Purohit of Drupad, said - "This assembly looks of righteous people. It is known that both Dhritraashtra and Paandu are from the same father. This kingdom is the birthright of both of them so both have equal rights on the kingdom. But only Dhritraashtra's sons have their share of the kingdom, while Paandav do not have it. All of you know that in the past they have tried their best to kill Paandav but have been unable to do so. Then Paandav were able to take a kingdom of their own, but it was taken away by Duryodhan and Shakuni by deceitful manner. They were insulted in the same court, all elders are witness to it. Dhritraashtra approved that act of his son and Paandav were sent to exile for 13 years, which they have completed successfully. I am sorry to say that the 13th year they spent in menial services. Now it is up to righteous people that they should help them to get their kingdom back to them.. Yudhishthir doesn't want a war, he wants peace. If however there has to be war, he wants you to know that they are not behind. He has seven Akshauhinee army with several kings, his mighty four brothers and Krishn as Arjun's charioteer on his side. Please ask Duryodhan to giveback their kingdom back or face the consequences."

Hearing this Bheeshm said - "We are happy to know that Paandav are well and they have many kings to help them including Krishn. I am also happy to know that Yudhishthir is bent up on peace. What you have told here is only truth. Since you are a Braahman, you do not know diplomacy but you have spoken truth. Paandav have been ill-treated by Kaurav so far. We all know Arjun, that nobody is equal to him at present, not even Indra."

As Bheeshm was saying this that Karn got up and interrupted his speech - "Everybody knows that what you have said. Your Yudhishthir was defeated in the dice game by Shakuni who was playing on behalf of Duryodhan. Yudhishthir went to exile with certain conditions and now without fulfilling them he wants his kingdom back? You want to frighten our king? He will not give even a single foot land to them. All he wants is justice and Paandav's demand is not just. They have not fulfilled the conditions, they should go back to exile once more."

Bheeshm didn't like Karn's words at all, he said to him - "Karn, I don't like your words. Do you remember what you did when Arjun fought with six great warriors alone? Were you able to conquer him? You had to run away from there to save your life. If we do not do as this Braahman says we all will have to die in war." Dhritraashtra said to Karn - "Karn, Whatever Bheeshm is saying, he is saying in the favor of all of us - Kaurav as well as Paandav."

The messenger said to Dhritraashtra - "This is very strange that in your court every other person has the right to speak except you. Still, if Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa and Vidur say this that their Agyaatvaas is broken, then they will go to exile again." Dhritraashtra asked Kripaa to tell about this. Kripaa said - "According to both Lunar and Solar calendars their Agyaatvaas was completed." Dhritraashtra said to messenger that at present he could go back only with blessings and that he would send his messenger Sanjaya soon." The Braahman returned to Upaplavya and told everything in detail. So they waited for Sanjaya to come there.


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