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Udyog Parv
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Udyog Parv

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Krishn is Welcomed in Hastinaapur

Meanwhile Dhritraashtra came to know about Krishn's coming so he addressing Bheeshm, Drone, Sanjaya and Vidur said to Duryodhan - "It is heard that Krishn is coming here for the sake of Paandav. He should be honored well because He is the Swaamee of all Universe and everything rests on Him. He must be worshipped well, if He is happy with us, He will bestow us with happiness." All got pleased with this statement of Dhritraashtra, and Duryodhan made all kinds arrangements for Krishn's welcome. But Krishn arrived in the city without even casting a glance at the arrangements.

Dhritrashtra said to Vidur - "Krishn is coming here tomorrow. I will worship Him in your presence. Listen to that worship. I will offer Him 16 chariots made of gold each drawn by four horses of Baalheek breed; eight elephants with eight attendants; 100 most beautiful women and 100 men as well; 18,000 woolen blankets; 1,000 deer skins brought from China (see  Doubts-1) and many other things worthy for Him like purest gems. I will give Him my chariot which makes the round of 14 Yojan a day. I will give Him provisions eight times what He needs for His people and animals. All my sons and grandsons, except Duryodhan, will go to receive Him. A thousand unveiled girls will also go with them dancing to receive Him. Get ready Dushaasan's palace which is better than Duryodhan's palace for Him to stay."

Vidur said - "Hey Raajan, Whatever you say, because your mind is always calm and religious. Adopt sincere behavior, lest with a tiny mistake a great destruction occurs to those who are dear to you. Whatever you wish to give to Keshav is much, but He deserves much more than this. But all this betrays only deception, falsehood and insincerity. I know your mind that what do you want from Him by your these external acts. Those Paandav wish to have only five villages, and you are not willing to give them even those five villages. It means you are not willing to make peace. By giving your wealth you wish to separate Keshav from Paandav? It is just impossible to separate Krishn from Arjun whatever you do. I know Krishn very well. He will not any other hospitality other than usual inquiries of His welfare, washing His feet and a vessel of water. Give Him that thing for which He is coming here. He desires peace between Duryodhan and Paandav. Paandav are your children, and you are like father to them so behave like a father to them.

Duryodhan was listening to all this, he said - "Uncle is right. Krishn deserves much more than this. Krishn is not unworthy to our worship but both time and place are against it. Since war has already been decided upon, so it is foolishness to give Him any gift." At this Bheeshm said - "It is immaterial to worship or not to worship Him. Even when one insults Him, it is immaterial to Him. If you do what He wants without hesitation, then only He will be pleased. Bring about the peace through Vaasudev." Duryodhan again got irritated - "O grandfather, I cannot share my prosperity with Paandav. I have thought of a plan through which I can make Paandav my slave. I will imprison Krishn who is the refuge of Paandav. When He will be imprisoned all Paandav army will surrender to me. How I will imprison Him this will not be told to you so that my plan does not fail."

Dhritraashtra again got afraid of Duryodhan's words, he said - "No, no, you should not do anything like this with Him. It is a sin to arrest Krishn. He is an ambassador of Paandav. He is our relative and is very dear to us. He has done no wrong to us, so He does not deserve imprisonment." Bheeshm was very tired of Duryodhan, he spoke to Dhritraashtra - "Your son has lost his mind. It seems his Time has come. He is now trying to imprison Krishn. I cannot sit here any more." and he walked away from there.

In the morning Krishn came to Hastinaapur. Dhritraashtra's sons accompanied by Bheeshm, Drone, and Kripaa went to receive Him. Krishn entered the city surrounded by them. The city was beautifully decorated with various kinds of materials and all men and women were standing to see Him. Then Krishn entered Dhritraashtra's ash-colored palace. After passing though the first three chambers, Krishn met Dhritraashtra. All stood up in honor of Krishn. Krishn greeted him and Bheeshm with proper words without losing any time. Then He met other kings too and took His seat. He remained there chatting with them according to His relationship with them. Then He took the permission of the king and came to Vidur's house. After having worshipped Him, Vidur said - "I can't describe my happiness to receive you in my house." Then he asked about the welfare of Paandav; and Krishn knowing him as the well wisher of Paandav told him everything in detail.

According to Mahaabhaarat Serial
Duryodhan also went there to receive Krishn with his brothers and Karn. Even the citizens of Hastinaapur welcomed Krishn. After the formal reception, Dhritraashtra asked Dushaasan to take Krishn in his own palace. Duryodhan said - "First I will take Him in my palace, then Dushaasan can take Him in his palace after He has taken food with me." Krishn said - "Food can be taken at two places only - either at the place of the host, or at the place of a friend. Neither you are my host, nor you are my friend, therefore I will go to Vidur's place. And then I have my Kuntee Buaa also there." So Krishn went to Vidur's place. Vidur felt very fortunate by this honor. He received Krishn with tears of joy. As Kuntee was staying with Vidur, He went to see Kuntee also. She asked Him about her all sons. He pacified her with assuring words.

In the afternoon Krishn met Kuntee. She wept a lot embracing Krishn and remembering her sons. She said - "They did not get their father's love in their infancy and were brought up tenderly by me. Those sons of mine, O Krishn, how did they live in forests? Who were used to wake up with the sound of music, how could they wake up with the sound of wild animals? How is my Yudhishthir of virtuous soul and complexion of pure gold? He that has 10,000 elephants' power, he who has killed Krodhvash(s), Keechak, Hidimb, and mighty Bakaasur, how is that Bheem living suppressing his anger? How is my Arjun? And how are Maadree's sons Nakul and dear Sahadev? And Draupadee is very dear to me - more than my sons. I have not seen her for 14 years. Whenever I remember her dragging into the court, I don't feel any compassion with my sons. Although all elders were sad at this, but I respect Vidur most amongst all of them. He is like an ornament to our family.

The night Arjun was born, an invisible voice said to me - "This your son will conquer the whole world and his fame will reach up to the Heaven. He will kill all Kuru in a great battle, and recovering the kingdom, he will perform three sacrifices along with his brothers." I do not doubt the truth of that announcement. Neither the loss of my husband, nor the wealth, nor the hostilities of Kaurav gave me such pain as the separation from my children. Tell my children that now the time has come for which a Kshatriya woman gives birth to her sons."

Krishn comforted her - "O aunt, Who is the woman like you in this world, who has given birth to such heroic sons. They have sent their regards to you and have asked your welfare. And don't you worry at all, you will see them soon." Kuntee further said - "Hey Krishn All should be done without losing righteousness." After comforting her Krishn departed for Duryodhan's palace.

Duryodhan's palace was beautiful. Krishn passed three spacious yards before He entered the mansion. It was as high as a summit of a hill and splendid in look. And there He saw Duryodhan seated on the throne in the midst of a thousand kings. He met there Karn, Dushaasan, and Shakuni. They all welcomed Him. Keshav also greeted them accordingly. He was offered a seat of gold covered with carpet embroidered with gold. Duryodhan worshipped Him with a cow, honey, yogurt and water. and placed his palace and te whole kingdom at His service. Then all worshipped Him, and Duryodhan extended invitation for having food at his palace, but Keshav did not accept it.

Duryodhan eyeing at Karn said to Keshav - "Why are you not accepting our hospitality? We made all kinds of arrangements for you. You have given aid to both parties, you are loved by Dhritraashtra very much, then why did you refuse my arrangements, I wish to know this.

Krishn said in a deep voice - "Envoys eat and accept worship only after the success of their mission. So when my mission is successful then you may entertain me and my attendants." Duryodhan said - "It is, in fact, immaterial, whether your mission is successful or not, but we have been anxious to have you as our guest. There is no enmity between you and me."

Krishn smiled and said - "I wouldn't abandon my virtue because of anything like wealth, desire, or wrath etc. One takes food at another's place when one is in distress. At present you have not inspired love in my heart by any of your actions, nor I am in distress. You have been hating Paandav since the time of your birth. This unreasonable hatred has become now your ill. I am the soul of Paandav, they are not separate from me. Since your food is full of wickedness, it cannot be eaten by me. I think the food offered only by Vidur be eaten by me." After having said thus Krishn got up and walked out of Duryodhan's palace and came to Vidur's place.

Bheeshm, Baahleek, Drone and Kripaa came to see Him at Vidur's place saying - "We place our houses at your disposal with all the wealth within." But Krishn said - "You may go back to your palaces, you have already entertained me with your offers." Vidur entertained Him with every object of His desire. (see Doubts here)

Krishn discussed many topics with Vidur at night. Vidur said - "Krishn, Your coming is wrong here, because Duryodhan doesn't hear anybody's advice. Even if you will give him a good advice he will all disregard it because of his pride and anger. He thinks that with his more army and a few warriors (Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa, Karn and Jayadrath) he can win the war. Paandav are incapable even to look at these warriors. So it is useless to go to Dhritraashtra's court to advice him for anything. I do not like that you should go there in the midst of those wretched seated together. You cannot get peace there. I wouldn't advise you to go there. I love you as much as I love Paandav."

Krishn said - "You have said rightly as one should have said. You have advised me like my mother and father. But you also listen to as why I have come here. In spite of knowing everything I have come here. I know that it is going to happen. In fact I have the full knowledge of what is going to happen here. If Duryodhan doesn't agree with me Duryodhan is inviting his fate, or if he agrees with me I will feel proud that I have been successful in my mission.  I am just giving a try to save people from dying. Even if a man has to be dragged by hair, he must be saved from the danger. At least I don't want to be blamed later that I did not try for peace. If the sons of Dhritraashtra will take me coolly, then my mission is successful, or if they will injure me I will show them that they do not stand anywhere before me." After having said thus Krishn laid down on His soft bed to sleep.

According to Mahaabhaarat Serial
Karn came to Bheeshm and said to Bheeshm - "I have not come to see Bheeshm at this time. I have come to you as Parashuraam's disciple and want to ask you that in spite of being so mighty, whenever I come face to face with Arjun in war, I lose. What can be the reason of this?" Bheeshm said - "Because you are sitting in A-Dharm's camp. Leave A-Dharm and accept Dharm, then test yourself." Karn asked - "Can you leave Duryodhan?" Bheeshm said sadly - "This is my bad luck that I cannot leave him."


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