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Division of Hastinaapur
Why this Hastinaapur was divided between Kaurav and Paandav, because Hastinaapur was never of Kaurav's. Its king was Paandu. When Paandu went for vacation, he appointed Dhritraashtra as his representative. So Dhritraashtra was only the representative of the lawful king. And naturally after the king, his eldest son (Yudhishthir) should have been the king. Even otherwise Yudhishthir was the eldest son of the family. Then why Duryodhan was all the time claiming Hastinaapur as his own kingdom?

Was Dushalaa, Dhritraashtra and Satyavatee's daughter, married to her uncle?
Satyavatee was the daughter of Uparichar Vasu. Vasu had five sons also, while he had these five sons, one son and one daughter were also born from an Apsaraa (Adrikaa) living in fish form (read this story MBH, G-0-Prolog/13). He got them from a fisherman. He gave the girl to the fisherman and kept the son with him who later became the king of Matsya Desh. One of the five sons of Vasu was Brihadrath - king of Magadh Desh. Thus Brihadrath was half brother of Satyavatee. And Jayadrath was the son of Brihadrath. Dhritraashtra married his daughter to his grandmother Satyavatee's half brother's son Jayadrath - Dushalaa's uncle

Dushalaa was Satyavatee's son's Vichitraveerya's son Dhritraashtra's daughter - thus she was Satyavatee's granddaughter; and Jayadrath was the son of her brother Brihadrath - means Satyavatee 's nephew. Thus Satyavatee's granddaughter was married to her nephew, means Dushalaa was married to her uncle?

I think there were other marriages also of this type - Subhadraa, Krishn's sister and Vasudev's daughter, was married to Vasudev's sister Kuntee's son Arjun - thus Arjun was also Subhadraa's brother - Subhadraa's Buaa's son.

Was that Dice Game for Pleasure?
Duryodhan told Yudhishthir that they were playing the dice game only for pleasure. Pleasure means just for fun or for enjoyment sake, but then where these stakes came from? And even if these stakes were used, why not they were all nullified after the game? These stakes made Yudhishthir only poor and sufferer.

Playing the Dice Game is Yudhishthir's Mistake
It is many times stressed in Mahaabhaarat that Yudhishthir was not skilled in dice game. If he was not, then why did he accept to play it? Because when one doesn't know how to play a game he cannot play it. So knowingly fully well that he did not know how to play the dice game and Shakuni was the skilled player in that, why did he accept this challenge? And if he lost in those games, whose mistake it was? Later at other places in Mahaabhaarat, it is said that Duryodhan won by cheating, but in games it is fair. Who stopped Yudhishthir to cheat and win the game?

Saag Vidur Ghar Khaayo
This is well known information that when Krishn went to Hastinaapur as a Peace messenger, He preferred Vidur's house to stay and refused Duryodhan's rich hospitality. Krishn ate Bathuaa Saag (vegetable made from Bathuaa leaves) at Vidur's house. [Bathuaa leaves is a common poor man's vegetable in western UP of India]. I don't see even a slight mention of what did He eat at Vidur's place here in Mahaabhaarat? How this myth started and has been adopted even by great poets.
[5-prewar, 16-krishn-2]

Why Karn Did Not Fight in Mahaabhaarat War for 10 Days?
We have always been hearing that one of the conditions set by Bheeshm before the war, was that he wouldn't allow Karn to fight under his commandership. But here we find that Karn himself laid down his weapons until Bheeshm was alive.
[5-prewar, 13-dhritraashtra-1]

Bheeshm also put this condition that he would not fight with Paandav if Karn will fight with him, although Karn had already laid down his weapons before Bheeshm in the court, till Bheeshm was alive.
[5-prewar, 22-balaraam-rukmee]

Why Bheeshm did not Allow Karn to Fight Under His Commandrship?
This is not a doubt, but an explanation. When Karn goes to see Bheeshm lying on the bed of arrows, we have heard that he asked Bheeshm that why didn't he allow him to fight under his commandership? Then Bheeshm replied that he didn't want to lose him at the hands of Arjun. Because he knew that Karn had vowed to kill Arjun but he will not be able to kill him, rather he himself will be killed at his hands. He did not want him to be killed at Arjun's hands during his commandership period.

But Mahaabhaarat doesn't say this.
(6-war, 14-karn-bheeshm)

Krishn Took a Wheel or Chakra?
We have always heard that when Krishn said - "I will not take up any weapon during the war." Bheeshm said - "Then I will make you take up a weapon in the war." and Krishn smiled at this, but when the time came, we have always known that Krishn took the wheel of chariot and ran away towards Bheeshm to hit him. And as soon as Bheeshm saw Him taking up a wheel, he dropped his bow and arrow and stood folding hands saying - "I didn't mean anything by this destruction except to break your vow of not to take up any weapon during the war." Then Krishn felt embarrassed and threw the wheel on the ground and came back to His chariot.

And we have also heard that it happened only once. It is logical too because in this way Bhagavaan had to break His vow, and Bheeshm kept his words. But it could not have happened twice, since Bhagavaan could not have made a mistake twice.

But in Mahaabhaarat, on the 4th day of the war, it is said that He ran towards Bheeshm in His divine form taking up His Chakra to kill him and Arjun stopped him with the fear of breaking His vow. And the same incident happens again, in the same fashion, on the 9th day of the war.
(6-war, 9-battle-3)   (6-war, 12-battle-9)

May I know how the first version came to public? Or otherwise how could Krishn make a mistake twice (of breaking His vow)?

Difference Between Krishn and Raam's Periods
Padm Puraan, 1/9a Genealogy shows that Raam was just 15 generations before Krishn's appearance. In Raam's Vansh, His 15th generation king Shrutaayu was killed in Mahaabhaarat war. So even if we take Raam's existence (some 10,000 plus years) just at the end of the Tretaa Yug, as Krishn was born at the end of the Dwaapar Yug, it means that only 15 generations passed between Raam and Krishn's appearance. Thus only 15 kings lived in the whole Dwaapar Yug (Dwaapar Yug = 864,000 years).

This whole period of 864,000 years seems somewhat strange for only 15 kings - 57, 600 for one king? It is doubtful?
What is your idea?

Bheeshm's Pillow
One version - When Bheeshm asked for a pillow for his head, Duryodhan sent his people to bring a good pillow for him. Some people rushed to bring it. By the time they brought some pillows, Arjun had already hit three arrows in the ground and Bheeshm's head rested on them. Bheeshm appreciated Arjun and said - "Only a proper warrior can give such a pillow to another warrior." So Duryodhan's pillows were useless for Bheeshm in front of Arjun's arrows. Here again Duryodhan had a defeat from Arjun.

But Mahaabhaarat says that Bheeshm refused to accept any pillow brought by others, and asked Arjun to give one to him. While in above version he just asked for it from anybody (not specifically from Arjun), and Arjun gave it to him himself and that also before getting any pillow from Duryodhan.
(6-war, 13-battle-10)

Drinking Water for Bheeshm
In the same way Bheeshm asked for some water, and Duryodhan sent some people to bring water for him. Someone brought Gangaa water, someone brought cool clean water for him, but by that time they brought it, Arjun had already hit an arrow in the ground. A fresh cool water fountain came out of the ground and fell directly in Bheeshm's mouth. Duryodhan again had a defeat from Arjun here.

But the Mahaabhaarat says that Bheeshm refused to accept any water brought by others, and asked Arjun to give some water to him. While in above version he didn't ask for it specifically from Arjun, he just said that he was thirsty, and Arjun himself gave it to him and that also before getting any water from Duryodhan so the water brought became useless.
(6-war, 13-battle-10)

Karn's Joining of Paandav
Whenever Krishn, or Kuntee, or Bheeshm asked Karn to join Paandav, he never said "Why didn't you tell me this before Duryodhan made me his friend?" or "What is the use of telling me all these things now when I am not free to choose?" or "Where was your affection or this advice when everybody was calling me Soot-Putra and was insulting me?" Why?

Who Killed Bheeshm? Arjun or Shikhandee?
In Mahaabhaarat (6-war, 12-battle-9) says that - when Bheeshm told the story of Ambaa to Duryodhan, he told that Ambaa got the Var from Shiv to kill Bheeshm. When Shiv granted her wish she asked - "I am a woman, how will I kill him?" Shiv Jee said "You will be born as woman, but will obtain manhood later." Well, this really happened with her.

But later Bheeshm said "Nobody else can kill me except Arjun, so he should place Shikhandee in front of him and shoot arrows at me." Arjun did the same thing as he was told. That is why nobody else was sad about Bheeshm's death as much as Arjun was, because he himself had to kill Bheeshm. Although Shikhandee also shot some arrows at him.

After Bheeshm had fallen, in the beginning of Drone Parv, Janamejaya says - "After Bheeshm was slain by Shikhandee, what did Dhritraashtra do?" This shows that Bheeshm was killed by Shikhandee.

What is the truth? Who killed Bheeshm, Arjun or Shikhandee?
(6-war, 15-battle-11)

Abhimanyu's Killing
(6-war, 17-battle-13) - Everybody knows that Jayadrath killed the defenseless Abhimanyu in Chakra Vyooh with his hands and feet, that is why Arjun took the vow to kill Jayadrath by next sunset. And Drone even tried to stop Jayadrath to do so but he didn't listen to him too.

But Mahaabhaarat gives some different description. It says that Dushaasan's son killed him with his mace. Karn cut his bow from behind, Kritvarmaa killed his horses and Kripaa killed his two Saarathee. In this process Jayadrath is nowhere to be seen. Jayadrath's role was only that he did not allow any help to reach him. He was not so much at fault as Dushaasan's son who killed defenseless Abhimanyu.

In fact Drone (who suggested the way to kill him and later cut his sword), Karn (who cut his bow and later his shield), Kritvarmaa (who killed his horses), Kripaa (who killed his two Saarathee) and Dushaasan's son who really killed him were the main killers of Abhimanyu, then why Arjun thought Jayadrath as his killer and Bheeshm also supported it? Then why only Jayadrath should be blamed for his killing? In fact Drone is the main killer of Abhimanyu who told the way to kill him.

In fact Yudhishthir accepts this (in Drone Parv-188), that Drone and his son were responsible for Abhimanyu's killing. The preceptor himself told Karn the means of Abhimanyu's slaughter. It was preceptor himself who cut Abhimanyu's weapon (sword). And while fallen into such distress, Kritvarmaa most cruelly slew the steeds and the two Paarshni drivers (of the boy). Other great bowmen then dispatched the son of Subhadraa. For a little offence, O Krishn, was the ruler of the Sindhu..... [see 6-war, 25-battle-15), but still Arjun killed Jayadrath for this incident. Why?

Why Did They Kill Abhimanyu?
[6-war, 17-battle-13] - We have known the following for some time, but it is nowhere to be found in Mahaabhaarat. How come?

Duryodhan handed over the management of the Vyooh to Jayadrath. He was standing on the first gate to make sure that everything goes all right as planned. The Vyooh had automated closing up as soon as someone had entered. So as soon as Abhimanyu entered the Vyooh, the first gate closed and his uncles could not enter, because they did not know even how to enter it.

If this was the case, then I don't understand, that why Jayadrath did not allow at least Yudhishthir to enter? Because by creating this Vyooh, their purpose was to capture Yudhishthir, not to kill Abhimanyu. They did not even expect that a child of 16 years of age will come to fight with them by breaking that Vyooh. Because they also knew that only two people could break that Vyooh - Krishn and Arjun, and that is why they sent them after Susharmaa.

But by allowing Yudhishthir to enter the Vyooh, they could have easily captured him and as soon as they had captured Yudhishthir, the war was over. Their aim was not to kill Abhimanyu, their aim was to capture Yudhishthir to end the war.

Appearance of Ghatotkach
In Mahaabhaarat we find that Ghatotkach had been fighting in Mahaabhaarat war since the day 1, but we have always known that he appeared during the Commandership of Drone in the evening when Kaurav army was going to retire. He made the sky dark and started throwing out stones and other things from the sky and the Kaurav army wondered "Who did this to them?" because they were neither used to such war, nor they were ready for such war. Then he fought with them the whole next day and was killed by Karn's Power got from Indra.

Surprisingly enough, he did not fight such fierce war during the other days of the war.
[6-war, 24-battle-14]



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