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9a-Soorya Vansh

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9a-Soorya Vansh
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 22-
See also      5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/4

Soorya Vansh (Lineage)

Vaivaswat Manu had ten sons - (1) Il, (2) Ikshwaaku, (3) Kushnaabh, (4) Arisht, (5) Dhrisht, (6) Narishyant, (7) Karoosh, (8) Sharyaati, (9) Prishadhra and (10) Naabhaag. After Il, (he became a woman by the Shaap of Shiv and Paarvatee), Ikshwaaku was the eldest son of Manu. He was given the kingdom of middle area. He had 214 sons. The son of his eldest son was Kakutsth. 

Kakutsth's son was Suyodhan
Suyodhan's son was Prithu
Prithu's son was Vishwaavasu
Vishwaavasu's son was Aardra
Aardra's son was Yuvanaashwa
Yuvanaashwa's son was Shaavast who inhabited a city named Shaavastee in Ang Desh.
Shaavast's son was Brihdashwa
Brihdashwa's son was Kuvalaashwa
--Kuvalaashwa killed Dhundh named Daitya and became known as Dhundhumaar.
Kuvalaashwa's sons were Dradhaashwa, Dand, and Kapilaashwa --Kapilaashwa was more famous
Dradhaashwa's son was Pramod 
Pramod's son was Haryaashwa
Haryaashwa's son was Nikumbh 
Nikumbh's son was Sanhtaashwa 
Sanhtaashwa's sons were Akritaashwa and Ranaashwa
Ranaashwa's son was Yuvanaashwa

Yuvanaashwa's son was Maandhaataa
Maandhaataa's sons were Purukuts, Dharmsetu and Muchukund (Indra's friend)
Purukuts's son was Sambhooti (married to Narmadaa) 
Sambhooti's son was Tridhanvaa
Tridhanvaa's son was Traidhaarun
Traidhaarun's son was Satyavrat
Satyavrat's son was Satyrath
Satyarath's son was Harishchandra
Harishchandra's son was Rohit
Rohit's son was Vrik
Vrik's son was Baahu
Baahu's son was Sagar

Sagar (had two wives - Prabhaa and Bhaanumatee. Prabhaa had 60,000 sons and Bhaanumatee had one son Asmanjas by the grace
      of Aurv Agni. Prabhaa'a 60,000 sons were burned by Kapil Muni when they went in search of Yagya horse. Then Bhageerath
      gave them Mukti by bringing Gangaa on Earth.) 
Sagar's son was Asmanjas
Asmanjas' son was Anshumaan
Anshumaan's son was Dileep
Dileep's son was Bhageerath (who brought Gangaa on Prithvi)
Bhageerath's son was Naabhaag
Naabhaag's son was Ambareesh
Ambareesh's son was Sindhudweep
Sindhudweep's son was Ayutaayu
Ayutaayu's son was Rituparn
Rituparn's son was Kalmaashpaad
Kalmaashpaad's son was Sarvkarmaa
Sarvkarmaa's son was Aaranya
Aaranya's son was Nighn
Nighn's sons were Anumitra and Raghu - Anumitra went to forest to kill his enemies

Raghu's son was Dileep
Dileep's son was Aj
Aj's son was Deerghbaahu 
Deerghbaahu's son was Prajaapaal
Prajaapaal's son was Dasharath
Dasharath's sons were Raam, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn 
Raam's sons were Lav and Kush
Kush had the son Atithi
Atithi's son was Nishadh
Nishadh's son was Nal

Nal's son was Nabhaa
Nabhaa's son was Pundareek
Pundareek's son was Kshemdhanvaa
Kshemdhanvaa's son was Devaaneek
Devaaneek's son was Aheenagu
Aheenagu's son was Shastraashwa
Shastraashwa's son was Chandraavalok
Chandraavalok's son was Taaraapeed
Taaraapeed's son was Chandragiri
Chandragiri's son was Chandra
Chandra's son was Shrutaayu - he was killed in Mahaabhaarat war.

Padm Puraan, p 119-120
Ikshwaaku's youngest son was very qualitative so he named him Dand and gave him the kingdom of Madhumatt between the two peaks of Vindhya Mountain. One spring, he met Shukraachaarya's daughter Arajaa and got attracted to her. He had her forcefully. Arajaa told everything to her father. Shukraachaarya cursed him that his everything would be destroyed and Indra would rain only dust for 7 days and 7 nights. Thus Dand's kingdom got destroyed within 1 year. Since then that place was called Dandak Van or Dandak Aranya.

* It seems that from Raam to Krishn there was only 15 generation time difference.
** There are two kings whose name was Nal  - one was the son of Veersen and the other was the son of Nishadh. This Nal was the one who married Damayantee and went in exile because of losing his kingdom in dice game with his brother Pushkar.



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