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10-Chandramaa, Yadu Vansh, Sahastraarjun
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 37-39
see also   5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/12

Origin of Chandramaa (Moon)

Bheeshm asked - "Hey Pulastya Jee, How Chandramaa was born? How Chandra Vansh started? Who were the kings in that Vansh?"

Pulastya Jee said - "In earlier times Brahmaa ordered Atri Rishi to create people. So he did Tap to get children. One day a few drops of water fell from his eyes. They were lighting the whole world. Devee (goddesses) of directions took them with the desire of having children, but they could not bear the grace of that fetus so they released it. Brahmaa Jee collected that fetus and converted it into a fine young man who had all kinds of weapons. He took that man to his own Lok. All Brahmarshi regarded him as their Swaamee (Lord) and everybody prayed him. [He named him Chandramaa]

At that time his grace, which had increased to a great extent, caused herbs to grow on Prithvi. That is how Chandramaa became the Swaamee of herbs. He waxes in Shukla Paksh and wanes in Krishn Paksh. After some time Daksh, the son of Prachetaa Gan, married his 27 daughters to him. Chandramaa did Tap for a long time. Pleased with him Naaraayan asked him to ask for any Var. Chandramaa asked - "I wish to do Raajsooya Yagya in Indra Lok. All Devtaa, including you, should be present in my Yagya in person and Shankar should protect my Yagya." "So be it" and Vishnu organized that Yagya Himself. In that Yagya Atri was Hotaa, Bhrigu was Adhwaryu, and Brahmaa was Udgaataa. Shree Hari became Drashtaa in the form of Brahmaa. When that Yagya got completed, he became the Swaamee of seven Lok.

Chandramaa had a son named Budh (read Brihaspati). Brahmaa Jee appointed him as the Swaamee of Bhoo Mandal (Prithvi) and gave him the status of planet. Budh produced a son who did more than 100 Ashwamedh Yagya, from Ilaa. He got famous as Pururavaa. He did Tapasyaa for Brahmaa and Brahmaa appointed him as the Swaamee of seven Dweep (islands). Keshee etc Daitya became his dependents. He produced eight sons from Urvashee Apsaraa - (1) Aayu, (2) Dridhaayu, (3) Vashyaayu, (4) Dhanaayu, (5) Vrittimaan, (6) Vasu, (7) Divijaat, and (8) Subaahu. Aayu had five sons - Nahush, Vriddhsharmaa, Raji, Dambh, and Vipaapmaa. All five were very mighty. Raji had 100 sons who were known as Raajeya. Raji did Tapasyaa and got a Var from Vishnu and won all Devtaa, Asur, and human beings.

Now I tell you about Nahush. Nahush had seven sons - Yati, Yayaati, Sanyaati, Udbhav, Par, Viyati and Vidyasaati. Yati became Yogee in young age only. Yayaati became king and married Devayaanee (daughter of Shukraachaarya) and Sharmishthaa (daughter of Vrishparvaa). He had five sons - Yadu and Turvasu from Devayaanee, and Druhyu, Anu and Pooru from Sharmishthaa. Among them Yadu and Puru extended their families. Yadu's descendents were called Yaadav, and Puru's descendents were called Paurav. Krishn and Balraam appeared in Yadu's lineage.

Yadu's Lineage

Yadu had five sons - Sahastrajit, Kroshtu, Neel, Anjik and Raghu. Among them Sahastrajit was the eldest, he had  a son named Shatjit. Shatjit had three sons - Haihaya, Haya and Uttaalhaya who all were very religious. Haihaya's son was Dharmnetra, Dharmnetra's son was Kumbhi, Kumbhee's son was Sanhat and Sanhat's son was Mahishmaan. Mahishmaan had the son named Bhadrasen. He was the king of Kaashee. His son was Durdarsh, Durdarsh's son ws Bheem, Bheem's son was Kanak.


Kanak had four sons -  Kritaagni, Kritveerya, Kritdharmaa, and Kritaujaa. Kritveerya's son was Arjun. He had 1,000 arms and he was the king of seven Dweep (islands). He pleased Dattaatreya, part Avataar of Vishnu, by doing severe Tapasyaa. and asked four Var from him. In the first Var he asked 1,000 arms for himself. In the second Var he asked that his people should not even think about A-Dharm. In third Var he asked that he should win Prithvi with proper means. And in fourth Var he asked that he should die in battle fighting with a mightier man than him.

Thus he had won all the seven Dweep with his own power. He could show his 1,000 arms at his will. All Devtaa used to come to attend his all Yagya in person. He was a Chakravartee king. He lived in Maahishmatee Puree and was able to control the water flow of even sea in rainy season. At one time he brought Raavan to his Puree by making him unconscious by shooting only five arrows and imprisoned him. Then I had to go there to please him. He kindly released my grandson and extended his friendship with him. But Parashuraam cut all his thousand arms. Arjun had 100 sons, but among them five were very mighty and skilled in weapons. - Shoorsen, Shoor, Dhrisht, Krishn, Jayadhwaj.

Jayadhwaj's son was Taaljangh who had 100 sons. They were also known as Taaljangh. These Haihaya Vansh kings had five lineages - Veetihotra, Bhoj, Avantee, Tundkar and Vikraant, still all were known as Taaljangh. Veetihotra had the son named Anant who was also very mighty. He had the son named Durjaya."



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