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Chapter 13



13-Descendents of Dhruv and Raajaa Ang

Soot Jee said - "Hey Shaunak Jee, After hearing Dhruv's story Vidur Jee asked Maitreya Jee - "Who were the Prachetaa and whose descendents were they and when did they do Yagya? Naarad Jee is a great devotee of Vishnu, he has created Paanchraatra to tell the methods of worshipping Hari. When Prachetaa Gan were worshipping, when Naarad Jee told them about Dhruv What did he say to them at that time, I wish to hear all that."

Maitreya Jee said - "When Dhruv had gone to forest, his son Utkal did not accept the kingdom. He was very spiritual since birth, so the ministers declared his younger brother, Bhramee's son Vatsar as the Raajaa of that kingdom. Vatsar's wife was Swarveethi. They had six sons - Pushpaarn, Tigmketu, Ish, Oorj, Vasu, and Jaya. Pushpaarn had two wives - Prabhaa and Doshaa. Prabhaa gave birth to three sons - Praatah, Madhyandin and Saandhya. Doshaa also gave birth to three sons - Pradosh, Nisheeth, and Vyusht. Vyusht and his wife Pushkarinee gave birth to a son named Sarvatejaa. Sarvatejaa's wife Aakooti gave birth to Chakshu (Chaakshush Manvantar's Manu).

Chakshu Manu's wife Nadvalaa gave birth to twelve Sat Gunee sons - Puru, Kuts, Trit, Dyumn, Satyavaan, Rit, Vrat, Agnishtom, Atiraatra, Pradyumn, Shibi and Ulmuk. Ulmuk's wife Pushkarinee gave birth to six sons - Ang, Sumanaa, Khyaati, Kratu, Angiraa, and Gaya. Ang's wife Suneethaa gave birth to Vane. He had demonic qualities so Ang left the city. Braahman also gave Shaap to Vane and when he died, the people were very unhappy without a Raajaa. Then Braahman churned Vane's right arm and Bhagavaan Vishnu's Ansh-Avatar Mahaaraaj Prithu appeared from that."

Vidur Jee asked - "How cruel Vane was born to such a religious man like Ang? And what kind of crime Vane committed so that Braahman had to give him Shaap?" Maitreya Jee said - "Once Ang did an Ashwamedh Yagya. Braahman invited Devtaa to take their share, but they did not come. Braahman said - "Mahaaraaj,  We know that all your Havan Samagree (materials) is not unholy but Devtaa are not accepting it." With their permission to break his silence, he asked what could be the reason of not accepting it. Then he was told that his present life was flawless, but in the past life he committed a crime because of which he does not have a child now. Therefore first he should get a son by inviting Shree Hari, then Devtaa will accept their share from the Yagya automatically.

Then Ritwij offered an Aahuti of Purodaash named Charu in the Yagya with the desire of a son. A holy man appeared from the Agni Kund and gave Raajaa some Kheer. Raajaa took that Kheer, smelled it and then gave it to his wife Suneethaa. When the time came Suneethaa gave birth to a son. This child was the follower of his maternal grandfather Mrityu who was born in the family line (Vansh) of Adharm. Suneethaa was the daughter of Mrityu that is why he was also A-Dhaarmik (non-religious). He used to kill children of his own age, innocent deer etc. Ang tried hard to stop him to do this but did not succeed. Then with a great sorrow he left the house in the middle of a night. When Ang was not found anywhere, Vane was declared as Raajaa."

14-Raajaa Vane and the Origin of Nishaad

Maitreya Jee further said - "Hey Vidur Jee,  Vane was very cruel. He prohibited all the daily religious practices and activities in his kingdom. Rishi and Muni came to stop him doing this but he wouldn't listen to them, rather he asked them to worship him only. On such orders Muni killed him through their words only. Then Suneethaa protected her son's body with the power of Mantra and other means. One day those Rishi were doing Satsang on the bank of Saraswatee River, that they saw dust rising in all directions. They guessed that since there was no Raajaa in the country that was why there was unrest in public. Besides they thought "we should not allow Raajaa Ang's Vansh to end". So they churned a thigh of Vane's dead body. A short man appeared out of it. His complexion was black like a crow and his all body parts were very short in size. He asked politely - "What should I do?" Rishi said - "Nisheed" (sit down). For the same reason he was called as "Nishaad" and his descendents were called "Naishaad". He took all the sins of Vane and went away. That is why his descendents were also non-religious. They lived in forests, not in cities.

15-Birth of Prithu

Maitreya Jee said - "Vidur Jee, After this the Braahman churned his both the arms. From them appeared a couple. They were the Ansh-Avataar of Vishnu and Lakshmee Jee. So Braahman named them as Prithu and Archi. They declared that Prithu will be the first Raajaa of the Prithvi, so he will be called Aadi Samraat Prithu. He ascended on the throne. Every Devtaa offered something to him. Kuber gave him a gold throne, Varun gave him a white umbrella, Yam gave him a scepter, Brahmaa gave him Ved armor, Saraswatee gave him a beautiful garland, Vishnu gave him Sudarshan Chakra (Divine disc), Lakshmee gave him imperishable wealth, Rudra gave him a sword, Ambikaa gave him a shield, Chandramaa gave him an eternal horse, Twashtaa (Vishwakarmaa) gave him a chariot, Agni gave him a strong bow made of the horns of goat and cow, Soorya gave him graceful arrows, Prithvi gave him shoes which could take him anywhere he wanted to go, by touch only, Siddh and Gandharv gave him powers of singing, dancing and being disappearing, Rishi blessed him, Samudra gave him a conch, and all seas and rivers etc gave him paths without any obstacle.

Later Soot, Maagadh and Bandee came to sing his praise, he said - "You have not seen my anything, then how can you describe me? You can describe me as you wish, but later you may describe when you have seen my something. But for now you may describe somebody else."

16-Prayer to Raajaa Prithu

Maitreya Jee said - "Hearing this Soot etc got very happy. Then according to Muni, they start singing prayers to him.

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