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[6 War, p 17b]
Why Ambaa was after Bheeshm?
When Bheeshm went to Kaashee for Ambaa, Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa's Swayamvar, he had already declared that he was taking them for his half-brother Vichitraveerya; and everybody knew that he had taken the vow to remain lifelong Brahmchaaree, then why Ambaa was after Bheeshm to marry her? It was not justified to defame such a noble man.

Who Created Shikhandee?
"Thy father had created Shikhandee for the sake of the death of Bheeshm." Saatyaki's these words do not seem right for Dhrishtdyumn. Because Drupad had no enmity with Bheeshm and he never asked for any son to kill Bheeshm. He asked a son only to kil Drone and he got him in the form of Dhrishtdyumn. It was only Ambaa who wanted to kill Bheeshm, and since she had to be born somewhere, she took birth in Drupad's house as per Shiv's boon and her own situations. Drupad asked for a son who could kill only Drone for whom he did a Yagya and got Dhrishtdyumn in return of it.
[see Mahabharata]

Ashwatthaamaa was Immortal, Then...?
Everybody knows that Ashwatthaamaa was immortal. This is confirmed when on 2nd day of Karn's leadership, Karn goes to kill Arjun, seeing the destruction among his army. Ashwatthaamaa says to Duryodhan - "As about myself, I cannot be killed, and so is my uncle (Kripaa)." At one point Krishn also knew it - when Ashwatthaamaa escaped after killing Draupadee's five sons, and Arjun followed him and caught him in one Rishi's Aashram; Arjun wanted to kill him, at that time Krishn said to him - "Ashwatthaamaa cannot be killed, so you take the gem from  his forehead and that will serve the same purpose."

And I am sure that other people also knew it, and certainly his father Drone also knew it, then how come that Drone said - "If somebody will tell me in the battlefield that "Ashwatthaamaa is dead", I will drop my weapons."

How could he say that? And then how could he believe this news that Ashwatthaamaa has died; whether it is said by Bheem or even Yudhishthir?

About Killing of Ashwatthaamaa
Besides, we have never heard that Draupadee herself asked to bring Ashwatthaamaa's gem of his forehead and put it on Yudhishthir's head. Arjun went to kill him, but when Krishn said that he could not be killed, and taking his gem would be equal to killing him, so he took his gem.

Since Ashwatthaamaa was the culprit of Draupadee, and Arjun couldn't kill him, he brought him to Draupadee to decide his punishment herself. He said to her - "I have brought Ashwatthaamaa to you, he is your culprit. Now you decide his punishment." Then Draupadee released him on the grounds - (1) he was a Braahman - she did not want that her husband should be blamed for Braahman Hatyaa; (2) he was Guru's son - Guru's son also has the immunity of killing; (3) after killing him she wouldn't get her children back.

But Mahaabhaarat says something else - that Draupadee asked only to bring Ashwatthaamaa's gem and put it on Yudhishthir's head. (see 42-battle-18-7)

Karn Never Forgot to Call Divine Astra..
According to Parashuraam's Shaap, Karn, at the time of he needs, should have forgotten all his knowledge gained from his Guru. But from Mahaabhaarat's description, it seems that only Braahman's Shaap came true, the wheel of his chariot sank in the ground; but not of Parashuraam's. (35-battle-17-4) Because, even in his last moments, he successfully invoked Brahm Astra that showered arrows on Arjun.

Killing of Draupadee's Sons
We have been hearing that when Duryodhan was lying dying with his thigh broken on the lake shore, Ashwatthaamaa asked him that "What should I do to please you?", Duryodhan said "I want all Paandav's heads, that is all". He went to Paandav's camp and killed Paandav's sons, instead of Paandav, in sleep taking granted that they were Paandav and informed him to please him.

To know why this happened, read the incident at Viraat's palace (Abhimanyu's marriage to Uttaraa) when Paandav performed Abhimanyu's marriage and Draupadee's all sons came from Kaampilya Nagaree, how Draupadee recognized them.

When Ashwatthaamaa handed over those heads to Duryodhan, he said - "They are not Paandav, they are their sons." Hearing this Ashwatthaamaa was in a shock. To save himself from Paandav's fury at this unjust killing he ran away from there. Soon Arjun followed him, not Bheem, to every point in the Universe. Wherever he went, nobody could give him shelter. All said - "Only Vaasudev can pardon you." Then he came to Vyaas' hut and found shelter there. 

But the Mahaabhaarat doesn't describe this incident in this way. (see 6-war-43-battle-18 and further pages).
Why this difference?



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