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Paandav Expose Themselves to Viraat

Next morning, the five brothers got up early, bathed themselves with perfumed water, dressed themselves in expensive silk clothes, put on their jewels and came to the court of Viraat. Yudhishthir ascended the throne, Draupadee sat by his side and the four brothers sat around him. They waited for the king to come. The king entered the hall with his paraphernalia. He looked at Kank and said - "Kank, You are the dice player in my court. I have granted you several privileges considering you an honorable man, but it does not mean that you should dress in my type of clothes and sit on my throne. I do not like this."

Yudhishthir smiled at the angry king, but said nothing. Arjun said - "O King Viraat, Please be careful what you are saying to this man. This man is worthy to sit with Indra on the same throne. He is Yudhishthir and now honoring your throne by sitting on it. Any objection? You thought how could he sit on your throne, do you still think it the same way?"

Viraat was speechless for a few moments, then he said - "If this is Yudhishthir then where are his other brothers?" Then Arjun introduced everybody to him. Bheem introduced Arjun to him. In the meantime Uttar also came there and seeing all this said - "Thank God, I am free to talk now. It was Arjun who won the battle on that day, Father. I am very fortunate that I was the Saarathee (charioteer) of great Arjun." Uttar fell on the feet of Arjun, and Viraat fell on the feet of Yudhishthir. He took a Chanwar from a maid and began to fan Yudhishthir. He washed his feet also and said - "I am your servant, I am your slave. Please be good to me. You must forgive me for all my indignities you had to suffer in my house."

Yudhishthir said - "I am not angry at all at you, rather I am very happy. I enjoyed my stay here. You treated us very well with affection. We came here as strangers, but your nobility won my heart." Uttar said - "Father, Do you remember that you told that you would give your daughter to that man who helped me in the battlefield. You may fulfill your promise now. Let me bring her." Uttar went out and brought Uttaraa with him. Viraat smiled and said - "Till now my dear daughter was your dear pupil, I will be greatly honored if you will accept her as your wife."

Arjun got up from the seat and said - "We are not here to take your kingdom, we are here for only this assurance that whenever the war will begin you will support us. I appreciate your offer of Uttaraa, but I cannot accept her, as I have always looked at her as my daughter. So if you have no objection I can accept her for my son Abhimanyu. He is the son of Subhadraa and the nephew of Krishn." Yudhishthir got very pleased with Arjun on his this decision.

It was all going on that a messenger came from Hastinaapur telling Duryodhan's message that Paandav would have to go 13-year exile once again as Arjun, one of the Paandav was recognized before the 13th year expired. Yudhishthir laughed and laughed and said to the messenger - "Go to your king or whatever, and give this message to him "If our grandfather Bheeshm says that Arjun was seen during the 13th year, we will surely go to exile again." In a few days time he will get a message from me till then he should leave us alone."

Uttaraa's Marriage to Abhimanyu

News had spread all over that Paandav's Agyaatvaas  (incognito) was over. Everybody was waiting for Duryodhan's reaction. Paandav were staying in Upaplavya Nagar. This city belonged to Viraat. Yudhishthir sent messengers to all of his friends and relatives, first of all to Krishn and Drupad. Balaraam was the first to arrive. Krishn and Subhadraa and her son Abhimanyu followed him.

Paandav and Viraat went out of the city to welcome Krishn and fell on His feet. Paandav said - "By your grace we have finished our 13 years of exile successfully. Now we will do whatever you say." Everybody wept with emotion. Krishn said to Draupadee - "No Draupadee, Don't weep now. Your time to weep is over. I will fulfill the promise I made you in Kaamyak Van 13 years ago." Many kings who loved Yudhishthir came there.

Marriage of Abhimanyu was performed with great joy. Young Abhimanyu looked like his father and Krishn. He was the most handsome groom that ever sat before the sacred fire. Rishi Dhaumya was the priest for this marriage from Paandav's side. All enjoyed this moment to its limit because they all knew that something bad was waiting for them just ahead.

Draupadee's five sons (Prativindhya from Yudhishthir, Shrutsom from Bheem, Shrutkarmaa from Arjun, Shataaneek from Nakul and Shrutsen from Sahadev), DrupadDhrishtdyumn Shikhandee also came there from Kaampilya Nagaree and were also present there. When Drupadee's sons came there, Draupadee asked - "I am seeing them after long time, they must be grown up, how I will recognize them." Krishn said - "You are a mother. A mother can recognize her children at any time." Then when they came Draupadee didn't find any difficulty in recognizing them because they were the true copy of their fathers. Cousins of Krishn, Kritvarmaa and Saatyaki were also there. This marriage was very important for Bharat's family.


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