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1. Bheem's Childhood, and Young Bheem Before Exile
2. Bheem Kills Jaraasandh, and Vows Towards Duryodhan and Dushaasan
3. Bheem, Hanumaan, Nahush, Keechak, Dushaasan and Duryodhan
4. Bheem and Dhritraashtra

After Paandav had lost their another game of Dice, they had to go for 12 years of Vanvaas nd one year of A-Gyaatvaas (living in the society in such a way that people cannot recognize them - incognito).

Bheem and Hanumaan
Once Bheem was wandering around that he came across a tail of a Vaanar lying across the path. Considering himself very mighty, neither he wanted to cross that tail, nor he wanted to move that tail himself. So he said to the Vaanar - "O Vaanar Raaj, Please move your tail from my way." Vaanar did not hear it, Bheem said it again, still Vaanar did not move his tail. Then Bheem shouted - "O Vaanar Raaj, Please move your tail from my way." This time Vaanar said - "Brother, I am an old Vaanar, you yourself may move it." Although Bheem didn't like this, but seeing no other alternative he reluctantly and carelessly tried to move his tail from the path, but could not move it. He tried it again carefully, but still was unable to move it. He tried to move it third time with all his force but again failed. He got perspired.

He said to the Vaanar - "You don't seem to be an ordinary Vaanar. Who are you?" The Vaanar said - "Brother, I am your elder brother." "What? My mother has never told me that I have an elder brother. I know only one elder brother - Yudhishthir. Who are you? Tell me correctly." Vaanar said - "You are right. You are the son of Pavan Dev and I am also the son of Pavan Dev. That is how I am your elder brother." Bheem said - "Oh, So you are Hanumaan Bhaiyaa." Both embraced each other and talked for a while. Bheem said - "We are preparing for war." Hanumaan said "I know. Ask me anything you wish for." Bheem said - "Please be with us and guide us in the war." Hanumaan said - "I will sit on Arjun's flag and guide his chariot without any obstacle. I will keep it stable too." After bestowing this boon Hanumaan went away.

Bheem and Nahush
Once Bheem went for hunting. There he saw a python. He had never seen such a python before. He grabbed him before he could realize the danger from him. Bheem's all strength was gone. He asked him with a great difficulty - "Who are you? I am Bheem, the younger brother of Yudhishthir. I can tackle many fierce animals, but your strength seems a lot to me." The python replied - "I am very hungry, so the Goid has sent you at the right time. I will eat you now. And who I am? It is a long story. I am a king  but because of a curse I have become a python. I am waiting for my release." Then he told his story to Bheem - read his story Bheem Meets Raajaa Nahush.

After a while Ydhishthir saw some bad omens, so he asked Draupadee - "Whhere is Bheem?" She replied - "He has gone for hunting. It is quite some time." Yudhishthir got worried about him, so he followed his footsteps and following them came to the Python. As he saw Bheem under his coil, he got frightened, but gathering his courage he asked him - "I am Yudhhishthir, Bheem's elder brother. Why have you caught him? Whatever food you will want, I will give it to you, but you free my brother." The python said - "I am Raajaa Nahush." Yudhishthir was familiar with his ancestors' names, so he prostrated to him, but could not believe as why he should be python like this. Nahush told him the whole story - about Agastya's Shaap and that Yudhishthir will free him. So Yudhhishthir said - "Please ask me anything, I will reply as best as I can." Then nahush asked some questions and Yudhishthir replied them. Then only Nahush got released from his python Yoni. He got a Divine body and went to his Lok. Yudhishthir and Bheem came back to their place.

Bheem and Keechak
Twelve years of exile passed away almost uneventful for Bheem. In their 13th year, for their Agyaatvaas, they arrived at Viraat Nagar, Matsya Desh. All Paandav and Drauadee served there at different places. Draupadee used to work with Raanee Sudeshnaa and Bheem used to work in royal kitchen. Raajaa Viraat had a daughter, named Uttaraa who learned music and dance from Arjun who was working as Brihannalaa (an eunuch) there. Later she was married to Abhimanyu. They had a son named Pareekshit.

Keechak was Sudeshnaa's brother and was the ruler of Viraat Nagar. Raajaa Viraat couldn't do anything without his will. He was very mighty that everybody was scared of him. It was known all over the world that there were only four people greater than Indra in strength, in prowess, in bravery and in physical power. They are Balaraam, Bheem, Shalya and Keechak. There is no fifth one.  Once he came to Viraat Nagar and saw Draupadee in Sudeshnaa's chambers.  He asked Sudeshnaa to send her to his chambers. Draupadee had already told Sudeshnaa in the beginning itself that five Gandharv husbands always guarded her, so she should not play with her character. Sudeshnaa remembered this so first she refused to send her to Keechak, but Keechak didn't listen to her. So next day she had to send Draupadee to Keechak. Keechak misbehaved with her so Draupadee ran away from there and came to the royal court to ask for justice, but nobody listened to her there also. Yudhishthir was also sitting there, he and others saw her insulted but could not do anything.

But this time Draupadee was not going to be silent. She met Bheem secretly and planned for Keechak's killing. According to plan she met Keechak in a lonely place and invited him in the music hall to meet her in the late evening. Instead of Draupadee, Bheem went there and lay down there covering himself with a sheet. Then came Keechak calling "Draupadee, Draupadee". Draupadee was standing nearby and was replying him continuously. It was all dark, so Keechak could not see properly. As Keechak removed the sheet from Bheem's head, Bheem jumped over him and after a brief fight killed him.

Since Keechak was very mighty, it was a surprise to everybody that he was killed by somebody. Who was such a mighty person who could kill Keechak? Sudeshnaa was very sad on his death. She asked Draupadee about it, Draupadee said - "I told you about my five mighty Gandharv husbands. One of them might have killed him. Nobody listened to me. I even went to Raajaa to ask for justice, he also didn't do anything. I told you also, but you forced me to go to him."

Bheem, Dushaasan and Duryodhan
Now remain Bheem's three vows which he took at the time of first dice game. Towards the end of the war, Bheem did fight with Dushaasan and killed him. He brought the blood of Dushaasan's chest for Draupadee. On that day Draupadee washed her hair with that blood and tied her loose hair left loose for more than 13 years. He had already killed 99 sons of Dhritraashtra during the war.

Now remained breaking of Duryodhan's thigh. Duryodhan knew that Bheem will certainly fulfill this vow also. And although his mother had made him of steel by her Tapasyaa but because of his foolishness, his same part of body remained weak on which Bheem was supposed to hit. So after everybody was killed, only four people remained - Ashwatthaamaa (he was immortal), Kripaachaarya (he was also immortal), Kritvarmaa and Duryodhan. Now Duryodhan got scared and hid in a pond. And Bheem also wanted to fulfill his last vow, so he also came there searching for him and challenged him to come out and fight with him. Krishn and other Paandav were also there.

After some time Duryodhan came out of the pond. Yudhishthir was very lenient, he gave him a choice to choose any one among the five Paandav and have a fight with him. If he will defeat him, Yudhishthir will lose his own kingdom and the whole kingdom will be his. Although Krishn warned him that he should have not given him this choice Duryodhan chose Bheem and fight started between them. Both were good at Gadaa, both were mighty, both were enthusiastic to kill each other. At last Bheem broke his thigh, left him there to die a slow death and all went away from there.



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