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5-Krishn Frees His Parents

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5-Krishn Frees His Parents

Since Krishn killed Kans, Krishn became the king of Mathuraa naturally, but He knew His duties. First He went to the prison where His parents were kept. He met them first time. He wanted to cut their handcuffs, feet cuffs, chains etc but they said that "first Raajaa Ugrasen should be freed, because he was the real and original Raajaa of Mathuraa, although Kans put him in prison and declared himself the king of Mathuraa, still he was the king. And then on his order we should be freed."

So Krishn went to His Naanaa Ugrasen and freed him first and requested him to free His parents. Ugrasen said - "Practically you are the king of this kingdom because you have killed Kans and won this kingdom, so you do whatever you like." But Krishn politely said - "You have the first right on this kingdom, so please free my parents." Ugrasen got very happy with Krishn's behavior and he himself cut the chains of Devakee and Vasudev. Ugrasen became Raajaa and Devakee and Vasudev went to their own kingdom.

Devakee asked her little son - "Krishn, I am surprised as how did you kill Kans like Raajaa?" Krishn said - "You already knew this why do you get surprised and ask me this?"

Nand Jee came to see and handover Vasudev's son Krishn to His real parents and to see his friend. Krishn said - "Baabaa, I will also go with you. All will be waiting for me there in Gokul." Nand said - "No Kaanhaa, Now you will live here only. They are your parents. They had waited for you so many years." And he went away with tear-filled eyes.

Since Krishn was now grown enough to be educated so both, Krishn and Balraam, were sent to Ujjayinee to be educated by Muni Saandeepan Jee.

As Nand Jee came home, Yashodaa asked - "Where is my Kaanhaa? I am sure Devakee must have not allowed Him to come here. If I had been His real mother, she could not have stopped Him like that." Nand consoled her - "You should be proud of yourself, that who takes care of the whole Universe, you have taken care of Him. Whoever brings up the child is more important than whoever gives birth to him. If you had not taught Him walking, then how could He go to Mathuraa?"

Krishn Balaraam Go to Study

Since Krishn's education was not done in Gokul, Vasudev, His fathetr, sent them to Saandeepan Muni's Aashram for his education. Saandeepan Muni's Aashram was located on the banks of Kshipraa River in Ujjain. Thus Naaraayan was there in the form of a human being. It means that He will have to follow all the Karm, Dharm and duties of a human being. He will have to live like a human being, He will have to take favors of some things and disfavor some things, make some friends, give Guru Dakshinaa also. He is the ocean of knowledge, but He is learning flowing from a river.

Guru Maataa (Guru's wife) used to love Krishn very much. She wanted that Krishn should never go from there. She told this to Muni also, but Muni said "This cannot happen. First, He doesn't need any education; second, nobody can keep Him tied with himself. When Yashodaa could not keep Him in Gokul, who are we to keep Him here for ever? You are Guru Maataa, whatever you can give, give Him, but a mother has no right to ask for anything."

Krishn and Sudaamaa

There was a disciple named Sudaamaa in the Gurukul who was a good friend of Krishn. One day Guru sent both Krishn and Sudaamaa to bring some twigs for his worship. When they started for Van, Guru Maataa gave them some rice puffs to eat there. While going to Van Sudaamaa asked Krishn - "I have heard that you used to play flute in Gokul?" Krishn said - "Yes. I used it to gather my cows and calves by playing that." Sudaamaa requested Him - "I also want to listen to it." Krishn said -"No, A person should not look backwards, this causes his mind go astray."

After some time it started raining, and both climbed on two separate trees to protect themselves from rain. It rained for quite long time. Rice puffs were with Sudaamaa. He felt hungry, so he thought that Krishn must have also felt hungry, but how to give rice puffs to Him. If he went there in this rain, the rice puffs will be wet, but he was very hungry. So he started eating them and finished them slowly. When rain stopped, both climbed down the trees. Sudaamaa said sadly- "Krishn, I am sorry, I ate your share of rice puffs also, because I was very hungry." Krishn said - "Don't worry, consider it as lending, so I will take it later." Both came back to Aashram.

Sudaamaa told this event to Guru Jee. Guru Jee got very sad hearing this. He said - "This is very bad. You yourself have closed the doors of the Sun for you. You yourself made Vidhaataa (God) to write poverty in your fate. Now only Vaasudev Krishn can save you, because after doing this wherever you are standing now, even my blessings cannot reach there. But since you have accepted your mistake, I will pray for you that He should forgive you for that."

Sudaamaa asked Krishn scared - "Did you tell all that to Guru Maataa?" Krishn said smilingly - "No, Why should I tell this to her? Remember that Guru Jee said that "a good friend is a boon of Bhagavaan" so why should I tell that only just for a small amount of puffed rice. Friends' matters should be between friends only. I could have not lost a friend like you by telling this to Guru Maataa."

Later Sudaamaa went to Dwaarakaa to see Krishn - read the description of this in the biography of Sudaamaa.


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