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6-Krishn's Guru Dakshinaa

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6-Krishn's Guru Dakshinaa

Krishn and Balaraam's education was to finish. Krishn said - "Whoever disciple leaves anything with Guru, he cannot be a good disciple. because when Guru doesn't have anything then only he asks for Guru Dakshinaa from the disciple."

Guru Saandeepan Jee said - "Every Guru always have something to give to his disciple, but sometimes with Guru's good fortune some good disciple comes to him who doesn't need to take anything from Guru. He comes only to give honor to Guru."

Saandeepan Muni said to Krishn and Balaraam - "I held you here for so long time on the request of your Guru Maataa (Guru's wife) pretending that I was educating you. But this doesn't look nice to a Guru, so it is better if you both brothers go away to Mathuraa from here without seeing off your Guru Maataa."

Krishn said - "But how can I go without paying Guru Dakshinaa?" Guru said - "You are playing tricks with me, Leelaa Purushottam (the best man who is acting) Krishn?" Krishn said - "But one has to do his duty in Leelaa (acting or play) also, Guru Dev? No disciple can have his right on education without paying Guru Dakshinaa." Guru said - "Then I leave Guru Dakshinaa on you only. Whatever you wish, you pay." Krishn said - "I want only my Guru Maataa's satisfaction." Guru said - "I also wish the same but Guru has no right to see his self-interest." Krishn said - "But the disciple has that right. Guru Maataa gave me that love which only a mother has, and that is only for her own son. I can never go leaving that love like that." Guru asked - "But where will you search him? So many years have passed. She will learn to live without you after you have left." Krishn said - "I will go only there where he was lost."

So Krishn and Balaraam went in search of Guru's son. Since the place was near the sea, He asked Samudra (sea) to give back His Guru's son. But Samudra told that he didn't have His Guru's son, but there was a Raakshas named Paanchjanya (in the form of a conch), living inside the sea, he might have taken him. Krishn went inside the sea and somehow found the Raakshas. He killed him but still He could not see His Guru's son there. Then he took that Paanchjanya conch and came out of the sea.

Then He went to Yam Raaj's Nagaree and asked Yam Raaj about him. Yam Raaj said politely - "Here we get only souls not the bodies." Krishn said - "I don't know anything, I want my Guru's son back." So Yam Raaj gave Him His Guru's son. Krishn and Balaraam came back to Gurukul along with their Guru's son. When other disciples saw them coming, they called Guru Jee "Krishn has come, Krishn has come." Guru came out of his hut and saw that Krishn and Balraam were coming with his son. Both, Guru and Guru Maataa were very happy to see their lost son coming back after so many years.

Then Krishn said to His Guru offering him Paanchjanya conch - "That Dakshinaa was for Guru Maataa. this I offer you as Guru Dakshinaa." Guru said - "No Krishn. It is yours, you keep it. In fact it was waiting for you. Blow it and declare for the arrival of a new era." Krishn did that.

Krishn and Balraam had finished their education. Now they were supposed to leave Gurukul. Krishn was going, hearing this Sudaamaa got very sad and came to see Him. He said embracing Krishn - "After you have reached there, You will be the king of Mathuraa, won't you forget me?" Krishn said emotionally - "No Sudaamaa no, never. Who told you that the friendship is based on social status? For me you are Sudaamaa, and for you I am your Krishn. Never think about your low levelness ever in your mind."

Sudaamaa said - "I cannot think of living without you." Krishn said - "But where am I going? I am always with you." Then Sudaamaa said - "OK, But at least once I will surely come to see you in Mathuraa." Krishn said - "No friend, Don't come there, because you will not see me there. But we will have to meet at least once." "Why" Krishn said smilingly - "You have to return my puffed rice, you ate on that night, you remember?" Sudaamaa said - "You still remember that night? I had forgotten." Krishn said - "It happens so. I had to take it from you, so I remembered it, you had to give it to me, so you forgot. But you don't worry, we will meet at least once."

Now the departure day of Krishn came so He got ready to go. The then Parashuraam Jee came and handed over His Chakra (Divine disc) to Him saying - "I had already taken retirement in Raam's time and went to Van after donating Prithvi to Kashyap Jee, but it doesn't mean that Kshatriya do all kinds of brutalities with people. You take this Chakra and do whatever you like. First you go to Mathuraa Nagaree.  Jaraasandh has been attacking Mathuraa. You killed Kans, but Mathuraa is suffering for it." And he went away.

Krishn's education ends here, and so His childhood. He is now adult, He has got His conch, He has got His Chakra, so now He is ready to face the world and do His duty for which He has come. But still he has some time to join Mahaabhaarat main story stream although not much, therefore his future events have been included in Mahaabhaarat main story stream. So from now on both stories will continue together.


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