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Raavan-3: Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-1

1. Who was Raavan and Preamble to Raavan's Birth
2. Birth of Raavan and The Three Brothers Get Var
3. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-1
4. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-2
5. Raavan's Victory Over Tri-Lok-3
6. Shaap to Raavan
7. Raavan and Others
8. Other Stories of Raavan
9. Raavan's Discourse to Lakshman

Raavan's Royal Life
By getting this Var from Brahmaa Jee Raavan became fearless. When Sumaalee came to know about this Var he came to Mrityu Lok with his four ministers, hugged Raavan and said - "Putra, After long time my wish is fulfilled today that you three brothers got such Var from Brahmaa Jee. At that time we had to leave Lankaa only because of Vishnu." Then he instigated him to take Lankaa (which once was his own Nagaree) back from Kuber. Raavan said - "Naanaa Jee, We cannot do so as Kuber is our brother."

Sumaalee's one minister said to him - "It is not like that, Raavan. You know that Maharshi Kashyap has two wives - Diti and Aditi. One's sons are Daitya and other's sons are Devtaa. Both are brothers in relation still they fight among themselves so you should not worry about that." Raavan did understand something and he got ready to take Lankaa from Kuber. He invaded him and took over his Lankaa. Kuber had to leave Lankaa for Raavan. Raavan took away his Pushpak Vimaan also. Kuber went to Kailaash Parvat with his people. Now Raavan started living in Lankaa with his brothers and sister. He became the King of Raakshas.

Raavan's Marriage and Children
Once Maya Daanav saw Raavan and asked him - "Who are you?" Raavan said - "I am Dashagreev, the grandson of Maharshi Pulastya and son of Muni Vishravaa." Maya considered him from a high Kul (family) and married his only daughter Mandodaree to him. Maya Daanav gave him a very powerful Power also along with Mandodaree - the Veerghaatinee Power (this he used on Lakshman in the battleground) and some other weapons also. He had one son from Mandodaree, Meghnaad (also known as Indrajeet later - since he won Indra he was called Indrajeet). Raavan married his other brothers and sister also.  Kumbhkarn was married to Raajaa Bali's daughter Vajrajwaalaa.

After the marriages, Kumbhkarn went to sleep and Raavan started troubling Devtaa, Gandharv, sages etc.

Wikipedia and other Internet sources (statemaster) state that he had seven sons -
(1) Indrajeet - He was his eldest son and was even more brave than Raavan himself
(2) Naraantak - He was the in charge of 720 million (72 Crores) soldiers. Hanumaan killed all of them.
(3) Trishiraa - He had three heads. He was killed by Raam when Raam fought with Khar and Dooshan and killed them.
(4) Prahast - He led Raavan's army when he fought with Yam and Kuber. It was because of him he could establish his sovereignty over the three worlds. Prahast was slain by Raam in Raam-Raavan war. Maanas also mentions him when he advises Raavan to return Seetaa and check if Raam could return after getting Seetaa back, otherwise fight with them.
(5) Akshaya Kumaar - he was the youngest son of Raavan and was killed by Hanumaan when he went in search of Seetaa.
(6) Atikaaya - He was the son of Dhanyamaalinee who was the second wife of Raavan. He was the younger to Indrajeet. He had learned all the secrets of archery and obtained Divine weapons from Shiv when he caught the Trishool of Shiv in anger at Kailaash Parvat. Due to his extraordinary skills he was killed by Lakshman through Brahm Astra. This secret was revealed through Vaayu Dev, due to the persuasion of Indra, because Brahmaa had granted the invincible armor to Atikaaya.
(7) Devaantak -

Raavan Wins Kuber
When Kuber heard this that Raavan had been troubling Devtaa, Gandharv, sages etc, he sent his messenger and as his elder brother advised him not to do so, because such sins bring insult and defame to the family. At this Raavan got very angry and killed his messenger. Then he came out with the intention to kill all Lokpaal. He started with Kuber himself. He wounded him in battle but he was saved and taken to Nandan Van (Indra's garden). He won his Pushpak Vimaan too.

After this victory Raavan begged two Shaap - Nandee's Shaap and Vedvatee's Shaap.

Raavan Wins Raajaa Marut
After bagging two Shaap, Raavan came to Usheerbeej country, where Raajaa Marut was doing Maheshwar Yagya with Devtaa and Muni Samvart. Seeing Raavan there all Lokpaal changed themselves into Tiryak Yoni (animal species). Indra, Dharm Raaj (Yam Raaj), Kuber, and Varun changed to peacock, crow, chameleon and swan respectively. Raavan said to Marut - "Either you accept the defeat or fight with me." Marut asked - "But who are you?" Raavan replied - "Oh, You don't know me? I am Raavan, Kuber's younger brother." Marut said - "Do you think that you did good to defeat your elder brother? You did A-Dharm, you will get its punishment."

But Muni politely stopped Marut to have fight with him as one: he was initiated into Yagya, and two: he could not win him. So Marut kept his bow down. Raavan considered this as his victory and went away. All Lokpaal came into their original form and gave Var to those animal species to which they changed themselves.

Indra said to peacock - "Now you need not to fear snakes, your back wings will have thousands of eyes from now on and you will be happy to see rains." Dharm Raaj said to crow - "You will never suffer from any disease, and you will never have any fear from death until somebody kills you for the purpose to feed their dead. And then only those dead will be satisfied. Varun said to Swan - "From now on you will have very beautiful body, your color will be as white as moon. You will always be happy, and this will be the mark of our happiness." Before this swan's wings color used to be blue and its lower part was of greenish color. Kuber said to chameleon - "I give you golden color. This will be the mark of our happiness. Your head will always shine like gold."

Raavan's Victory Over Yam Raaj
After winning Raajaa Marut, Raavan got victory over other kings - Dushyant, Surath Gaadhi, Gayaa, Pururavaa etc. He then again started wandering with the desire to win others. He was going to Rasaatal to Naag's Desh to win them that he met Naarad Jee who instigated him to fight with Yam Raaj telling him that he was very happy to see him win Gandharv, Naag etc. He had already won Mrityu Lok, and there was no use to kill those innocent human beings, so he should go to Yam Raaj to win him.

Raavan got very happy to hear this, he said - "But now I am going to Rasaatal to win Naag. After that I will go to Yam Puree." Naarad Jee said - "Why don't you go to Rasaatal via Yam Puree?"  So Raavan headed towards Yam Puree. Naarad Jee wondered as how can he win Yam Raaj who troubles everybody in the world, so he went there to see their fight. He arrived there earlier than Raavan and informed Yam Raaj that Raavan was coming to have a fight with him. At the same time Raavan also arrived there.

Raavan used Paashupat Astra and burned Yam's all Doot (servants) in front of him. Then Yam came himself and tried to kill him with Mrityu sat on his chariot, but Mrityu couldn't kill him. Then he tried to kill him with his Kaal Dand (staff), then Brahmaa Jee had to intervene and said to Yam - "We have created this Kaal Dand to destroy Tri-Lok, so you should do the same which doesn't prove us liar. Therefore don't aim it at Raavan. In either case we will be proved liar, one: if it could not kill him then Kaal Dand's attribute will fail as we have given Var to it that it will kill everybody, friend or foe; two: if it will kill Raavan then our Var will be a lie." Yam Raaj said - "By your order, I call my Kaal Dand back. When he is infallible, it is useless to fight with him." And Yam Raaj disappeared from there. Raavan cried happily, "Yam Raaj is defeated. I have won Yam Raaj."

Raavan Goes to Naag and Daitya
Then Raavan headed towards Rasaatal and hoisted his flag in Bhogvatee Nagaree of Vaasuki Naag, then headed towards Manimayee Puree. There lived such Daitya who were blessed by Brahmaa Jee. Raavan challenged them, fight started and continued for one year but nobody got defeated. Brahmaa Jee again intervened and told that Raavan could not be defeated by Devtaa or Daitya. So by the order of Brahmaa Jee Daitya and Raavan became friends. They welcomed Raavan there, and he stayed there respectfully as if in his own house for one year and learned 100 types of Maayaa (illusions) from them.



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