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18-Raam Kills Raavan

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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18-Raam Kills Raavan

The same night Trijataa went to Seetaa Jee and told the whole story. Seetaa Jee got very sad and worried and asked Trijataa - "Maa, When he will die? Raam shot so many arrows so many times at his heads and arms but his arms and heads grow again and again." Trijataa said - "Hey Princess, The enemy of Devtaa Raavan will die as soon as he will be hit in his chest. But, Prabhu does not want to hit him in his chest because you live in his heart, and Prabhu lives in your heart and there are all Lok in Prabhu's stomach. If He will hit him in his chest then all Lok will be destroyed.

But you don't worry. When Raavan will be restless after getting cut his heads and arms many times then he will not think about you. At the same moment Raam will aim His arrow at his chest and he will be killed."

When Raavan woke up from his unconsciousness at midnight, he got very angry at his Saarathee (chariot driver) for bringing him from the battlefield. Next day he again went to fight. Finding Vaanar very brave and mighty, he again spread his Maayaa. This time numerous Bhoot, Pret, Betaal, Pishaach appeared with bow and arrow. They all headed towards Vaanar to eat them. Wherever Vaanar run away from there, they see fire burning. Then Ravan showered sand over them. He then again spread another Maayaa. He made appear numerous Hanumaan who ran towards Raam to kill Him. Raam destroyed his Maayaa with one arrow.

In spite of cutting heads and arms numerous times, Raavan is not killed. Raam looked at Vibheeshan. Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Whose even intention can kill even Kaal, the same Prabhu is testing His servant's faithfulness." Vibheeshan told - "Hey Naath, He has Amrit (nectar) in his navel. Raavan is alive only because of that."

Raam understood and shot 31 arrows at Raavan - 10 for heads, 20 for arms and one at navel to break Amrit Kalash (pitcher). At that time the whole atmosphere became very hot; Sun eclipse occurred without its time; Mandodaree started trembling; statues started flowing tears; wind started gusting; Prithvi started shaking; and blood, hair and dust started falling from the sky. As Raam's 30 arrows cut Raavan's arms and heads and one arrow dried Amrit, his headless body ran on the ground. 

Shree Raam cut his body also into two pieces with another arrow. Both pieces of his body fell down making a loud noise. Shree Raam's arrows kept Raavan's heads and arms in front of Mandodaree and came back to Shree Raam. A light came out of Raavan's body and entered in Raam's mouth. Devta and Muni showered flowers on Shree Raam.



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