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17-Raam and Raavan Fight-2

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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17-Raam and Raavan Fight-2

Desperately Raavan rode another chariot and threw 10 Trishool (tridents) towards Shree Raam and killed Raam's four horses. Raam aimed 10 arrows each at his 10 heads. They crossed his heads. Raam then aimed 30 arrows at him and cut his 10 heads and 20 arms but all of them grew as they were cut.

Thus Prabhu cuts his heads and arms several times but every time the new ones grow on his body as they are cut. His all cut heads and arms are scattered in the sky as if Raahu and Ketu are flying there. Raam shot His arrows so fast that his heads and arms couldn't fall on the ground. Raam was cutting his heads and arms continuously and they are also growing continuously.

Seeing the increasing number of heads and arms Raavan forgot about his death. He got angry and shot many arrows at Shree Raam. Shree Raam's chariot hid behind those arrows. Raam first destroyed his arrows then again started cutting his heads and arms. Then Raavan shot one special power towards Vibheeshan. Raam came forward immediately and took it on His chest. 

Seeing Prabhu protecting him, Vubheeshan said to Raavan - "O Fool, You opposed all Devtaa, Naag, human beings, Muni etc. You offered your head to Shiv Jee and received millions in exchange of one. That is why you are still alive, but now your death is near. You want to enjoy life keeping enmity with Prabhu?" and he hit his Gadaa in his chest.

Raavan fell down on the ground and his all ten mouths bled. But he soon got up and started fighting with Vibheeshan but Vibheeshan doesn't count him as himself, because Raam's favor is with him. Shiv Jee said -"Hey Umaa, Before Vibheeshan couldn't have dared to look at Raavan eye to eye, but now he was fighting like his Kaal. This was Raam's effect."

Seeing Vibheeshan fighting alone and tired, Hanumaan threw a large rock on Raavan, killed his Saarathee and horses and broke his chariot. Both were fighting each other. When Hanumaan couldn't kill Raavan with his strength and wisdom then he remembered Raam and attacked him.

Raavan spread his Maayaa and appeared in multiple bodies among Vaanar army. Millions of Raavan were seen wandering here and there in the battlefield. "Even one Raavan could not be won, now there are many Raavan. How can we win this war." Thinking thus Vaanar ran away from there. Raghuveer encouraged them to fight and killed all Maayaavee (produced by Raavan's Maayaa) Raavan with only one arrow.

Now Devtaa also got very happy that there was only one Raavan left to win. But Raavan got angry at them and headed towards them. Devtaa ran away from there. Seeing Devtaa in trouble Angad ran to rescue and hit Raavan on the ground holding his foot. Raavan again started showering arrows on Shree Raam's army, and Shree Raam again started cutting his all arrows, bows, arms and heads but they again grew up.

Nal and Neel climbed on the heads of Raavan and scratched his foreheads. He wants to catch them but they escape from his catch. At last he caught them but as he was hitting them on the ground they escaped from his hold. By evening he made all chief Vaanar unconscious. Now Jaambvaan ran towards Raavan and hit him in his chest. He made Raavan  unconscious and came back to Shree Raam.



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