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16-Raam Fights With Raavan-1

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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16-Raam Fights With Raavan-1

Next day, the first thing in the morning, Raam ordered some Vaanar warriors including Hanuman and Angad to go to Lankaa and destroy Raavan's Yagya. They entered fearlessly Raavan's palace, saw Raavan performing Yagya and got angry. "You have run away shamelessly from the  battlefield and are sitting here to cheat on us?" Saying this, Angad kicked him with his foot but Raavan didn't even look at him. It was very selfish of him. 

Angrily, Vaanar started kicking and biting him and dragged the women out of his palace. The women cried in pity for help. Raavan got up fiercely angry and started grounding the Vaanar. In the meantime, Vaanar destroyed his Yagya. At this incident, Raavan thought of his defeat in his heart. Vaanar returned happily to Raam and Raavan got disappointed for his life, and started angrily again for the battle.

Under the spell of Kaal he doesn't listen to anybody. Raakshas army headed towards the battlefield, Devtaa prayed Shree Raam to kill Raavan now as Jaanakee Jee was very sad. Shree Raam also took His Shaarng bow and started towards the battlefield. Seeing Him, all Universe, Shesh Jee, oceans and mountains trembled and Devtaa showered flowers on Him. 

Fight started and rivers of blood started flowing. Warriors were falling like trees fall on the bank of river. Bhoot, Pishaach etc were dancing in the sky. Raavan saw that his army had got destroyed and he was alone to fight, so he thought to play Maayaa on Raam's army.

Devtaa saw Raam fighting on foot so Indra called his Saarathee (chariot driver) Maatali and sent His own chariot for Him. Shree Raam climbed on the chariot. Raavan spread his Maayaa - all, except Raam, saw numerous Raam and Lakshman in the army. Seeing this all Vaanar stood like statues looking at each other. Raam destroyed his Maayaa with an arrow and said to His army - "You are very tired fighting for so long, now you take rest and watch our dual fight." Then He bowed to Braahman and headed forward.

Seeing Raam coming to himself Raavan said - "Whoever warriors you have won in the battle, I am not like them. My name is Raavan and everybody in the universe knows about me. You killed Khar, Dooshan and Viraadh. you killed poor Baali like a bird killer and killed Kumbhkarn and Meghnaad also. If you had not run away from the field, then I will kill you today."

Shree Raam said - "Don't boast yourself, show your bravery. Excuse Me, but I tell you some policy matter - "There are three types of people; one like rose, two like mango and three like jackfruit. One bloom only flowers (rose); two bloom with both flower and fruit (mango); and three bloom with only fruits (jackfruit). First type of people are those who only say, they do not do; second type are those who both say and do; third type are those who only do, they don't say anything."

Raavan laughed at this and said - "You are teaching me Gyaan? Now you love your life?" and shot numerous arrows at Raam but they scattered all around Him. Raghuveer aimed an Agni Vaan (Fire arrow) at Raavan and burnt his all arrows. Raavan threw numerous Trishool (tridents) and Chakra (circular missile of Vishnu), but Raam cut them all without any special effort. Then he aimed 100 arrows at Saarathee of Raam (Maatali). He uttered "Victory to Raam" and fell down. Raam lifted him.

Now Raam was very angry. Seeing His anger His arrows got restless to come out from His Tarakas (quiver). Hearing the loud noise of His bow Raakshas, Prithvi and mountains got frightened, Mandodaree trembled. Seeing this sight Devtaa smiled. Shree Raam shot many arrows at Raavan's Saarathee and horses and killed them, then He broke his chariot and flag too.



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