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15-Lakshman and Raavan's Fight

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15-Lakshman and Raavan's Fight

Night passed. Next day again armies gathered at the four gates of Lankaa. Raavan told his army not to go with him if any of them was coward. Then he organized his chariot beautifully and headed towards battlefield. Many bad omens happened at that time but proud Raavan didn't pay any attention to them. Weapons were falling from hands; riders fell down from their rides; jackal, donkeys, dogs, owls and crows were making noises, but Raavan was heading towards battlefield dauntlessly.

The army was so large that lots of dust was up in the sky. Soorya (Sun) hid behind that dust. Many kinds of instruments were played to announce to start the battle. He ordered his army to fight with Vaanar and bears and told them that he would see those two brothers himself. Both armies started fighting with each other.

Vibheeshan got worried seeing Raam without any chariot, Kavach, and shoes. How will He win Raavan? Raam said - "Hey Vibheeshan, That is another type of chariot which is used for victory. Shaurya (prowess) and Patience are its two wheels; Truthfulness and good behavior are its post and flag; power, Gyaan, control over Indriyaan (senses) and to do good to other are its four horses which are tied to the chariot through the Lagaam (rein) of forgiveness, kindness and equal behavior with everybody. Chanting Hari's name is its Saarathee (chariot driver). Vairaagya (detachment) is shield and the contentment is sword. Giving alms is Pharasaa (axe); wisdom is strength; and good knowledge is a good bow. Clear and stable heart is like Tarakas (quiver). Sham (controlled mind), Yam (non-violence) and Niyam (discipline) etc are many arrows. Worship of Braahaman and Guru (teacher) is his unbreakable Kavach (armor). There is no other way of victory than that. So if somebody has this kind of chariot, he can win even the world, let alone Raavan."

Shiv Jee said - "Hey Umaa, I was also there and watching Shree Raam's Leelaa from the sky along with other Devtaa. Vaanar were fighting with Raakshas with great courage. Raakshas were getting weaker. When Raavan noticed this, he moved towards Vaanar holding ten bows in his 20 hands. Vaanar threw numerous trees and rocks on Raavan together but with no effect on  him. Rather they got tattered as they touched his body. Vaanar got worried and ran away from there. Raavan shot arrows at them from his ten bows. His arrows spread all over so Vaanar couldn't run anywhere.

Seeing this Lakshman Jee came forward and said to Raavan - "Why are you killing these poor Vaanar. Come and face me, I am your Kaal (death)." Raavan said - "Oh, I was looking for you, O you, the killer of my son." and shot numerous kinds of weapons at Lakshman but Lakshman Jee countered them all. Then Lakshman Jee aimed his own weapons which broke Raavan's chariot, killed his Saarathee, and shot 100 arrows each into his ten heads. Then aimed 100 arrows at his chest. Raavan got unconscious and fell down. When he gained consciousness, he used the power which Brahmaa Jee gave to him. It hit Lakshman Jee in his chest and he fell down unconscious.

Raavan tried to lift him but could not even move him. On whose only one head, this whole Universe is kept like a particle of dust, foolish Raavan wanted to lift Him up? In the meantime Hanumaan came and hit him in his chest. Raavan fell down unconscious. When he woke up, he admired Hanumaan Jee's strength. Hanumaan Jee said - "I feel ashamed that you are still alive."

Then Hanuman lifted Lakshman Jee and took him to Shree Raam. Shree Raam said - "Get up, You are destroyer of Kaal and protector of Devtaa." Hearing these words Lakshman Jee got up and that power flew in the sky. He again came in the battlefield, broke Raavan's chariot, killed his Saarathee, and shot 100 arrows at his chest. Raavan fell down, so another Saarathee took him to Lankaa in another chariot. There he started a Yagya.

As Vibheeshan got this news, he reported this to Raam.



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