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14-Lakshman Kills Meghnaad


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14-Lakshman Kills Meghnaad

Seeing Kumbhkarn's head, Raavan cried and cried. Women were also crying for his bravery. At that time Meghnaad came and consoled Raavan telling many stories. He then said - "At this time I wouldn't boast myself, but you should see my power tomorrow. The powers and chariot I have got from my Isht Dev (personal god), I have not shown them to you. Tomorrow I will use them." Morning broke in boasting like this.

Next day again armies gathered at four gates. Both Raakshas and Vaanar were very powerful. Meghnaad climbed on his chariot, flew in the sky and laughed loudly. Vaanar army got frightened. He showered many kinds of weapons and rocks from sky. It seemed all dark all around. "Catch, kill" etc. words were being heard but who was killing was not visible. Vaanar flew in the sky with stones and trees to hit the person who was doing that but could not see him. Meghnaad covered hills, valleys pathways etc with arrows.

Not being able to see any way to go, Vaanar got perplexed. Meghnaad shot his arrows at Hanumaan, Angad, Nal, Neel, Lakshman, Sugreev and Vibheeshan and made them helpless. Then he headed towards Raam. Whatever arrow he shot at Him, it hit Him as a snake. Thus many snakes stuck at Raam's body. Raam got tied in his Naag Paash. Shiv Jee says - "Hey Girijaa, Whose name cuts all kinds of ties with this world, how can He be tied with anything? These are only Raam's Leelaa (acting), no logic works here, that is why all saints do not argue about them. They just meditate upon Him."

Later he appeared and started abusing everybody. Jaambvaan got up and challenged him. Meghnaad threw his Trishool (trident) at him which he grabbed on the way and threw back at Meghnaad in turn. Jaambvaan tried to kill him in several ways but he didn't die because of the Var. Then Jaambvaan threw him on Lankaa Puree.

Seeing Shree Raam tied in Naag Paash, Naarad Jee sent Garud Jee to get Shree Raam free from Naag Paash. Garud Jee came and ate all Maayaa snakes.

When Meghnaad gained consciousness he saw his father in front of him. Seeing him in front of him he got ashamed. Then he thought to do a Yagya to win this war so he went to a cave.

As Vibheeshan came to know about this Yagya, he said to Raam - "Prabhu, Meghnaad is doing a very unholy Yagya. If his Yagya is completed, he will not be conquered easily." Raghunaath Jee called Angad and other Vaanar and sent them along with Lakshman to destroy his Yagya. He said to Lakshman - "You should kill him in the fight because Devtaa are very frightened." Lakshman vowed to kill him saying that "even if hundreds of Shiv come to help him today, still I will kill him" and went along with Angad, Nal, Neel, Mayand, and Hanumaan.

Vaanar saw Meghnaad performing the Yagya with blood and buffalo. They destroyed his Yagya, but still he was not disturbed. They started beating him. Then Meghnaad ran after them and threw his Trishool at Lakshman Jee. Meghnaad played several kinds of Maayaa so Vaanar were not able to kill him. Then Lakshman Jee shot a special arrow at Meghnaad's chest. He came into his own form and died saying "Where is Raam? Where is Lakshman?" Angad and Hanumaan said - "Your mother is blessed because you are killed by Lakshman."  Hanuman lifted him without any effort and kept his body at the gate of Lankaa.

As soon as Raavan heard the news of Meghnaad's killing, he got unconscious and fell on the ground. Mandodaree also wept bitterly. All were abusing Raavan. Raavan consoled all telling them the untruthfulness of this world. He himself was sordid but his sermons were good.



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