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13-Fight With Kumbhkarn

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13-Fight With Kumbhkarn

Seeing Kumbhkarn coming, Vibheeshan came forward and greeted him with his name. Kumbhkarn hugged him lovingly. Vibheeshan said - "Brother, Raavan hit me with his foot so I came to Shree Raam. Shree Raam loved me very much and gave me shelter." Kumbhkarn said - "My Son, Raavan is under the spell of Kaal. He cannot listen to anything good, but you are blessed. You are shining in Raakshas family. I am also under the spell of Kaal so I cannot think of any good or bad for myself, so now you go."

Vibheeshan returned to Raam and said - "Hey Naath, Kumbhkarn is coming." When Vaanar heard this, they picked trees and rocks and started throwing on Kumbhkarn. They threw them in millions together but they didn't affect Kumbhkarn's body. Then Hanumaan hit him with his fist so he fell down on the ground. He got up and hit Hanumaan in return. This time Hanumaan fell down. Then he hit Nal and Neel and other warriors. All got frightened and hid here and there. Then he made Sugreev and Angad unconscious, and walked away with Sugreev carrying in his armpit.

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Raghunaath, who can destroy Kaal only with the movement of His eyebrow, is acting as a human being. This is not a kind of fight for Him." When Hanumaan gained consciousness, he started searching for Sugreev. When Sugreev gained his consciousness, he slipped from his armpit like a dead body. Kumbhkarn assumed him dead, but came to know later that he was alive when Sugreev bit him on his nose and ears. Kumbhkarn got very angry at this and he crushed millions of Vaanar under his feet.

Raam's army got scattered. Raam asked Sugreev, Lakshman and Vibheeshan to take care of His army and He Himself went to fight with Kumbhkarn. Raam shot 100,000 (one Lakh) arrows which flew like snakes with wings. They came back to Raghunaath Jee after killing many Raakshas.

Noticing this terrible destruction of his army Kumbhkarn again started showering large rocks on groups of Vaanar. Shree Raam shot His arrows at Kumbhkarn but His arrows went out of his body and he remained unaffected. Once He aimed 100 arrows, but all of them vanished in his body.

This time Kumbhkarn picked one rock, but Shree Raam cut his arm. Then he took that rock in his left hand, but Raam cut his that arm too. Now Kumbhkarn made a great noise and headed towards Shree Raam, Raam filled his mouth with arrows, but still he didn't fall down. Then Raam shot another arrow and devoured his head from his body. His head fell in front of Raavan and his body ran towards Raam. Raam again shot an arrow and cut it into two pieces. A light came out of his body and entered Raam's mouth. Devtaa came to pray, prayed Raam and went away. Then came Naarad Jee, prayed and requested Him to kill Raavan soon.

The day ended and both armies went back to their camps.



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