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12-Hanumaan Goes to Himaalaya

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12-Hanumaan Goes to Himaalaya

Hanumaan had identified the Parvat but couldn't identify the herb. So he uprooted the whole Parvat and flew in the night itself. He was flying over Ayodhyaa Puree. On the ground, Bharat saw going a very large thing in the sky. He thought lest he is Raakshas and trouble my brother, he shot a blunt arrow at Hanumaan. Hanumaan fell down chanting "Raam, Raam" and got unconscious. Hearing the word "Raam" Bharat Jee came to Hanumaan and tried to wake him up but he was not waking up. Bharat Jee got very sad. He remembered Raam and prayed - "If I have true love for Shree Raam then he should immediately get up." Hanumaan immediately got up. Bharat Jee got very happy to see him wake up.

Bharat asked about the welfare of Shree Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa Jee. Hanumaan told him everything in brief. Bharat Jee again got very sad thinking that he could not be of any use to Shree Raam, but patiently he said to Hanumaan - "If you will fly yourself you will get late, and time will run out in the morning, so you sit on my arrow along with your Parvat, it will take you wherever Shree Raam is there." At first Hanumaan thought that how that arrow would carry him, but considering Raam's glory he bowed in Bharat's feet and said - "Hey Prabhu, By your grace I will go immediately and reach there in time." And Hanumaan Jee went away remembering Raam.

Meanwhile, looking at Lakshman, Raam spoke like a  normal person - "Brother, You always had a very soft nature. You even left your parents for me and tolerated cold, heat and wind with me. Where is your love now? Why don't you wake up hearing my words? One can get son, wealth, wife, house and family any time but it is very difficult to get a brother. Wake up, my brother, wake up. As birds without feather, serpent without gem and elephant without trunk are very poor, if I had to live without you, I will also be living like them.

How I will go back to Avadh losing you for my wife. I could have tolerated defame of losing my wife because there is not much harm in losing wife. Now I will have to tolerate both defame and grief of losing you. You are the only son of your mother. She made me in charge of you. Now what I will tell her, tell me." Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Who give relief to everybody, He himself is grieved now."

In the meantime Hanumaan came, Sushen gave Lakshman Jee the medicine and Lakshman Jee regained his consciousness. Shree Raam embraced him dearly. Everybody got very happy. Hanumaan dropped Sushen as he brought him.

Dashaanan heard this incident, he got extremely sad and worried, so he came to Kumbhkarn. He had to wake him up trying many ways. At last he woke up and asked - "Dear brother, Why are you so sad?" Raavan described everything from the beginning, since he abducted Seetaa Jee. He told him that Vaanar had killed their many Raakshas. Even Durmukh, Devshatru (Devaantak), man-eater (Naraantak) and Atikaaya and Akampan like warriors have also been killed.

Kumbhkarn got very sad and spoke - "You abducted the mother of the Universe, Jaanakee Jee and now you want your good. You have not done this good. Why did you wake me up now? There is still time. You can still meditate Raam, it will be in your favor. Who has Hanumaan like servant, is He a human being? You are opposing that Devtaa whom Shiv, Brahmaa etc all Devtaa worship. I would have told you that Gyaan which Naarad Muni told me, but there is no time for it now. Hug me now last time, then I will have Darshan of Shree Raam."

Raavan had got millions of pitchers of liquor to drink and many buffaloes ready for him to eat. After eating and drinking Kumbhkarn moved from the fort to the battlefield without taking any army. 



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