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11-Lakshman Meghnaad Fight-1


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11-Lakshman Meghnaad Fight-1

Now Lakshman Jee got up to fight with Raam's permission. Raavan also sent his great warriors with Meghnaad. Lakshman Jee attacked him in several ways. Meghnaad guessed that his death was near, so he used Veerghaatinee power on Lakshman Jee. Power hit Lakshman Jee's  chest and he fell down unconscious. Now Meghnaad was fearless so he went close to Him. Now millions of warriors like Meghnaad are trying to lift him up, but how could they lift him who himself was the the base of the universe? They felt ashamed and went away from there.

Hanumaan Goes to Himaalaya

Here Shiv Jee says - "Hey Girijaa, Whose anger burns the 14 Lok in Pralaya Kaal and Devtaa and all creatures etc serve him, how can one win Him in battle? Only those can know this who get Raam's favor." Evening fell and both army returned to their camps. Raam asked - "Where is Lakshman?" In the meantime Hanumaan brought Lakshman there lifting him in his arms. Seeing His younger brother in this condition Raam got very sad. Jaambvaan said - "There is a doctor, named Sushen, in Lankaa. Who can be sent to bring him?" Hanumaan went there assuming a very tiny form and brought him sleeping there along with his house.

Sushen bowed in Shree Raam's feet, told the name of the herb and the Parvat on which it could be found and asked Hanumaan to bring that herb. Pavan Putra (Prabhanjan Putra) Hanumaan Jee flew to bring the herb remembering Raam's lotus feet.

In the meantime, a spy informed Raavan about this, so Raavan came to Kaalnemi and told him everything. Kaalnemi got extremely sad and said - "Who has burnt your whole city in front of you, who can stop him going his way? Meditate Shree Raam Jee and improve your life. Who controls Kaal, who can win Him?" But Raavan got very angry hearing his advice. Kaalnemi thought that it is better to die by Raam's messenger instead of Raavan, so he obeyed Raavan, spread his Maayaa and built a beautiful pond, a temple, and a house on the way Hanumaan was going.

Maaruti Putra saw an Aashram on the way so he thought let me drink some water here, get fresh, then I will go ahead. Kaalnemi was living there in disguise. Hanuman bowed him and started singing Raam's praise and said - "I know that there is a battle going on in between Raam and Raavan. There is no doubt about it that Raam will win." Hanumaan asked for some water. He gave him some water from his Kamandal. Hanumaan said - "I will not be satisfied with this little water." Raakshas said - "Then there is a pond outside, you take bath in the pond and come here, I will give you some Gyaan."

As Hanumaan entered the pond, a she-crocodile caught his foot. Hanumaan killed it. In fact she was an Apsaraa. She got a divine body after being killed and said to Hanumaan - "My all sins are washed away now after your Darshan. My Shaap is cleared. Hey Kapi Raaj, He is not a Muni, he is a Raakshas, believe me." and she went away in the sky. Immediately Hanumaan came to that Raakshas and said -"First you take Guru Dakshinaa from me, then give me your Gyaan (knowledge) to me." and he hit him on the ground tying him with his tail. Kaalnemi showed his real form and he died saying "Raam, Raam". Hanumaan Jee got very happy hearing Raam's name from him and he headed to bring the herb.



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