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19-Raam Gets Seetaa Back

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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19-Raam Gets Seetaa Back

Seeing Raavan's heads, Mandodaree fell on the ground unconscious. Women brought her to Raavan's body. They all were weeping bitterly and saying - "Hey Naath, Prithvi used to tremble because of your might. Fire, the Moon and the Sun looked fade in front of you. Even Shesh Naag and Kashchap could not tolerate your weight. The same body is now lying in the dust. You had won Indra, Varun, Vaayu, Kuber, Kaal and Yam Raaj, but because you opposed Shree Raam that is why your condition is like that. You were under the spell of Kaal, that is why you didn't listen to anybody and you considered the Swaamee of all creatures as a human being. You did not meditate Him rather you always had enmity with all. You did all bad Karm since birth still Shree Raam gave you His Param Pad, I bow to Him."

Seeing the women of his family crying, Vibheeshan got very sad and came to console them. Seeing Vibheeshan sad, Shree Raam ordered Lakshman to go to him and console him. Lakshman did the same. Vibheeshan came back to Shree Raam. Shree Raam told Vibheeshan to perform last rites of Raavan. Vibheeshan did so.

When Vibheeshan came back, Raam called Lakshman and said to Him - "Take Nal, Neel, Sugreev, Angad, Jaambvaan and Maaruti Nandan along with you and coronate Vibheeshan as Lankaa's king." and said to Vibheeshan - "I cannot enter city because of the order of my father that is why I send my brother and Vaanar who are like me."

All went to Lankaa, coronated Vibheeshan as Lankaa's king. Then Vibheeshan came back to Raam. Prabhu called all Vaanar and bears and thanked them for His victory over Raavan. Raam called Hanumaan and sent him to Seetaa Jee to bring Her news. He went to Seetaa Jee and informed Her about the death of Raavan and coronation of Vibheeshan. Seetaa Jee says - "Hey Hanumaan, I don't have anything to give you for this good news." Hanumaan Jee said - "Maataa, Today I have got everything. I don't need anything else." Seetaa Jee said - "Still I bestow all qualities to reside in you and Shree Raam along with Shesh Jee should always be happy with you. Now you do something so that I can see Shree Raam as soon as possible."

Hanumaan came back to Raam with this news. Shree Raam called Angad and Vibheeshan and asked them to bring Seetaa Jee. They all went to Seetaa Jee. Vibheeshan explained everything to Raakshasee who were serving Her. They bathed Her, dressed Her in beautiful dresses and jewelry, and brought Her to Shree Raam. Shree Raam said to them to bring Her on foot so that Vanar can see Her as their mother. Shree Raam kept Seetaa the first in fire, now He wanted to bring the same Seetaa to appear, that is why He said some bad words to shadow Seetaa, although nobody liked His those bad words to Her there.

Seetaa Jee said to Lakshman - "You become my partner in carrying out my religious duties. Prepare Agni for me." Lakshman Jee broke into tears but could not say anything to His elder brother. He brought firewood and prepared Agni for Seetaa Jee. Seetaa Jee said - "If I have always been faithful to Shree Raam, then this Agni should become cool like sandalwood for me." and entered Agni. Her shadow and worldly insults burned in the fire and Agni Dev appeared with real Seetaa Jee and returned Her to Raam. Even Devtaa could not know this secret. Devtaa got very happy to see both of them together, Kinnar started singing and Apsaraa started dancing.



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