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20-Vibheeshan Gets Lankaa


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20-Vibheeshan Gets Lankaa

Devtaa and Brahma Jee prayed Shree Raam separately. Dasharath Jee also came there to bless his sons. Prabhu greeted him with His younger brother and said - "This is only the result of your Punya Karm, that I could kill Raakshas Raaj." Dasharath got very pleased hearing such words from Raam. Raam also gave him Gyaan by just looking at him. Because Dasharath desired for Bhakti that is why he did not get Moksh. He also went away to his Lok.

Indra also prayed them and asked Shree Raam as what He could do for Him? Raam said - "All Vaanar and bears have died for Me, make them alive." Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Prabhu's words have very deep meaning. Only Gyaanee Muni can understand them. He can give life to Tri-Lok after killing them, and the same Shree Raam is asking Indra to give life to them? It is just a favor to Him."

Indra made them alive by sprinkling Amrit on Vaanar and bears. Although Amrit dropped on both Raakshas and Vaanar but only Vaanar got life, not Raakshas. Because Raakshas got Mukti at the time of their death and Vaanar and bears were the part of Devtaa, that is why they got life. Who is like Shree Raam who bestowed Mukti, which is not available even to great Muni, to sinful Raakshas." All Devtaa went away to their Lok.

Then came Shiv Jee and prayed Him and said - "I will come again to see your coronation in Ayodhyaa." Then Vibheeshan came and prayed Shree Raam and said - "Please make my home holy. Take bath, get relief from the tiredness of war. Then take me to Ayodhyaa along with you." Raam's eyes filled with the tears of love. He said - "Your everything is mine, this is true, but I am worried for Bharat. He is chanting my name living like a Tapaswee. Now you do the same so I can see my brother as soon as possible. If I go after the time limit, then I will not find Bharat alive. Hey Vibheeshan, You rule for one Kalp and remember me always. You will get my that Lok where all saints live."

Hearing these words Vibheeshan got very happy. He went to his palace and brought Pushpak Vimaan filled with gems, jewels and good clothes. Raam said smilingly - "Take this Vimaan in the sky and shower these things from there." Vibheeshan did so. Whoever wished whatever he took it. Vaanar picked jewels. They keep them in their mouth assuming them eatables then spit them out. Shree Raam laughs seeing all this. Who is unimaginable even for the Yogee, the same Raam is playing with Vaanar.

Then He looked at all and said - "I have got this victory because of you. Now you go to your home. Don't be afraid of anybody." Vaanar said - "Prabhu, Whatever you say it is all right for you, but we feel embarrassed with these words." By the order of Shree Raam all Vaanar and bears went to their homes, some happily, some sadly. Sugreev, Nal, Neel, Jaambvaan, Angad, Hanumaan etc mighty Vaanar and Vibheeshan were just staring at Shree Raam with tear filled eyes.

Seeing them so affectionate, Shree Raam asked them to board on Vimaan and headed towards North.



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