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4-Uttar Parv

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-174-179, p 584-595

Vidyaa Daan
(Chap 174) Yudhishthir said - "After I have heard about Go-Daan (cow donation) and Bhoomi Daan (land donation), now I wish to hear about Vidyaa Daan. Krishn said - "Raajan, In an auspicious Muhoort, draw a square Mandal, keep the book in the middle of it, and worship it. Give a gold pen and a silver inkpot to the writer. Then the writer should start writing the book in a beautiful handwriting. He should write any religious book. Worship the writer with clothes and jewelry, cover the book with two clothes and donate that book to a Braahman or keep it in some such a place where it can be read by many people. Who donates the Vidyaa in such a away, he gets Punya million times more than doing a Yagya or Teerth. Donating a book methodically brings the Punya equal to donating 1,000 Kapilaa cows. Whoever teaches his disciples Shaastra, dance, music etc arts, who can be Punya Soul like him? Who gives salary to a teacher and teaches students, which Daan is it he has not done? All wishes are fulfilled by giving food, clothes, or money to a student. Who wants to learn, one should always be ready to help him."

Tulaa Purush Daan
(Chap 175) Krishn said - "In ancient times there was a king named Priyavrat who was the son of Manu. He ruled for 30,000 years then divided Prithvi in seven divisions and gave them to his seven sons. He went to forest. Seeing him in the forest, many Tapaswee and Muni Gan came to see him. King also welcomed them. Brahmaa's son Maharshi Pulastya also came there, and they all started talking on religious topics. Muni asked Pulastya Rishi - "By which Daan, Tap, or Vrat men and women attain good Gati?"

Pulastya Muni said - "I tell you the method of Tulaa Daan. It clears all the sins like Braahman killing, cow killing, father killing, illicit relations with Guru's wife. If one wishes to attain Brahm Lok, he should do Krichchhra-Chaandraayan Vrat or Tulaa Purush Daan. Krichchhra-Chaandraayan Vrat is prescribed for Sanyaasee, Braahman, and widows, because these Vrat are complete only by paining one's body. King, rich people, and Grihasth cannot complete this Vrat. Wealth is another Praan (life) who lives outside of the body, that is why these people should spend it in Dharm Karm. Gold fulfills all desires and it is the son of Agni Dev. Learned person should weigh himself with gold and then donate it. It washes all sins and one gets Divine body.

One should do Tulaa Purush Daan in Vyateepaat Yog, on Ayan Sankraanti, in Vishuv Yog, during eclipses, when planets are adverse, on Kaartik or Maagh Poornimaa like days or when enough money is available. It should be done in a temple or at home, or in Teerth. Braahman should be invited for reading Mantra and doing Havan. After the Tulaa Daan is complete, the gold should be donated to respective people very soon. In the same way silver and camphor can also be used for Tulaa Daan. Whoever woman wishes for Saubhaagya, she should do this with Kumkum, salt or jaggery. This doesn't need Mantra and Havan. Whoever women or men do Tulaa Daan, they go Soorya Lok, live there for one Kalp, then live in Vishnu Lok, Shiv Lok, Vishwedev Lok, Indra Lok, Dharm Raaj Lok, Varun Lok, Kuber Lok. In the end they come back to Prithvi as a religious donor king."

Hiranyagarbh Daan
(Chap 176) Yudhishthir said - Now you tell me of such a Vrat or Daan which increases life span, fame and prosperity." Krishn said - "I am telling you the method of Hianyagarbh Daan as I live you very much. By doing this one can become like me. Gold is the eldest son of Agni Dev. Its another name is Hiranya. Who donates gold to Braahman with Bhakti, he becomes like me. One should do this Daan on some festive time, on Ayan Sankraani, in Vishuv Yog, duing eclipse time, in Vyateepaat Yog, on Kaarttik Poornimaa, during one's birth Nakshatra, or when a planets afflicts, in Teerth like Prayaag, Naimish, Kurukshetra, Gangaa, Yamunaa etc; or in house, temple, garden, at pond. Who does this, he enjoys comforts for 100 Manvantar like Indra and then takes birth as a king of the whole Prithvi. Who hears this method he also enjoys pleasures for more than 100 years."

Brahmaand Daan
(Chap 177) Krishn said - "Now I tell you the method of Brahmaand Daan told by Agastya Muni. This washes away all the three types of sins. This Brahmaand should be made from 20 Pal to 1,000 Pal gold (1 Pal = 4 Tolaa) and should be donated to a Braahman. There is a story regarding this Daan, listen to it. There was a very mighty and rich king named Sudyumn in Sat Yug. He ruled for 30,000 years, then went to forest after giving his kingdom to his son. He did severe Tap and went to Brahm Lok. Brahmaa Jee welcomed him, but he was unable to enjoy Brahm Lok pleasures. He always felt hungry and thirsty. Once he said to Brahmaa Jee - "Bhagavan, This Lok has no shortage of anything, but I always feel hungry and thirsty."

Brahmaa Jee said - ""You did many things, but you didn't do Daan. You are a Gyaanee, you have done Tap, that is why you have attained this Brahm Lok, but because of not doing Daan etc Karm, you still feel hungry and thirsty." King asked the way to satisfy it. Brahmaa Jee said - "You go to Bhoo Lok and donate Brahmaand, it will satisfy you." The King came on Prithvi did Brahmaand Daan and went to Brahm Lok again. Who does this Daan, he uplifts his many Kul."

Note - A similar story appears in V-Raamaayan, 7/30 also. That is the story of King Shwet.

Kalp Tree and Kalp Lataa Daan
(Chap 178-179) Krishn said - "When Shankar married mother Paarvatee Jee, Devtaa got afraid of their future son, so they prayed him to be Oordhwaretaa. Shankar Jee said - "You don't worry. I will be there as Sthaanu." At this Paarvatee Jee got angry and gave Shaap to Devtaa - "As you have made me sonless, you will also not get a son." And said to Shankar - Now we will not get a son, and there is no Gati without son, Shruti say like this, so please do something so that we get good Gati." Shankar Jee said - "A sonless man or woman should donate a Kalp tree, this will give him or her good Gati; or imagine Kalp tree in any tree, treat it as one's son, this also gives a sonless a son. Kalp tree should be of pure gold, should have many branches, leaves and flowers. It should be decorated with many gems and fruits. This tree should be more than of 20 Pal according to one's capacity. It can be made of silver also."

Yudhishthir asked - "Tell me some Daan which increases wealth, and fame, destroys all sins, and lives long." Krishn said - "Kalp Lataa (creeper) made of gold or silver should be donated like Kalp tree. One should donate 10 Kalp Lataa for 10 directions. Who does that, he lives here as a wealthy person with son, and after death goes to Indra Lok for one Manvantar. Whoever woman gives this Daan, she gives birth to a Chakravartee son.*

* Note - The complete method of the Kalp Lataa Daan is given in Matsya Puraan, Chap 286. The method of building Devee idols and Kalp Lataa is also given there.



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