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4-Uttar Parv

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-180-192, p 595-609

Gaj Rath Ashwa Rath Daan
(Chap 180) Yudhishthir said - "Which Daan should be done by kings who are feared by A-Dharm, bad dreams, afflicted by bad planets, etc?" Krishn said - "Go Daan etc are mentioned in Shaastra for this, but I am telling you one more Daan which Shukraachaarya told king Bali, that Gaj Rath Ashwa Rath Daan. It destroys all sins, planets' afflictions and gives lots of Punya. This should be done on Kaartik Poornimaa, Ayan Sankraanti, during eclipses, in Vishuv Yog, on solar Sankraanti or on any other Punya day. Make a wooden chariot and cover it with golden covering. Add a gold flag also to it. Keep Brahmaa's idol in the chariot and worship him with Pranav Mantra. Vishnu should be established in north and should be worshipped by Purush Sookt. Establish Rudra in south and worship him with Rudra Sookt. Drive that chariot by two elephants. Donate it to the Braahman. In the same way, after donating that chariot, one should donate another chariot, driven by two horses, to the Braahman. One should follow the chariot to Braahman's house. By doing this one lives in Indra Lok for 100 Manvantar, and after that is born as very good king on Prithvi.

Kaal-Purush and other Daan
(Chap 181-190) Yudhishthir said - "Tell me about other Daan which destroys all sins." Krishn said - "I told you about many Daan, but still you want to know, I tell you again, listen to the first 10 Mahaa-Daan (greatest donations) - (1) Kaal-Purush Daan, (2) Sapt-Saagar Daan, (3) Mahaa-Bhoot Ghat Daan, (4) Shayyaa Daan, (5) Aatm-pratikriti Daan, (6) Swarn Ashwa Daan, (7) Swarn Ashwa Rath Daan, (8) Krishnaajin Daan - deer skin, (9) Vishwa Chakra Daan, and (10) Hem Gaj Rath Daan. You yourself do these Daan, and inspire others also to do this, because there is no other good action for a wealthy person. [These ten Daan are given in the book on p 597-606. They are all for very rich people to be donated to rich people.]

Bhuvan Pratishthaa
(Chap 191) Yudhishthir said - "Now you tell me about a Daan which can give eternal fame in this world, continuous children, immeasurable wealth and good Gati to Pitar." Krishn said - "I tell you about Bhuvan Pratishthaa Daan. By doing this all Devataa, Gandharv, Asur, Naag, Kinnar etc are honored. One should employ a good skilled painter who could draw and paint all 14 Lok, Prithvi with all her mountains and rivers etc on a cloth piece. In the morning he should keep it on a chariot drawn by two elephants or horses, worship it, then take to a temple and establish it there. Donate two cows and some household things also to a Braahman. Celebrate the occasion in the temple. Who does this, he enjoys Swarg for long time then comes back to Prithvi as a king for ten lives. I tell you one story about this -

There was a Chakravartee king named Raji. He defeated all Asur and gave Swarg back to Indra. One time Maharshi Pulastya Jee came to him. He welcomed him, worshipped him and pleased him. Then the king asked him - "Hey Rishi, Which Vrat or Daan I did in my previous life, so that i got this kingdom, wealth and sons and grandsons etc." Pulastya Jee said - "Seven lives before, you were born as a religious Vaishya in Vaaraanasee city. You heard many stories of Puraan and you did Pratishthaa of Bhuvan too. Because of that Pratishthaa, you have been born as a king for seven lives. You will be born as a king in next seven lives also, then you will be free from this world." And Pulastya Jee went to his place."

Nakshatra Daan
(Chap 192) Yudhishthir said - "I heard many kinds of Daan, now I want to hear about the things which should be donated for various Nakshatra." Krishn said - "Once Naarad Jee came to Dwaarakaa and my mother Devakee asked him the method of Nakshatra Daan, whatever he told her, I am telling you now.

Krittikaa - Feed Braahman with Ghee and Kheer food - attains good Lok
Rohinee - Feed Braahman Ghee mixed food - attains good Lok
Mrigshiraa - Donate milk to Braahman - to be debt free
Aardraa - Donate Khichadee mixed with Til (sesame seed) - free from all troubles
Punarvasu - Donate Pooaa fried in Ghee - born in good family and gets fame, wealth, and beauty
Pushya - Donate gold - becomes sinless and like Chandramaa
Aashleshaa - Donate silver - becomes fearless and knower of Shaastra
Maghaa - Pitchers full of Til - brings sons, animals and wealth
Poorvaa Phaalgunee - Donate a mare to Braahman - lives in good Lok
Uttaraa Phaalgunee - Donate golden lotus flower - removes all obstacles, goes to Soorya Lok
Hast - Donate golden elephant - goes to Indra Lok riding on elephant
Chitraa - Donate a bull - gets good Punya and enjoys with Apsaraa in Nandan Van
Swaati - Donate whatever you like most - brings good fame
Vishaakhaa - Donate grains and strong bullock cart - pleases Pitar, no pains, free from all sins
Anuraadhaa - Donate blanket and clothes to wear - lives in Swarg for 100 Divine years
Jyeshthaa - Donate various vegetables - attains good Gati
Mool - Donate roots, fruits - satisfies Pitar, gets good Gati
Poorvaa Aashaadhaa - Donate a pot full of yogurt - get son, grandson, grains, and prosperity, is born in good family
Uttaraa Aashaadhaa - Donate barley dish, Ghee, honey and jaggery - fulfills all desires
Abhijit - Donate Ghee, honey and milk - lives in Swarg
Shravan - Donate books - visit all desired Lok riding in Vimaan
Dhanishthaa - Donate two cows - get pleasures for many lives
Shatbhishaa - Donate Agar and sandalwood - goes to Apsaraa Lok
Poorv Bhaadrapad - Donate whole Urad - gets all kinds of foods
Uttar Bhaadrapad - Donate beautiful clothes - satisfies Pitar
Revatee - Donate cow with Kaansaa pot to milk the cow - fulfills all desires
Ashwinee - Donate a chariot with good horse - is born in very wealthy family and is powerful
Bharanee - Donate Til Dhenu - gets good cows, fame and good Gati.

There is no limitation of time, day and season, only Shraddhaa and Bhakti is main.



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