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4-Uttar Parv

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-192-204, p 609-622

Tithi Daan
(Chap 192) Krishn Jee said - "Now I tell you about Tithi Daan - what things should be donated on which Tithi. By donating these things one's all the three sins are washed away immediately. One should start it from Shukla Pratipadaa (the 1st day) of Shraavan, or Kaartik, or Phaalgun or Chaitra months and do it in Teerth, temple or home.

1st day (Pratipadaa) - Make a 8-petal gold lotus flower, put it in a pot full of Ghee, worship Brahmaa and Braahman and donate it to him. Fulfills all desires.

2nd day (Dwiteeyaa) - Make an idol of Agni of gold, put it in a copper pot full of Ghee, put that pot on a pitcher full of water, offer Poorn Aahuti after offering 100 Aahuti with Ghee and Til, worship that idol with clothes, garland and various foods, and donate it by pronouncing "Vahnimen Preeyataam". This destroys all sins and the person lives in Vahni Lok.

3rd day (Triteeyaa) - Make an idol of Raadhaa of gold, put it in a copper pot over salt, adorn it with Kumkum, cover it with two red clothes, put Jeeraa (cumin seeds) and jagger also with it, worship it, and donate it to a Braahman. This brings immeasurable Punya. One lives in places where golden palaces are there, rivers of milk flow and Gandharv and Asaraa live. After enjoying such pleasures he is born in Mrityu Lok and gets beauty, fortunate, donor, rich, and many children.

4th day (Chaturthee) - Make a golden idol of elephant with Ankush of more than one Pal heavy, put it on one Drone sesame seeds, worship it and donate it to Braahman pronouncing "Ganesho Mey Preeyataam". Whoever does that he faces no obstacle in any work and becomes the lord of great people for seven lives. He wins all Lok riding on elephant.

5th day (Panchamee) - Make an idol of Naag (snake) of one Pal gold, put it in a pot full og Ghee and Milk, worship it and donate it to Braahman. Ask for forgiveness. This Daan removes all troubles by Naag. Shv has told this to uplift a man who has died with a snake bite.

6th day (Shashthee) - Make an idol of Kaartikeya, riding on a peacock, carrying the Power, and wearing a garland. Put it on one Drone rice, worship it and donate it to a Grhasth Braahman. Who does this he gets lots of prosperity and then goes to Swarg. If a Shoodra donates it, he is born as a Braahman after some lives; and if a Braahman does it, he becomes like Brahm.

7th day (Saptamee) - Make an idol of Soorya Dev with horse, worship it, and donate it with Dakshinaa. This pleases Gandharv and he attains Soorya Lok.

8th day (Ashtamee) - Cover a bull with two white clothes, tie a bell in his neck, worship him and donate him to a Braahman pronouncing "Vrishabh Dhwajo Mey Preeyataam". Go to Braahman's house. This gives him Shiv Lok. All 14 Lok live in the middle part of his body, so by donating him one gets the fruit of donating 14 Lok.

9th day (Navamee) - Make a golden lion studded with eight pearls, cover it with a blue cloth. meditate on Bhagavatee Devee, and donate it to a good Braahman. One gets all good results he doesn't fear of lions, thieves, snakes etc in terrible forests. No violent animal can kill him and in the end he attains Devee Lok.

10th day (Dashamee) - Make 10 golden idols of 10 directions Devee, fill 10 pots with salt, jaggery, milk, sesame seeds, yogurt, Ghee, cow dung, rice, and whole Urad; put one idol on each of the pot; worship with clothes and flowers; and donate them to Braahman. This fulfills all wishes of the donor and he goes to Swrag. Later he is born in a very good family.

11th day (Ekaadashee) - Make an golden idol of Vishnu, put it on a copper vessel full of Ghee, worship it, and donate it to a good Braahman. It gives Vishnu Lok.

12th Day (Dwaadashee) - Donate all kinds of fruits and flowers, cow, bull, gold, seven grains, jaggery, Ghee; cover all of them with new cloth and donate them to only one Braahman. The donor gets prosperity and fame and attains Vishnu Lok. Later he is born as king and lives long.

13th Day (Trayodashee) - Give bath to 13 Braahman, put clothes on them, adorn them with flower garland and fragrance, and feed them delicious food. Give Dakshinaa of gold pronouncing "Dharmo Mey Preeyataam". Pronounce Dharm Raaj's 13 names - (1) Dharm Raaj,  (2) Kaal,  (3) Chitragupt,  (4) Dandee,  (5) Mrityu,  (6) Kshaya Roop, (7) Antak,  (8) Yam,  (9) Pret Naath,  (10) Raudra, (11) Vaivaswat,  (12)Mahishasth, and (13) Dev, do Namaskaar, and farewell them. Whoever does this he gets free from all kinds of diseases and doesn't get hurt while going to Yam Lok. He lives in Pitra Lok and then takes birth on Prithvi, gets lots of comforts and sons.

14th day (Chaturdashee) - Make a golden idol of he-buffalo, put it on a pitcher full of water, cover it with a cloth and adorn it with clothes and jewelry, put a bull also with it, and donate them to a Grihasth Braahman. It gives Shiv Lok. After enjoying pleasure there, one is born healthy, wealthy in a good family.

15th day (Poornimaa) - one should do Vrish Utsarg on this day. Make an idol of Chandramaa, worship it, donate it to a Braahman along with clothes and ornament. This donor shines like Chandramaa and worshiped by Apsaraa.

Who donates like this on these days, after living in Brahm Lok and Vishnu Lok, he gets Shiv's Saayujya."

Varaah Daan
(Chap 194) Krishn Jee said - "Now I tell you about Varaah Daan. Bhagavaan Himself told this to Prithvi. It should be done on Sankraanti, or at the time of eclipses, or on Dwaadashee, or at the time of marriage, or when one has seen a bad dream, or whenever on gets Shraddhaa to do it. The Braahman should be Ved knower and with full body parts. By donating this one gets the fruit of all Yagya and Daan. As Varaah Bhagavaan uplifted Prithvi, in the same way the donor also uplifts his family. Anybody can donate this - Braahman, Kshatriya, Shoodra, Shaiv, Vaishnav, women, Yogee.

Grain Mountain Daan
(Chap 195-204) - Krishn Jee said - "In ancient times, Bhagavaan Rudra told this to Devarshi Naarad Jee; and Matsya Bhagavaan told it to Swaayambhuv Manu. I am telling you the same Meru Daan with 10 variations - (1) Grain Mountain, (2) Lavanaachal - salt mountain, (3) Gudaachal - jaggery mountain, (4) Hem Parvat - gold mountain, (5) Til Shail - sesame seed mountain, (6) Kaarpaas Parvat - cotton mountain, (7) Ghrit Shail - Ghee mountain, (8) Ratn Shail - gem mountain, (9) Rajat Shail - silver mountain, and (10) Sharkaraachal - sugar mountain. The method of donating all mountains is more or less same.

(Chap 197) I tell you a story in reference to jaggery mountain donation. There was a queen named Sulabhaa of king Marutt. King Marutt had 700 queens. All these queens used to serve Sulabhaa. Marutt used to consult Sulabhaa and Sulabhaa loved Marutt very much. Once Durvaasaa Muni came to the king, Sulabhaa asked him - "Bhagavan, What is my Punya that the king loves me so much. He always looks at me, loves to do anything for me, even my co-wives also obey me." Durvaasaa Muni said - "Before you were the wife of a Vaishya. There you heard about jaggery mountain donation along with our husband, and you donated it, that is you are enjoying this pleasure." Thus the donation of jaggery mountain is specially prescribed for women.

(Chap 204) Now I tell you a story in reference to salt mountain donation. In Brahm Kalp, there was a king named Dharm-Moorti. He was a friend of Indra, he killed many Daitya, and he could assume any form he liked. His wife's name was Bhaanumatee, she was very beautiful. Once Maharshi Vashishth Jee came there, the king asked him - "What did I do before, so that I got all this - prosperity, good and beautiful wife?" Vashishth Jee said - In earlier times, there was a prostitute named Leelaavatee. She was a great devotee of Shiv. She donated the salt mountain with golden trees. At that time there was a goldsmith servant, named Shaund, in her house. He made those golden trees and idols with great devotion. Considering it as a Dharm Karm, he didn't charge anything for it. His wife shined those idols and trees. Later Leelaavatee went to Shiv Lok, and that goldsmith is you, and that goldsmith's wife is your chief queen. You also donate these mountains in this life." Hearing this the king donated hundreds of mountains.

If a poor person sees these donations, hears their stories, or supports these donations, he also attains good Lok. Their reading stops bad dreams.



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