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4-Uttar Parv

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52-Good Conduct

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52-Good Conduct
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-205, p  622-627

(Chap 205) Yudhishthir said - "Bhagavan, I heard you about all Vrat, Daan, Mantra and other secrets, Snaan method, still Hey Madhusoodan, I am in doubt. You have told about many Devtaa, many Mantra, but Vyaas etc Rishi say that there is only One Nir-Vikaar (pure) Brahm. What is the truth behind it?" Krishn said - "Hey Raajan, I have described these Vrat, fasts etc only briefly. Only Saraswatee can give you their full detailed description. But this is the gist of Dharm for all Varn and Aashram people, that all people should live without any obstacles, worries and live happily. Whichever Devtaa I have described here, they all are the same One Paramaatmaa. Whoever is Brahmaa, the same is Vishnu, the same is Hari, the same is Maheshwar, the same is Agni, the same is Kaarttikeya, and the same is Vinaayak. Gauree, Lakshmee and Saavitree are also the different forms of the same Shakti (Power). Basically there is only one Tattwa. Whoever does any Vrat for any Devtaa, he should not consider the difference between Devtaa, because this whole world is with Shiv's Shakti.

Hey Paarth, According to Ved Dharm, whoever does any Daan or Vrat for whichever Devtaa, it all goes to only One Paramaatmaa. Whatever Vrat and Daan I have told you, they all work for only those people who have good conduct. Even Ved with their six parts cannot cleanse the people who have bad conduct. As a bird leaves its net after its wings grow, in the same way Ved also such people after their death. As water kept in skull and milk kept in dog's skin pot get impure and unclean, in the same way the people with bad conduct are impure and unclean, that is why one should take care of his conduct. Because the wealth is movable, so a poor person is not he who doesn't have wealth, but he is poor whose conduct is not good. Such man is neither noble, nor religious. Whoever's conduct is good, the same person is good and noble.

Dharm comes from good conduct and saints are the home of good conduct. Who follows good conduct his all sins are destroyed. Whom the world doesn't see, and doesn't know, if he has a good behavior, then he will be known in three times (past, present and future) and will be honored and remembered by everybody; but who are atheists, disobey Shaastra and Guru, they are like dead people; because if somebody is of good behavior, he can fulfill his all desires.

One should wake up in Brahm Belaa (between 4 and 5 AM) and ponder over Dharm and Arth. Never excrete before Braahman, fire, cow, and Sun. In daytime one should do it north gaced and in the night he should do it south faced. If one has to excrete then one should not mind rules. Spread straws on Prithvi, and cover the head with a cloth and excrete. One should not excrete in villages, Aashram, Teerth, tilled farms, on roads etc places. After the daily chores, one should do Sandhyaa in the morning as well as in the evening controlling one's speech. One should not see Bhagavaan Soorya rising and setting.

One should Aachman before worshipping Devtaa, greeting Guru and taking food. Learned people should do Dharm, Arth and Kaam Karm. They should keep one fourth part of their income aside for Punya Karm; one fourth income for emergency, and the remaining half should be spent on food etc things. One should earn money in a justified way because all Dharm Karm are done by wealth only. One should get ready for the rest of the in the morning itself. Who breaks the soil lump or straws, or eat his nails, or always eat old food, or who mixes things in pure things, doesn't live long. Do not see other women naked, nor one should see his own litter.

One should always greet Braahman and offer them Aasan to sit upon, and when they go, should follow them for some distance. Do not sit on a broken Aasan, nor use broken pots or pots with holes. Do not eat with lose hair, and do not sleep and take bath naked. Do not touch the head with unclean hands as all Praan live in head. Do not itch your head with both hands together. Neither pull hair, nor hit the head. One should never hit his son and student with whip. Do not take bath in the night unless there is an eclipse. One should also not take bath after taking food, and do not dip in the water whose bottom is not known. Do not massage oil after taking bath.

Never talk rubbish with one's elders and learned people. If they seem to be angry, try to please them. Do not abuse anybody, nor listen to any bad thing about anybody. Take tonics, wear gems and beautiful fragrant flowers, and keep your hair soft and lustrous. One should always try to look good, clean, and attractive. One should never take other person's money. Always speak sweet, soft, good and truth. Never tell anybody's faults and never be jealous with anybody. Do not extend friendship with jealous, fallen, mad, crazy, and Varnsankar people, barren woman, barren woman's husband and fools.

Never take any lonely road, never take bath in water which flows too fast, never enter a burning house, never climb up on a tree up to the top, and never show anger towards a dead body. Do not speak opening too wide mouth, do not laugh at a high pitch, do not pass air with a loud sound, do not hit nails by nails nor make an hole in them, do not write on Prithvi, and do not hit a foot by another foot. Do not sit on a higher Aasan in front of Guru. Do not be on a crossroad, near Peepal tree, in a garden and with evil woman in the night. Always use umbrella in summer and rainy seasons. Do not speak in the night and forest.

One should give way to king, woman, learned man, a pregnant woman, a person who is carrying load, dumb, blind, butcher, senseless, and a mad person. One should not wear other's shoes, clothes and flower garlands, and there is no other A-Dharm greater than enjoying other's woman. Never be jealous with women, rather one should always try to protect women. In fact do not be jealous with anybody as it decreases the life. Never insult any fool, senseless, with bad habits, deformed, with less body parts or with more body parts, proud, and uneducated person. Do not eat yogurt and Sattoo in the night, nor eat in midnight also.

Do not be curious to know other people's secrets, do not sit keeping one foot on the other, and do not wear deep red, multi colored and black clothes for longer time. Do not consider a woman weak. Never afflict anybody and do not hide anything. Do not be intolerant and impolite. A burned by fire or cut by axe forest can sprout, but harsh words once spoken cannot bring one's love back. one should not be atheist and should not abuse Ved, Shaastra and Devtaa. Don't show constellations. One should live where women are polite and soft spoken; most medicines are available; and people don't speak harshly.

One should not live in a lonely place, or where many people live, or where people do not make celebrations. One should not live there also where there is no money lender, no doctor, listener, and a flowing river. Do not see in a dirty mirror, do not eat food of goldsmith's house, nor trust on him, nor make him friend. Broken pot, broken bed, dog, cock and a tree with thorns should not be at one's door. Broken pots create quarrels in a house, broken bed is not auspicious for a house, Pitar do not accept food from a house where dog and cock are there, and Pishaach live under the tree with thorns.

A Grihasth should feed these first - a Saubhaagyavatee, pregnant, old woman, children, and a person who is in haste person. The master of the house should eat in the last. Who earns by employing cow to earn money and eat food bought from that money and who eats food without feeding an outsider living in the house, he eats only inauspicious food. One should not eat food wearing only one cloth. Eat only sitting east faced or north faced. One should not eat food in a pot kept on a wooden plank, in a bad place, at odd time, in a very small place. First eat sweet foods, then savory foods, then bitter foods, and then hot food. First eat soft food, then heavy food and in the last liquid foods. Who eats thus, he is always free from diseases. Eat quietly without abusing food. After taking food one should do Aachman, remember Devtaa, caress stomach saying that all winds should digest my food to keep me healthy, then only resume his work.

If a guest comes in the evening, one should feed him first, then should make arrangements for his staying sand sleeping. If the guest coming in the evening goes unattended, its sin is eight-fold than the guest sent back unattended in the daytime. Sleep with head southward or eastward. One should not make fun of Guru, a Pativrataa woman, who does Yagya, and Tapaswee. One should not spread one's legs towards Devtaa and Guru, one should not drink water in hands, and one should sit in too much wind and in too much sun for long time. Never abuse servants, make people fearless, speak politely, this makes a man happy.

One should wear separate clothes for sleeping, worshipping and at the time of going out. Do not talk to fallen people. Keep old people, kinsmen, a poor friend in one's house, by keeping them in the house, house develops. One should keep pigeon, parrot and Mainaa in one's house. One should always keep sandalwood, Veenaa, mirror, Ghee, honey, water and fire in the house.

Hey Raajan, I told  you the characteristics of a person bearing good conduct. Who follows them, lives long. It makes one free from all faults and increases knowledge. It spreads fame, helps one live long and attain Swarg."



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