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4-Uttar Parv

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-131-136, p 530-536

(Chap 131) Krishn said - "It is very auspicious to bring a bull to four cows on Maagh Poornimaa, Chaitra Triteeyaa and Poornimaa, Vaishaakh Dwiteeyaa and Poornimaa. Gargaachaarya has told me the method of this is like that, one should 16 Maatrikaa worship, then do Shraaddh of mother. Establish a Kalash and worship Rudra, and do Havan with Ghee. Worship a bull, dress four young cows and whisper in their ears, "I am offering you to these healthy bulls as your husband. You enjoy with them freely." Feed them to their full and leave them in temples or at river Sangam. By doing this ten generations up and ten generations down people get good Gati. Pitar are more satisfied by one Vrishotsarg than digging a 4,000 arm length long and wide pool; or doing Pind Daan made of honey and sesame seeds.

Phaalgun Poornimaa Utsav (Holee)
(Chap 132) Yudhishthir asked - "Bhagavan, Why Utsav (celebrations) is celebrated on Phaalgun Poornimaa in every house? And why Holee is burnt in villages and cities? Why children make noise by speaking just anything? What is Adaadaa and why is it neither hot nor cold? Which Devtaa is worshipped on that day?" Krishn said - "Hey Paarth, There was a great soft speaking donor king whose name was Raghu. Nobody died untimely, no famine occurred, nobody was unreligious in his kingdom. But one day suddenly people cried, "Please protect us" at the palace gate. The king asked the reason, they said - "One Dhondaa named Raakshasee troubles our children everyday. She is not affected by any Mantra, Tantra or herb."

Hearing this King's Purohit Vashishth Jee asked about that Raakshasee. They said - "There is a Daitya named Maalee. She is his daughter. She has pleased Shiv by doing a long severe Tapasyaa. When Shiv asked her to ask for any Var, she asked - "Devtaa, Daitya, human beings etc cannot kill me, I should not be killed by any Astra or Shastra (weapons). I should not have any fear anytime in day, night, winter, summer, rainy season, and anywhere inside and outside." At this Shankar Jee said "So be it" and also said - "You will have fear from hostile children." and off he went o his Lok. The same Raakshasee now troubles children. She becomes calm on pronouncing Adaadaa Mantra, that is why she is called Adaadaa also." Now I tell you the way to get free from her. On Phaalgun Poornimaa, all should play around fearlessly - dancing, singing, laughing etc. Children can play with wooden swords. People should gather dry wood, leaves, dry cow dung cakes, set fire with Rakshoghn Mantra and clap with joy. All should circumambulate the fire three times and talk laughing and loudly. By doing these that Raakshasee will not threaten children." Hearing Vashishth Jee, Raghu told everybody to celebrate like this and he himself also cooperated in this. People started celebrating Dhondaa Utsav from the same day.

Besides, Braahman also do Havan, Vasordhaaraa Hom, to pacify evil planets and diseases on this day, that is why it is called Holikaa also. One should protect children especially in this night. Call children carrying wooden swords, touch that sword to protect children, celebrate the Utsav by singing, dancing; then send the children off after giving them jaggery and tasty Pakavaan."

Yudhishthir asked - "What we should do on next day, Chaitra Pratipadaa - the day spring season starts?" Krishn said - "One should worship Devtaa, do Tarpan for Pitar, and to pacify all evils, worship the ash of Holikaa and smear it on one's body. Smear the courtyard with cow dung, draw a square Mandal, decorate it with colored rice, keep one low stool there, and establish a Kalash with leaves and white sandalwood. A married woman with full Shringaar (adorned) should worship it and do Praashan with mango flower and white sandalwood. This increases life, makes one healthy, and fulfills all desires. At the time of taking food, first take the Pakavaan of previous day, then one should eat his regular food. Who celebrates this Phaalgun Poornimaa Utsav, his all wishes are fulfilled.

Damanakotsav, Dolotsav, and Rath Yaatraa Utsav
(Chap 133-136) Yudhishthir asked - "Bhagavan, There are many types of fragrant flowers in this world, then why only Damanak (Daunaa) flower is offered to Devtaa? What is the method of celebrating Dolotsav and Rath Yaatraa Utsav?" Krishn said - "Hey Parth, A very fragrant Damanak named tree appeared on Mandaraachal Parvat. Because of the fragrance of that tree Dev women got attracted to it, and Yogee Muni also forgot their Jap, Tap Dhyaan. All auspicious Karm got disturbed. Seeing this Brahmaa Jee got very angry, he said to the tree - "I have produced you to suppress the demerits of the world, and you have shaken the whole world. One should act in such a way that people should not be shaken. You have not done good, so I give you Shaap that nobody will use you for any Devtaa worship or Pitar worship."

Damanak said - "I have not done this with any kind of feeling of jealousy. Only you gave so much fragrance that all got attracted by that smell. What can I do in this matter, you have made my nature like this. Whatever is one's nature, he cannot leave it, because he just cannot leave it. In spite of being innocent, you gave me Shaap?" Heaing Damanak's logical argument, Brahmaa Jee said - "You are right, I am indeed sorry for giving you Shaap, but now I give you Vardaan that you will be offered to all Devtaa in spring season, and who will offer you to Devtaa he will always be happy. Shukla Chaturdashee of Chaitra Maas will be known as Damanak Chaturdashee and by doing Vrat on that day Vratee's all sins will be destroyed." After saying this Brahmaa Jee disappeared, and Damanak started living on Mandaraachal Parvat at Shiv's residence. From the same day Damanak worship has become known.*

* Note - This story is given in Agni, Matsya and Shiv Puraan in detail.

Krishn said - "Now I tell you about Dolotsav. At some time Dolotsav was celebrated in Nandan Van. Seeing Devtaa's play Paarvatee Jee said to Shankar Jee - "See this play, build one Dolaa for me also so that I can also play with you sitting on that." Shiv Jee called Devtaa and asked them to build a Dolaa for them. Devtaa fixed two Ishtaapoort pillars, kept one wooden sheet of Satya (Truth), used Vaasuki Naag as the rope, and made a beautiful gem-studded Aasan on the heads of Vaasuki Naag. They spread beautiful silken cloth with soft cotton on the Aasan. Shankar sat on that Dola with Paarvatee. Shankar's Paarshad started swinging it and Jayaa and Vijayaa started shaking Chamar. After that Paarvatee Jee sang a very sweet song, hearing which Shankar Jee got lost. Gandharv started singing, Apsaraa started dancing, Chaaran started playing instruments.

But by this play Parvat started trembling, sea started shaking, strong winds started blowing, thus all Tri-Lok got disturbed. Indra and other Devtaa came to Shiv Jee and requested him to end his Dola play because Tri-Lok was getting disturbed. Shive Jee got down from the Dolaa and said - From today, whoever will celebrate this Utsav in spring season, worship Devtaa and swing them on a Dolaa, his all wishes will be fulfilled."

Krishn continued - "Now I tell you about Rath Yaatraa. Once in Chaitra Maas Shankar was sitting on Malaya Parvat, that Naarad came there from Brahm Lok wandering in Mrityu Lok. He greeted Shiv Jee and sat down on an Aasan. Shankar Jee asked - "Muni, Where are you coming from?" Naarad Jee said - "Bhagavan, I am coming from Mrityu Lok. Vasant Ritu is seen there everywhere. It seems that only Kaam Dev is the Lord of not only Mrityu Lok but the whole Tri-Lok. Seeing this, I have come here to say something." Hearing this Shiv Jee, Devtaa, Gandharv etc all came to Mrityu Lok and found that Naarad was speaking the truth. Shiv Jee was seeing all this that the Devtaa who came with him started singing and playing instruments. Shiv Jee got worried seeing this. He thought he should do something for this, because this is not good; but I have to take care of both. So he said to Vasant - "O Vasant, You should appear in Chaitra Maas only." and said to Devtaa - "Who will do Rath Yaatraa Utsav he will be perfectly healthy and will enjoy many kinds of pleasures." Shiv Jee and Devtaa went to their Lok and Vasant also disappeared. From the same day Rath Yaatraa became popular. Who does Devtaa's Rath Yaatraa, his wealth, children, animals increase.

Now you listen to special Tithi - One should worship Gauree on Triteeyaa, Ganapati on Chaturthee, Lakshmaa on Panchamee, Skand on Shashthee, Soorya on Saptamee, Shiv on Ashtamee and Chaturdashee, Chandikaa on Navamee, Vad Vyaas on Dashamee, Vishnu on Ekaadashee and Dwaadashee, Kaamdev on Trayodashee, and all Devtaa on Poornimaa. Thus Damanakotsav, Dolotsav and Rath Yaatraa Utsav should be celebrated on Devtaa's Tithi only. Such man enjoys Swarg comforts for long time and then is born as Chakravartee king on Prithvi."

Krishn further said - "When Shiv Jee burned Kaam Dev, at that time his both wives, Rati and Preeti started lamenting for their husband. Paarvatee Jee got pity on them, she said to Shiv Jee - "Be kind on them and give him life and body." Hearing this Shiv Jee got pleased and said to Paarvatee Jee - "Although he cannot be alive and get body now, but he will be alive born from heart, on Chaitra Shukla Trayodashee, every year,  so whoever will worship him on that day, he will be happy the whole year." And Shiv Jee went to Kailaash Parvat.

Now you listen to its method - after taking bath one should make the idols of Rati, Preeti, Kaam Dev and Vasant from Sindoor and Haldee. Gandharv, Apsaraa and Vidyaadhaaree should be standing around those idols. Then she should worship all of them including her husband. Who does this every year, she gets wealth, health etc. 

In the same way one should celebrate Bhoot Maataa Utsav from Jyeshth Maas Pratipadaa to Poornimaa. One should organize many types of jokes, comics, etc. Take lamps to Bhagavatee  on Navamee and Ekaaashee. In the same way, up till Poornimaa, one should celebrate Deep Mahotsav and on the day of Dwaadashee, one should celebrate Bhoot Maataa's special Utsav. Bhoot Maataa is the part Avataar of Paarvatee Jee.



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