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42-Other Festivals
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-137-140, p 536-542

Rakshaa Bandhan

(Chap 137) Krishn said - "In olden times, in Dev-Arur Sangraam, Daitya got defeated by Devtaa, so they went to Guru Shukraachaarya Jee along with king Bali and told the account of their defeat. Shukraachaarya Jee said - "Daitya Raaj, You should not worry about this, victory and defeat are Kaal's games. Now you extend friendship with Indra, because Indra's wife Shachee has made Indra invincible by tying the "protection thread", that is why you are defeated by him. Now you wait for one year, then you will be all right." So Daanav got satisfied and waited for their turn. This is the wonderful effect of Rakshaa Bandhan, it gives one victory, happiness, son, health, and wealth.

On the Poornimaa of Shraavan Maas, first one should do Tarpan with water in the morning. In the afternoon, make a protection bag like this - put some rice, white Sarshap, gold, mustard seed, Doob grass, and sandalwood etc in the cotton or silken cloth piece bag and tie it, keep it in a copper pot, and establish it methodically. Smear the courtyard with cow dung, draw a Mandal and put one low stool on it. The king should sit on it with his minister and Purohit. Braahman and Suhaagin women should worship the king, later Purohit should tie that bag in king's right hand reading the following Mantra (given on p 536). Then the king should please the Purohit by giving him clothes, food and Dakshinaa. All four Varn should observe this Rakshaa Bandhan. Who observes this day like this, he lives happily the whole year.

Mahaa Navamee (Vijayaa Dashamee) Vrat
(Chap 138) Krishn said - "Mahaaraaj, Mahaa Navamee is the best Tithi among all Tithi. All, especially the king, must celebrate this Utsav." Yudhishthir asked - "When did this Mahaa Navamee start? Did it start when Yashodaa had her daughter, or was it celebrated before also?" Krishn said - "She is known as Anantaa, Aadyaa etc names in the world. She is worshipped as Kaalee, Sarvmangalaa, Maayaa, Kaatyaayinee, Durgaa, Chaamundaa, Shankarpriyaa etc names. Dev, Daanav, Raakshas, Gandharv, Naag, Kinnar, human beings all worship her on Ashtamee or Navamee. When Sun is in Kanyaa Raashi (Virgo sign), in the month of Aashwin, in Shukla Paksh, if there is Mool Nakshatra on Ashtamee, it is called Mahaa Navamee. This Tithi is very difficult to catch upon.

By worshipping Maa Bhagavatee on Ashtamee or Navamee one can win his all enemies. One should surely worship Mundmaalinee Chaamundaa on this day. All worship her in all Kalp and she keep discipline in three Lok at time to time. The same Maa Bhagavatee was born from Yashodaa and she went to sky putting her foot on the forehead of Kans. Later she resided on Vindhyaachal Parvat. She has been worshipped since then. Although this Utsav was known before also, but I propagated it more in the form of my sister Vindyavaasinee, for the welfare of the world. At the place of Vindhyavaasinee, one should worship her by observing nine nights, or three nights, or one night fast, or A-Yaachit Vrat, or Nakt Vrat and by other methods. This worship is especially for kings. Who desire for victory, they should worship their weapons. In earlier times, there was a Loh named Daitya, Devtaa killed him and threw him on Prithvi after doing small pieces. The same Daitya became Lohaa (iron). Most weapons are made from the iron and help kings to get victory, that is why iron is worshipped in these days. 

Besides, on Ashtamee day, after taking bath in the morning establish an idol made of gold, or silver, or brass, or copper, or clay, or stone, or wood of Durgaa Jee on a throne. Worship her with Kumkum, Sindoor, sandalwood, flowers, Dhoop, lamp etc materials. One should do Jaagaran (wake) in the night. Next day one should worship her again. In the afternoon, her idol should be taken around the city. Whoever king worships her in this way, he becomes free from all sins and attains Bhagavatee's Lok."

Indradhwaj Utsav
(Chap 139) Krishn said - "In earlier times Brahmaa etc Devtaa built a flag to wish for Indra to get victory over Asur. They established it on Sumeru Parvat, decorated it with many kinds of ornaments, umbrella, bell, and worshipped it. Seeing that flag, Daitya got worried and Devtaa regained Swarg after defeating them. Daitya went to Paataal Lok. From the same day Devtaa started worshipping flag.

Once, because of his Punya king Uparichar Vasu came to Swarg. Devtaa welcomed him. Pleased with him Indra gave that flag to him and said - "You worship it on Prithvi, it will remove all faults of your kingdom, and whoever king will worship it on Bhaadrapad Shukla Dwaadashee, his kingdom will be peaceful and will be full of food. People will be happy and healthy." So Uparichar Vasu took it to Prithvi and started celebrating Indradhwaj Utsav. This Dhwaj (flag) is considered Devee. One should build a 10 yards high wooden pillar and decorate it. Its Utsav should be celebrated for seven or nine days. It should be guarded very well in the night also. If after doing it in one year, it cannot be done next year, then it should be done after 12 years. If the flag is broken form anywhere, some trouble should be expected. If a crow sits on the flag, it causes famine; if an owl sits on it, the king dies; if a pigeon sits on it, the people die. That is why it is very necessary to guard it carefully. If it falls down, or breaks somehow, one should build it of gold or silver and pacify with proper method. Who worships it in the way his kingdom is always happy and without obstacles, and the king rules peacefully and in the end he goes to Swarg Lok."

Deepmaalikaa Utsav
(Chap 140) Krishn said - "In earlier times, Vishnu handed over Swarg taking from Daitya Raaj Bali by cheating him assuming Vaaman Avataar, and sent Bali to Paataal Lok. Bhagavaan Himself accepted to live in Bali's place. Daitya's activities are more on Kaarttik Amaavasyaa." Yudhishthir asked - "What things should be donated on this day? Which Devtaa should be worshipped, and what should be done on this day?" Krishn said - "One must take bath on Krishn Chaturdashee of Kaarttik Maas, to be free from the fear of Narak. Do Tarpan pronouncing Dharm Raaj's names - Yam, Dharm Raaj, Mrityu, Vaivaswat, Antak. Worship Devtaa and light a lamp to save oneself from Narak. At the time of Pradosh (1 and 1/2 hour before and 1 and 1/2 hour after sunset), light the lamps in temples, cells, courts, banks of river, wells, gardens, stables etc.

On the day of Amaavasyaa, next day, worship Devtaa and so Tarpan of Pitar. Feed a Braahman with yogurt, Ghee and other Pakavaan. In the afternoon, declare that "Today there is Bali's rule in this Lok." Clean the houses and decorate it in many ways. Wear good clothes and jewelry and light lamps at the time of Pradosh. Many Raakshas wander around at that time so girls should worship lamps with Kheel. The king should go on foot to see the beauty of his city along with his friends and ministers. Seeing the beauty of the city, the king should assume that king Bali is pleased with me today. Then he should come back to his palace. After midnight, when all are asleep, women should expel poverty by beating Soop.

Next day, on Shukla Pratipadaa, king should please Braahman with food, clothes, jewelry etc and organize wrestling etc. In the night, draw a Mandal with five colors, establish the idols of king Bali, queen Vindhyaavalee, Kooshmaand, Baanaasur, Mur etc Daitya and worship them. Do Jaagaran in the night. People of the city should tie Kheel and Bali's idol in their beds and worship him there. They should do some Daan also. A King donates whatever things in the name of Bali, it becomes immortal. Vishnu got Prithvi from Bali, and gave this Tithi, Kaarttik Amaavasyaa, to him. This Kaumudee Utsav has started from the same day. "Ku" means Prithvi, and "Mudee" giver of happiness, so Kaumudee means giver of happiness to all on Prithvi. Whoever king celebrates this Bali's Utsav, epidemic, famine, diseases and enemies do not trouble his kingdom. A person lives with whichever feelings, the same stays with hi the whole year. That is why one should be happy and prosperous on his Tithi. This Tithi is all Vaishnavee, Daanavee and Paitrikee.



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