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4-Uttar Parv

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43-Shaanti Karm

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43-Shaanti Karm
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-141-144, p 542-552

Nav Graha Shaanti Hom

This chapter gives complete description of the method of Yagya, that information is omitted here, because it is too technical and I think only Braahman can follow it and do it.

(Chap 141) Yudhishthir said - "Tell me, What should be done to fulfill all wishes?" Krish said - "Who desire for Lakshmee (wealth), or peace, rains, long life, and health one should do Grih Yagya. One should consult an astrologer to do this Yagya. At that time, after Braahman's Swasti Vaachan (wishing good luck), Graha and the Lords of Graha should be established and then the Yagya should be started. Learned people who know Puraan and Shruti, have told three types of Yagya - (1) Ayut Hom - of 10,000 Aahuti; (2) Laksh Hom - of 100,000 Aahuti; and (3) Koti Hom - of 10 million Aahuti.

The first one, Ayut Hom Grah Yagya of 10,000 Aahuti, is called Nav Graha Yagya. If some Graha (planet) is afflicting somebody continuously, one should worship that Grah properly, because Graha, cow, king, and Braahman, if are not worshipped properly, destroy one completely. One must give Dakshinaa to Braahman. One should not take any service from Braahman without giving him Dakshinaa. To pacify Nav Grah, this 10,000 Aahuti Yagya is done. In the same way at the time of marriage, festivals, Yagya, etc occasions; only this Yagya is done. When somebody is mentally troubled, or is in sudden trouble, only this trouble is prescribed. One should employ only four Ved knower Braahman or two peaceful minded Braahman in this Hom

To fulfill all kinds of wishes, Laksh Hom is prescribed, because this is very favorite to Pitar. One should check the time for this also by astrologer, he will tell the appropriate time checking on Graha-bal and Taaraa-bal. Kund etc should be built according to prescribed method, other it may harm one. Brahmaa Jee has told the Laksh Hom ten times more beneficial than Ayut Hom. In Laksh Hom, ten, or eight, or four Ritwij should be appointed. In Laksh Hom, all Daksinaa things should be given ten times more than Ayut Hom. One should do Ann Daan also according to one's capacity. Yagya done without Ann destroys nation; Yagya without Mantra destroys Ritwij and Yagya done without Dakshinaa destroys the person who does the Yagya. Thus there is no greater enemy than doing Yagya without method.

A poor man should never do Laksh Yagya because the form appeared in Yagya may harm him. He should worship only Purohit or two or three Braahman, or even one Braahman. When one has enough money, one should do Laksh Hom, because it is more beneficial. Who does this Hom methodically, his all desires are fulfilled. He lives in Shiv Lok for 800 Kalp and in the last attains Moksh. By doing this, who wishes for son, gets son; who wishes for wealth, gets wealth; who wishes for wife, gets a good wife; a maiden gets a good husband; a king who has lost his kingdom, gets it back. Thus whoever wishes for whatever, he gets it."

Koti Hom
(Chap 142) Krishn Jee said - "In ancient times, there was a king named Samvaran in Pratishthaan Pur. He was a worshipper of Braahman and knower of Brahm Tattwa. Once Brahmaa's son Sanak came to the King. The King got very happy to see him, he greeted him, welcomed him and offered an Aasan to him. Sanak Jee told him many stories. Samvaran asked - "Devarshi, Please tell me some way to pacify earthquakes, famine, domestic quarrels, etc troubles so that wealth is increased and people can be healthy and comfortable and attain Swarg."

Sanak Jee said - "I tell you about Koti Hom. By doing this even Braahman killing sin is cleared and it gives peace." First of all one should know the auspicious time with the consultation of an astrologer - in a temple, on the banks of river, in a forest, or in home. One should request and pray the Braahman that he should do the Hom for him. It needs 10 million Aahuti and 10,000 Poorn Aahuti. All Braahman and Yajamaan should live with great discipline." Hearing the method of Koti Hom, Samvaran said - "It will take a long time and it is very difficult to live with discipline, tell me some short method so that the Hom can be completed soon and without any obstacle."

Sanak Jee said - "Koti Hom is of four types - Shat-mukh, Dash-mukh, Dwi-mukh and Ek-mukh. One can do any kind of Hom according to time. Build 100 Vedee, half yard long and wide, set one Braahman each, or if the time is short, set 10 Braahman at each Vedee. First establish fire in one Vedee and then take the same fire to other Vedee, this is counted as one Hom. This is called Shat-mukh Hom. If the time is not short, then build 10 Vedee and appoint 20 Braahman at each Vedee. This is called Dash-mukh Hom. If there is time of one or two months, then build two Vedee and appoint 50 Braahman at each Vedee. This is called Dwi-mukh-hom. And if the time is plenty, then build only one Vedee, and appoint good Braahman. There is no limit of number of Braahman, and there is no fixed time limit. This is called Ek-mukh Koti Hom. It takes a long time and several obstacles may arise. There is no certainty of wealth and life. Therefore it is better to do it the short one. Who does this Koti Hom like this, he attains health, son, extension of kingdom, wealth, and destroys all kinds of sins.

Mahaa Shaanti Vidhaan
(Chap 143) Krishn Jee said - "Now I tell you Mahaa Shaanti Vidhaan (method) as told by Bhagavaan Shankar. This is good for kings and removes all kinds of obstacles. This should be done at the time of king's Abhishek, his traveling, bad dreams, while his planets are adverse, falling of lightening, when Ketu rises in birth Nakshatra, earthquake, at the time when the woman is pregnant, a child is born in Gemini ascendant, at the time of demotion, if an owl or pigeon has entered the house, when bad planets are sighting or when there are some bad planets at the time of birth, when there is Jupiter, Saturn Sun and Mars in 12th, 4th and 6th Houses in Birth Chart, at the time of solar or lunar eclipse. Whoever Braahman know Ved, they should be doing this Yagya. This Shaanti Karm removes all kinds of obstacles as weapons cut the armor. All Graha become favorable for the person.

Vinaayak Shaanti
(Chap 144) Yudhishthir said - "Now you tell me about Vinaayak Shaanti by which a man frees from all obstacles." Krishn said - "Bad dreams, being sad without any reason, failing in missions etc are the results of Vinaayak's anger. A prince cannot get kingdom, a maiden cannot get husband, a pregnant woman cannot get a son, a student cannot study, a merchant cannot get profit in trade, and a farmer is not successful at his farms. One should do Snapan for this. Use the Ubatan of yellow mustard oil, Ghee and fragrant Kumkum, and take bath in the morning. Ask Braahman to do Swasti Vaachan, establish a Kalash, the Braahman should do the Abhishek of Yajamaan with the following Mantra ( the Mantra is given on p 552). Do Havan with Kush grass taking in right hand with mustard oil. Do Havan with Mit, Sammit, Saal, Kaalkantak, Kooshmaand and Raajputra and in the end put Swaahaa. Put Bali Naivedya on Kush grass in a Soop on a crossroad. Offer Arghya with bloomed flowers (not buds) and Doorvaa grass. Worship Vinaayak's mother Ambikaa Devee and pray her that she should give "beauty, fame, prosperity, son, and wealth".

"Roopam Dehi, Yasho Dehi, Bhagam Bhagavati Dehi Mey |
Putraan Dehi, Dhanam Dehi, Sarv Kaamaanashch Dehi Mey ||"

Then feed the Braahman wearing white clothes, white garland, and donate two clothes to him. One can get everything by worshipping Soorya, Kaartikeya and Ganapati."*

* Note - This description of Vinaayak Shaanti is found in Yaagyavalkya etc Smriti and other Puraan also in this way only.



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