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4-Uttar Parv

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44-Nakshatra Archan

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44-Nakshatra Archan
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-145-146, p 553-555

Nakshatra Archan (Rogaavali Chakra)
(Chap 145) Krishn said - "Once Kaushik Muni was sitting comfortably, that Maharshi Garg asked him - "If someone is arrested in a prison or is in an adverse situation, or is surrounded by enemies or violent animals, and is afflicted by diseases, how he can be free from these situations?" Kaushik Muni said - "Who become sick at the time of conception, he is sure to suffer from pain, possibly he may die also. If there is any disease in Krittikaa Nakshatra, it troubles for 9 nights; if it is in Rohinee Nakshatra, its effect is for 3 nights; and if it is in Aardraa Nakshatra, then the disease takes the life. 

If it is in Punarvasu and Pushya Nakshatra, it takes 7 nights; 
if it is in Aashleshaa Nakshatra, it takes 9 nights;
if it is in Maghaa Nakshatra, it takes 20 days; 
if it is in Poorvaa Phaalgunee Nakshatra, it takes 2 months;
if it is in Uttaraa Phaalgunee Nakshatra, it takes 45 days;
if it is in Hast Nakshatra, it is for very little time;
if it is in Chitraa Nakshatra, it is for 15 days;
if it is in Swaati Nakshatra, it takes 2 months;
if it is in Vishaakhaa Nakshatra, it takes 20 days;
if it is in Anuraadhaa Nakshatra, it takes 10 days;
if it is in Jyeshthaa Nakshatra, it takes 15 days;
if it is in Mool Nakshatra, it takes the life;
if it is in Poorv Aashaadh Nakshatra, it takes 15 days;
if it is in Uttaraa Aashaadh Nakshatra, it takes 20 days;
if it is in Shravan Nakshatra, it takes 2 months;
if it is in Dhanishthaa Nakshatra, it takes 15 days;
if it is in Shatbhishaa Nakshatra, it takes 10 days;
if it is in Poorvaa Bhaadrapad Nakshatra, it takes 9 days;
if it is in Uttaraa Bhaadrapad Nakshatra, it takes 15 days;
if it is in Revatee Nakshatra, it takes 10 days; 
if it is in Ashwinee Nakshatra, it takes only 1 day and night.

Hey Muni, A person may lose his life also in some specific Nakshatra. To know this one should consult astrologers.*

* Note - According to Jyotir-Nibandh etc books, either death is feared or the sickness just stays, if it is in Aardraa, Aashleshaa, Poorvaa Phaalgunee, Swaati, Jyeshthaa, Poorvaa Aashaadhaa and Poorvaa Bhaadrapad Nakshatra. Therefore to remove this hurdles one should do Jap or Havan of Tattad Mantra.

If the Nakshatra when the disease was started, is known, it can be subsided by worshipping the Lord of that Nakshatra. In Ashwinee Nakshatra the wood of milky trees (banyan, Peepal etc) should be used as Samidhaa to worship Ashwinee Kumaar. In Bharanee Nakshatra, "Yam Daivat Yamaaya Swaahaa..." Mantra and Ghee, sesame seeds and honey should be used to do Havan. In Krittikaa also, Agni's Mantra should be used to do Havan. In Rohinee Nkshatra with Prajaapati's Mantra; In Mrigshiraa with Ghee; in Punarvasu Nakshatra with milk and Ghee combined for Diti Devee; In Pushya Nakshatra with Brihaspati's Mantra with Ghee and milk combined; In Aashleshaa Nakshatra with banyan sap and Ghee combined for Naag Devtaa; in the same way in Swaati, Mool, etc all Nakshatra Ghee mixed Aahuti should be offered in Havan.

Brahmaa Jee has said that if 1,000 Aahuti are offered with Gaayatree Mantra methodically, it can eradicate all fevers and diseases; because Gaayatree's meaning is to protect by singing, Havan and worshipping.

Aparaadh Shat Shaman Vrat
(Chap 146) Vashishth Jee said to King Ikshwaaku - "Now I tell you one Vrat which gives great fruit and destroys hundreds of sins." Ikshwaaku asked - "Brahman, Which are the main 100 sins, and which is this Vrat? Which Devtaa is worshipped in this Vrat and when this Vrat is done?" Vashishth Jee said - "The sins are - to follow atheism; staying outside of four Aashram; not doing Havan or Agnihotra etc; not following any Vrat like speaking truth, Brahmcharya or Ekaadashee etc; not giving anything, like Ann, money, blessings etc to anybody; uncleanliness; atheism; abusing Ved; harshness; lying; not obeying elders; worshipping who is not to be worshipped; not to do Sandhyaa, Tarpan etc; quarreling with everybody; marrying many women; selling one's wife, daughter, or son; not returning the debt; begging in spite of being learned; etc.

All kinds of sins are destroyed after worshipping Bhagavaan Satyesh. He lives on the Satya (Truth) Dhwaj (flag) with Lakshmee Jee. On His east is Vaam Dev, On his south is Narasinh Bhagavaan, on His west is Kapil Jee, and on His north is Varaah Bhagavaan and above Him is Achyut. He should be known as Brahm-Panchak, He is Satyesh, only He should be worshipped. There are eight Powers of His - Jayaa, Vijayaa, Jayantee, Paapnaashinee, Unmeelanee, Vanjulee, Tri-Sparshaa, and Vivardhanaa.

Now listen to how to worship Him. In any month, in any Paksh, on Dwaadashee, Amaavasyaa or Ashtamee, one should keep fast after taking bath etc. Make an idol of Lakshmee and Satyesh of one Pal weight gold (4 Tolaa or 8 Tolaa or 45 gram or 90 gram) and is sitting on a lotus flower with His eight Powers. Then worship them methodically. The fast should be ended by giving some Dakshinaa to a Braahman according to one's capacity. This Vrat should be done in both Paksh, and do Udyaapan after a year. Pray to Braahman, "Hey Braahman Devtaa, Let my all sins should be destroyed." Braahman should also bless him saying, "May your all sins should be destroyed." And give that idol to that Braahman. This Vrat gives million times more fruits than all Teerth, and Vratee gets all his desires fulfilled in this Lok.



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