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4-Uttar Parv

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-148-163, p 557-563

Kanyaa Daan
(Chap 148-150) Krishn said - "Raajan, Who marries a Kanyaa (girl) adorned with jewelry to an able groom with Braahm method, he uplifts his seven previous generations and seven coming generations. Who marries a daughter with Praajaapatya method, he attains Daksh Prajaapati's Lok, then goes to Swarg Lok. Who donates land, or cow, or horse, or elephant to a lower Varn, he falls in a severe Narak. Who sells his daughter, he also falls in a severe Narak and eats uneatable things for thousands of years, that is why a girl should be married in her own Varn. Who does proper Sanskaar of a Braahman child, he gets the fruits of Ashwamedh Yagya. Who marries an orphan girl, he is worshipped in Swarg. Who donates gold along with the girl, he donates double qualitative girl.

Hey Yudhishthir, Braahman are very powerful. They can make a Devtaa Asur, or an Asur a Devtaa with the power of their Mantra, that is why one should always worship Braahman. The whole world is born from Braahman. Devtaa, Pitar and Rishi Gan eat with whose mouth, who can be higher than him (Braahman)?

Importance of Daan
(Chap 151) Yudhishthir said - "I heard Puraan, I heard Vrat etc in detail, I understood the uselessness of this world, now I wish to hear about Daan (donation). It should be given at what time, to whom, and with what method, because there is nothing greater Punya than Daan." Krishn said - "Wealth doesn't go with a man after his death, but Daan given to Braahman goes with him to Par-Lok (other world). There is no use to get healthy body until he helps others. That is why why one cannot give 10% or 5% to a needy person? Who can get wealth according to his wish? Whoever has not done any Havan, or not given Daan, or went to Teerth Yaatraa, the same one begs for things wandering around for food, clothes etc. There is only one good use of the wealth, that is Daan. By using the wealth for oneself or for Daan, it doesn't get destroyed; only when Punya of our previous lives are exhausted, then this wealth is destroyed. Daan is given in many forms. 

Cow, land, and Saraswatee (Vidyaa or education) these three Daan are said to be the best among all Daan. By milking cows, by growing grains on land, and by teaching Vidyaa, seven generations are uplifted. One should donate a cow who is bought by own money earned in justified way, to a good Braahman. She should be giving milk at the time of donating. On any auspicious day, after taking bath and worshipping Shiv and Vishnu, one should donate the cow along with a Kaansaa pot for milking the cow. The cow should stand facing east or north and donate her with Dakshinaa. A cow should be donated by holding her tail; an elephant should be donated by holding his trunk; a horse should be donated by his ear; a maid should be donated by putting one's hand on her head and a deer should be donated by holding his tail. When Braahman takes the Daan away, one should follow him for 8-10 steps. By donating the cow like this one's all desires are fulfilled, all sins are destroyed committed in seven lives. He lives in Swarg for one Kalp. There is no other  Praayashchit greater than this which continues to give its fruits lives after lives."

Til Dhenu Daan
(Chap 152) Krishn said - "Now I tell you the method of Til (sesame seed) Dhenu Daan. Smear a large place with cow dung, spread a black deer skin and sprinkle Kush around it. Draw a figure of cow and fill it with white, black, brown, or yellow colored Til. Make the cow of 4 Aadhak, and a calf of 1 Drone Til. Keep silver near her feet, gold near her horns, sugar near her tongue, jaggery near her mouth, sugar cane as her legs, copper at her back, and pearls for her eyes. Decorate her with fruits and pearls and rubies etc. Keep the Kaansaa pot also near her as milking pot, circumambulate her and give her to Braahman with Dakshinaa. This man should take food of Til only for one or three days. Eating Til is better than doing Chaandraayan Vrat.

Cow, house, bed, and girl should be given to only one person, because by dividing it both the donor and the person who is taking donation, go to lower Yoni. One should donate this cow on Vaishaakh, or Maargsheersh, or Maagh or Kaartik Poornimaa, solar or lunar eclipse, Ayan Sankraanti, Vishuv Yog, Vyateepaat Yog, or Gajachchhaayaa Yog."

Jal Dhenu Daan
(Chap 153) Krishn said - "Now I tell you the method of Jal Dhenu Daan, by which Vishnu is pleased. Establish a Kalash filled with water. Put five gems, grains, Doorvaa, Khas, Aamalaa etc. Decorate it with two clothes, Yagyopaveet and flower garlands. Keep that Kalash on a Kush Aasan, keep shoes and umbrella near it, keep sesame seed, yogurt, Ghee and honey in four silver pots. Pretend the Kalash as the cow with calf, smear with cow dung, hang a flower garland in the place of tail, and keep a Kaansaa pot also near it. Worship Vishnu, Abhimantrit the Kalash with the following Mantra, offer this Kalash to Bhagavaan Achyut sleeping in water; and then donate the Kalash to Braahman to please Vishnu. After donating this cow, the Vratee should observe Go-Vrat.

Listen to a story in this regard - Once Mudgal Rishi went to Yam Lok wandering around. He found many sinners suffering in various Narak. Seeing Mudgal Rishi people got relief and they became very happy. Muni got surprised to see those people relieved. He asked Yam Raaj the reason for this. Yam Raaj said - "Its main reason is this that you have done Dhenu Daan in three consecutive lives. Whoever will think of you, will talk about you, will see you ; or to whoever you will see and remember, they all will be happy and comforted. Who does this Daan, he does not get afflicted for thousands of life. Now you also go to your own Lok, because who have meditated upon Krishn, they don't come under my rule. Who does Krishn's Vrat, worship, chants His name and mediates upon Him, he never comes to this Lok. Who donates saying "Achyutah Preeyataam" he never comes to my Lok. I rule on all Lok and Krishn rules me."*

* Note - Such type of 15 Shlok are in Vishnu Puraan's Yam Geetaa also which may be read daily.

Hearing Yam Raaj, the people started pronouncing Krishn's names. Soon the pain of Narak got disappeared and they got relieved. Yam Raaj took it as the glory of and greeted Him. As he was doing this that all living beings went to Swarg Lok riding in Divine Vimaan. Seeing this Mudgal said - "Oh, Vishnu's Maayaa is strange, It never allows the lower Yoni living beings to pronounce His name and thus they continuously wander in those Yoni, but why human being doesn't do that? He doesn't need anything like clothes, jewelry wealth, He needs only love from heart. Therefore O Jeev, why are you so far from Bhagavaan?"*

* Note - Maharshi Mudgal written Mudgal Puraan is the largest Upa-Puraan among all Upa-Puraan. This Puraan has not been in use for quite some time because of lack of Dharm. In the same way Ganesh Puraan is also not being used.

(Chap 154) Ghrit Dhenu Daan (cow made of Ghee or butte)
(Chap 155) Lavan Dhenu Daan (cow made of salt)
(Chap 156) Swarn Dhenu Daan (cow made of gold)
(Chap 157) Ratn Dhenu Daan (cow made of gems)
(Chap 158) Ubhaya Mukhee Dhenu Daan (cow when she is delivering a calf)
(Chap 159) Go Sahastra Daan (donating 1,000 cows)
(Chap 160) Vrishabh Daan (donating bull)

Kapilaa Cow Daan
(Chap 161) Krishn said - "Vinataashwa told me this dialog between Bhagavaan Varaah and Prithvi, that by donating Kapilaa cow all sins are destroyed. Brahmaa Jee created Kapilaa cow for Agnihotra purpose. All processes for Agnihotra are done through her. Who reads this "Go-Daan Vidhaan) in the morning three times with Bhakti, his all sins of a year long are destroyed at the same time. Who reads this on Amaavasyaa to Braahman, his Pitar are satisfied for 100 years, who listens to it with Bhakti his sins of 100 years are destroyed.*

* Note - Importance of Kapilaa cow has been given in Mahaabhaarat's Vaishnav Dharm Parv which is the last part of Ashwamedh Parv. According to "Paanini Vyaakaran" (5/2/97) Kapilaa cow is that who is of monkey like color.

(Chap 162-163) Mahishee and Meshee Daan (donating a she-buffalo)



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