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4-Uttar Parv

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-164, p 572-

Bhoo Daan
(Chap 164) Krishn said - "Raajan, Now I tell you the method of Bhoo Daan (donating land) which destroys all sins. Who donates land to a poor Grihasth Karmkaandee Braahman with Dakshinaa, he enjoys prosperity for long time and then goes to Vishnu Lok. Till something is grown on his give land, he is worshipped in Vishnu Lok. Other Daan deteriorate through time, but the Punya of Bhoomi Daan doesn't get deteriorate. Who donates land, he gets the fruits of donating all Daan. His Pitar are also satisfied for long time. All sins are washed away by donating even 8x8' land. Yam's Paarshad, Varun Paash etc cannot get him. Rudra, Devtaa etc all worship him. Who takes land back after donating, Yam's Paarshad take him and drop him in the pond of blood. One must not take anybody's land, whoever does it, he falls in Narak."

Golden Bhoo Daan
(Chap 165) Yudhishthir said - "Bhagavan, Only Kshatriya can do Bhoo Daan, then what other people should do about it?" Krishn said - "If somebody cannot do Bhoo Daan, he should make a model of Prithvi, with the marks of river and mountains etc, and donate it. This gives the fruits of donating the whole Prithvi. The weight of this model should be from 100 Pal (400 Tolaa or 800 Tolaa or 4,600 ram or 9,200 gram) to a minimum of 5 Pal (20 Tolaa or 40 Tolaa or 230 gram or 40 gram). In the center of it should be Meru Parvat and other things around it accordingly. It should be protected by all Lokpaal and decorated with gems. After the necessary processes it should be given to a Braahman. Its half or one quarter part should be donated to Guru. Who does that, he lives in Vaikunth Lok for three Kalp.

Hal Pankti Daan
(Chap 166) Krishn said - "Hey Yudhishthir, Four bulls are needed for one plough. Make 10 ploughs of Saakhoo wood, cover them with golden sheet and stud them with gems. Decorate bulls and get them ready to till the field by keeping the plough on their shoulders. If this donation is given on any festival time, one should donate some land also with this - big village, or small village or 100 Nivartan (Beeghaa), or 50 Nivartan. One should donate this on Kaarttik, Vaishaakh or Ayan Sankraanti, birth Nakshatra, eclipses, or Vishuv Yog.

Who does this, he goes to Swarg with his 21 Kul, and does not suffer with poverty, ill-fate and diseases for seven lives and he becomes the king. All kings like Dileep, Yayaati, Shibi, Nimi, Bharat etc did this, because of that those kings are still enjoying Swarg. If somebody is not able to donate 10 ploughs, then one may donate even 5 or 4 or 2 or 1 plough."

Aapaak Daan
(Chap 167) Yudhishthir asked - "Tell me some Daan by which a man should get good fortune, riches and son etc." Krishn said - "Mahaaraaj, I am telling a story in this reference, listen to it. One time there was a king named Havyavaahan. Everybody lived happily, and healthy in his kingdom. But he had no good minister who could counsel him properly because of his sin committed in his previous life. He had no son, friend or helper also. He could not get even food at appropriate time, that is why he was very worried. One day Pippalaad Muni came to his palace with his disciples. King's chief queen Shubhaavatee worshipped them and felicitated them properly, and asked him - "We have this kingdom, but why don't we have a good minister, friend, or son, tell us the reason of this?" Muni said - "Devee, One gets the fruits of previous lives' actions only in this life. This is Karm Bhoomi, that is why you should not be sad. Whatever things a man has not given in his previous life; no enemy, or friend, or brother, or king can give it to him. In your previous life you donated the kingdom, so you got it, but you didn't keep any relationship with friends, servants etc, then how can you get them now?"

Shubhaavatee said - "Mahaaraaj, Whatever happened in the previous life has happened, now you tell me some Vrat, or Daan, or fast, or Mantra, or Siddh Yog so that I can get son, wealth, friend, servant etc." Pippalaad etc Muni said - "Bhadrey, There is a Daan named Aapaak Daan which gives all kinds of things. You do this Daan with Shraddhaa, you will surely get all the things you wish for." The queen did that and she got everything.

Taking into consideration one's Graha and Taaraa Bal (ask astrologer), in an auspicious Muhoort, the Yajamaan should worship a potter and please him with clothes and jewelry and pray him that, "You are the form of Vishwakarmaa. You make these small pots for me." Then prepare the oven and put those 1,000 pots in the oven and set the fire in the evening, and do Jaagaran in the night singing and dancing. In the morning the Yajamaan should take those pots out. Take bath, wear white clothes and keep 16 pots in front of him. Cover them with red clothes and worship them with flower garlands. Ask Braahman to read Swasti Vaachan, and worship the potter also. Worship married women and circumambulating those pots donate those pots reading the following Mantra ( the Mantra is given on p 576). Whoever wishes to take whatever pot, let him or her take it, do not stop him or her. Whoever woman does this, she gets everything and goes to Swarg with her husband. This Daan is also like Bhoo Daan.

Griha Daan
Yudhishthir said - "You know everything, kindly tell me about Griha Daan." Krishn Jee said - "Mahaaraaj, There is no greater Dharm than Grihasth Dharm, and there is no greater sin than telling a lie. Griha Daan giver more comfort than any other Daan. As all beings are dependent on their mother to bring them up, in the same way all other Aashram depend on Grihasth Aashram. Whatever comfort people feel in their own house they cannot get it anywhere else. Therefore one should build a house for a Braahman, Shaiv, Vaishnav, Yogee, poor, orphan, etc. Who builds a house or inn for such people they get all the fruits of doing all Daan. One should build a house on an elevated place and equip it with all kinds of house hold material, from food items to other items. Invite some Braahman couples, worship them with clothes, flower garlands, and jewelry etc. Ask Braahman to do Tushti and Pushti Yagya, Vaastu worship, the ask the Braahman couple sit on the bed and donate that house to them.

A hut which protects a Braahman from heat, rain and cold, that also serves the same purpose. Other Daan cannot be compared with even 1/16th part of Griha Daan. Who does this he attains Shiv Lok.



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