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Kaaliya Naag

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Kaaliya Naag
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Kaaliya Naag was the son of Maharshi Kashyap and his one of the 13 wives Kadroo. In olden days Kadroo cheated on her sister Vinataa and made her her maid (read this story in MBH, G-0-prolog/7). In due course of time Kadroo had many Naag and snakes (sons) as her children and Vinataa had two sons as her children - Arun and Garun. Arun was premature so he was not fully developed and became Soorya's charioteer and Garud became Vishnu's ride. When he heard that her mother was passing her days as the maid of her sister, he got very angry and wherever he got any snake he ate it. Later snakes made an arrangement that they would sent him a snake every month and Garud wouldn't eat them like this again. Garud agreed. One day Kaaliya Naag's turn came to go to Garud, but Kaaliya Naag did not go to him and hid here in Yamunaadaha. And since then he had been hiding here because of the far of Garud. he was able to hide here as this part of Yamunaa was safe for him to hide as Garud was cursed to come here, so he could live here safely.

Kaaliya Naag and Krishn
From   Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p6

Feared from Garud Kaaliya Naag lived in Kaaliya Daha in Yamunaa River. And because of his poison, Yamunaa's water also became poisonous. Whoever drank water from that place he used to die. Thus many cows of Brij had died after drinking water from there. Krishn thought to resolve this matter. Sp once He went to near that place wit His Gwaal Baal ad started playing ball. After a while He threw the ball in the Yamunaa's water and proceeded towards Yamunaa to bring that ball back.

Since everybody knew that Yamunaa's water was poisonous, they stopped Him going there, as He would die, but Krishn did not listen to anybody and entered Yamunaa water. He went down to look for Kaaliya Naag. Kaaliya Naag was enjoying with his wives. Krishn started fighting with him. While fighting with the Kaaliya Naag, Krishn started dancing on his heads. Seeing this Kaaliya Naag bit Krishn on His leg. Krishn started His dance more rigorously. When Kaaliya started bleeding, he asked for Krishn's forgiveness. Krisn forgave him and asked why he was living there being a land reptile.

In His reply Kaaliya Naag told Him this story - "Before coming here we all Naag were living in Ramanak Dweep. Garud Jee had to get a Sarp as a gift from Naag every month. The Naag had to be from a separate family every month. So the Naag decided that they would give this gift under a certain tree. According to the rule all Sarp gave their share to Garud Jee for their safety on every Amaavasyaa (New Moon) day.

Among them I was very proud of his might. I did not give my own share, rather whoever gave their share, I used to eat their share too. At this Garud Jee got very angry and he attacked me with a great force with the intention of killing me. When I saw Garud Jee coming towards me, I spread my 101 heads and counterattacked him to give a bite and I did bite Garud Jee. Taarkshya's (Kashyap) son was also Vishnu's ride so he was also very mighty. So he attacked on me with his wings and wounded me. Then I came to this pond of Yamunaa, because this pond was not accessible to Garud, besides it was very deep and even others could also not go there.

"Why this pond was inaccessible to Garud Jee?"  "Once, hungry Garud ate a fish at this place, in spite of prohibiting by Saubhari Rishi. All fishes got sad on the death of their chief. Maharshi Saubhari pitied on them and he gave Shaap to Garud that if he will come to this pond to eat fish he will lose his life. Nobody else knew about this Shaap except me, that is why I came here and started living here." Now Krishn pitied him and sent him back to Ramanak Dweep to live fearlessly there. He said to him - "You came here  out of fear of Garud who wanted to eat you. But now you may go and live there fearlessly. When Garud will see the arks of my feet, he will not trouble you." So Kaaliya Naag greeted Krishn and went to Ramanak Dweep along with his family.

When Kaaliya Naag bit on Krishn's feet, Garud became infuriated and began to murmur, "Krishn is so powerful that simply by His thundering voice the wives of Kaaliya would have had miscarriages. Because my Lord has been insulted by this snake, I wish to devour him immediately, but I cannot do so in the presence of my Lord, because He may become angry with me." This is an instance of eagerness to act in ecstatic love as a result of dishonor to Krishn.



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