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Chapters 15-16

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15-Killing of Dhenukaasur and Kaaliya Naag Daman

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Now Balaraam and Shree Krishn entered their 6th year. Now they had started grazing cows. So they roamed around with cows. Vrindaa Van was very beautiful forest, so once Krishn said to His elder brother Balaraam - "Great Devtaa worship your feet, but these trees are also worshipping you by bending their flower- and fruits-laden branches. Although you are here secretly, still your devotees have recognized you and they are singing your praise in the form of birds. You are indeed worthy of prayer." Seeing the beautiful Vrindaa Van Krishn filled with joy.

Among Krishn's friends, there was a Gwaal Baal named Shree Daamaa. One day, he, Subal and junior Krishn said to Krishn and Balaraam - "Balaraam, You have lots of power in your arms and Krishn, you kill bad people by your nature. There is a large Van (forest) nearby. There are many palm trees there. Lots of ripe palm fruits fall from them, but there lives a Raakshas named Dhenu, he does not allow anyone to take them. He lives there in the form of a donkey. He himself is very powerful and there are many others also who live there along with him. People are so frightened from him that they do not go there. We have heard that its fruits are very sweet, but we have not tasted them yet. We want to eat those fruits, only if you can help us. Because only you can help us to eat them."

So Krishn and Balaraam went to that forest. Balaraam Jee reached the branches of Palm trees and shook them rapidly, so many fruits fell down on the earth. When Dhenukaasur heard the sound of shaking branches and falling of fruits, he came there rushing and attacked Balaraam Jee and Krishn. In the end he was killed. Since that day all started eating those fruits freely. When they reached home, they were given a nice bath, and were put on nice clothes.

One day, Krishn went to Yamunaa River. On that day, Balaraam Jee was not there with Him. Cows and Gwaal Baal were thirsty, so they drank the water from Yamunaa. As they drank the water, all died and fell on the ground. Then Krishn brought them alive.

16-Favor to Kaaliya Naag

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Bhagavaan noticed that Kaaliya Naag had made Yamunaa water poisonous. So He took that serpent out of the water." Pareekshit asked - "Krishn Jee defeated Kaaliya Naag in Yamunaa and Kaaliya Naag is not even the creature of water, then how did he live there?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "There was a pond named Kaaliyadaha in Yamunaa River in which Kaaliya Naag lived. Because of the heat of his poison its water was always boiling, that even the birds flying over it got burnt. So when Bhagavaan saw that the poison was too much, then He jumped into the river and started splashing the pond's water.

Kaaliya heard the sound and came out to see as who was disturbing him. He saw a beautiful child playing fearlessly in his poisonous water. Kaaliya got very angry. Bad omens started occurring in Brij, so all Gop and Gwaal Baal etc ran towards Yamunaa. They came to know that Krishn had jumped into the river, so they all got worried. They also wanted to jump into the river but Balaraam Jee stopped them to do so. During fighting with Kaaliya Naag, Krishn stood over the head of Kaaliya and started dancing. Seeing Him dancing, Gandharv, Apsaraa, Siddh, Devta etc also came there with their various instruments.

Kaaliya Naag had 100 heads, and Krishn was dancing on all of them. At last Kaaliya lost all his power and he started remembering Bhagavaan. His wives also came there and prayed and requested Him to release their husband. Pleased with their prayer, Krishn released him and said - "Now you should not live here any more, go into sea and there you live. Who remember and tell this story, he should never fear from snakes. Who, after taking bath, will do Tarpan to his Pitar, and will remember and worship me fasting, he will be free from all sins. I know that because of Garud Jee you left Ramanak Dweep and came to live here, but since now your body is marked with My footprints so Garud will not eat you." After this Naag's wives prayed Shree Krishn again, and all went to Ramanak Dweep.

17-Why Kaaliya was Living in Kaaliya Daha and Jungle Fire in Brij

Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavan, Why Kaaliya Naag had abandoned Naag's place Ramanak Dweep and what crime he had committed to Garud Jee, so that Garud Jee wanted to eat him?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "In earlier times Garud Jee had to get a Sarp as a gift from Naag every month. So the Naag decided that they would give this gift under a certain tree. According to the rule all Sarp gave their share to Garud Jee for their safety on every Amaavasyaa (New Moon) day.

Among them Kadroo's son Kaaliya Naag was very proud of his might. He did not give his own share, rather who gave their share, he used to eat their share too. At this Garud Jee got very angry and he attacked him with a great force with the intention of killing him. When Kaaliya saw Garud Jee coming towards him, he spread his 101 heads and counterattacked him to give a bite and he did bite Garud Jee. Taarkshya's son is also Vishnu's ride so he was also very mighty. So he attacked on Kaaliya with his wings and wounded him. Then Kaaliya came to this pond of Yamunaa. This pond was not accessible to Garud, besides it was very deep and even others could also not go there. Once, hungry Garud ate a fish at this place, in spite of prohibiting by Saubhari Rishi. All fishes got sad on the death of their chief. Maharshi Saubhari pitied on them and he gave Shaap to Garud that if he will come to this pond to eat fish he will lose his life. Nobody else knew about this Shaap except Kaaliya Naag, that is why he used to live here with the fear of Garud. Now Krishn had sent him back to Ramanak Dweep to live fearlessly there.

When Krishn came out of that pond, all Brij people stood up as if they have got life in their lifeless bodies. Braahman said to Nand Jee - "Now you give alms to Braahman." So he gave gold and cows as alms to Braahman. Brij people got very tired on that day so they slept on the bank of Yamunaa Jee. It was summer time, the jungle was very hot. So at mid-night it caught fire and it surrounded Brij people. Then Krishn and Balaraam Jee saved them from that fire. Krishn drank that fire."



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