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Kaatyaayanee Devee
Visit this website -  for Kaatyaayanee Devee Mandir in Vrindaa Van, UP.
Kaatyaayanee   see also  Yaagyavalkya

Kaatyaayanee Devee is the 6th form of Durgaa and is the part of Nava Durgaa. She is worshipped on the 6th day of Nava Durgaa festival. Amarkosh gives this name to Paarvatee as her 2nd name. In Shaktism she is associated with the fierce forms of Shakti and a group of War goddesses, which also include Bhadrakaalee and Chandee, and traditionally she is associated with the color red, as with Goddess Durgaa, the primordial form of Shakti, a fact also mentioned in Patanjali's Mahabhaashya on Paanini, written in 2nd BCE.

She is first mentioned in the Taittireeya Aaranyak part of the Krishn Yajur Ved. her stories appear in Devee Bhaagvat Puraan and Devee Mahaatmya (Maarkandeya Puraan). Later she was mentioned in Budhist and Jain texts and several Taantrik texts, especially in the Kalikaa Puraan which mentions that Uddiyaan olr Udeesaa as the seat of Devee Kaatyaayanee and Jagannaath Jee. In Hindu Yog she is attached to the 3rd Chakra - Aagyaa Chakra. Skand Puraan mentions her being created out of the spontaneous anger of Gods, which eventually led to slaying the demon, Mahishaasur, mounted of the lion given to her by Goddess Gauree. This occasion is celebrated during the annual Durgaa Poojaa festival in most parts of India.

Birth of Kaatyaayanee
(1) There was a Rishi named Katya in whose lineage was born Rishi Kaatyaayan. Once he did a severe Tapsyaa of Devee and asked her to be born in his house. That is how Devee was was born in his house and was named as Kaatyaayanee because of being born in Kaatyaayan's house.

(2) However Vaaman Puraan gives about her birth in great detail - "When all Devtaa were in great distress and they went to Vishnu, Brahmaa and Shiv for their help, that they emitted fire from their eyes, and from that fire she appeared. She had three eyes, 18 arms and her effulgence was like thousands of Soorya. Shiv gave her his Trishool, Vishnu gave her His Chakra, Varun Dev gave her his Shankh (conch), Agni Dev gave her a dart, Vaayu Dev gave her a bow, Soorya Dev gave her a quiver of arrows, Indra gave her his Vajra, Kuber gave her his mace and Brahmaa Jee gave her his rosary and water-pot. Kaal gave her a shield and Vishwakarmaa gave her a battle axe. Thus equipped with all kinds weapons, Kaatyaayanee proceeded to Vidhyaachal Parvat. There she was spotted by Chand and Mund and they reported her beauty to Mahishaasur. As he heard of her, he asked them to go to her and propose for him. Devee told him that she was ready if he could defeat her. So he came to fight with her. Devee dismounted from her ride lion and climbed on the back of Mahishaasur (he was in the form of a buffalo). She started hitting him with her soft feet on his head that he got unconscious. Then she cut his head and was named as Mahishaasur-mardinee.

Varaah Puraan and Devee Bhaagvat Puraan also give this story.

According to "Tantra", she revealed through the North (Uttaramnaya) face, which is one of the six faces of Shiv. This face is blue in color and with three eyes. She also revealed the Devee - Dakshin Kalikaa, Mahaakaalee, Guhyakah, Shamashaan Kalikaa, Bhadra Kaalee, Ekajataa, Ugra Taaraa (fierce Taaraa), Taritnee, Chhinnamastaa, Neel Saraswatee (Blue Saraswatee), Durgaa, Jayadurgaa, Navadurgaa, Vashoolee, Dhoomaavatee, Vishaalaakshee, Gauree, Bagalaamukhee, Pratyangiraa, Maatangee, Mahishaasur-mardinee, their rites and Mantra.

Worship of Kaatyaayanee Devee
In Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/p7, Chapter 22, is a reference olf the worship of Kaatyaayanee Devee. Young Gopee, take a vow for the whole month of Maargsheersh, and worship her to get Krishn as their husband. During the month they ate unspiced Khichadee, after bathing in the Yamunaa River at sunrise, made an earthen deity of the goddess on the riverbank, and worshipped that idol with aromatic substances like sandalwood pulp, and lamps, fruits, betel nuts, newly grown leaves, and fragrant garlands and incense. This follows the episode where Krishn takes away their clothes while they were bathing in the Yamunaa River.

In Tamilnaadu also Kaatyaanee Devee is worshipped. During the Pongal (Thai Pongal), at the time of Makar Sankaranti, young girls pray for rain and prosperity and throughout the month, they avoid milk and milk products. Women take bath early in the morning, and worship the idol of Goddess Kaatyaayanee, carved out of wet sand. The penance ended on the first day of the month of Thai (January–February) in Tamil calendar.

(1) Kaatyaayanee Shatkti Peeth, also known as Umaa Shakti Peeth, located in Vrindavan is one of the 51 Shakti Peeth where the ‘Ringlets of Hair’ of Devee Satee have fallen. Here the worship idols are – Devee as Umaa (also known as another name of Paarvatee) and Shiv as Bhootesh. The Kaatyaayanee Devee's Temple is situated in Raadhaa Baag near Yamunaa in Vrindaa Van and is a very renowned Siddh Peeth. Kaatyaayanee is the 8th from of Durgaa (see also Nava Durgaa). It is said that the girls of Brij worshiped Maa Kaatyaayanee in this Siddh Peeth to get Krishn as their husband.

(2) Sri Kaatyaayinee Baaneshwar Temple, Aversa, Karnaatak, built in AD 1510, (Moorti brought from Goa during Portuguese rule)
(3) Chhatarpur Temple, Delhi, built in 1974.
(4) Sri Kaatyaayanee Temple, Cherthala, Alappuzha, Kerala, India



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