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From  Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/1

Kapil Muni was the son of Kardam Rishi and Manu's daughter Devahooti. Man had three daughters - Devahooti (Married to Kardam Rishi), Prasooti (married to Daksh) and Aakooti (married to Ruchi Prajaapati). He was the Avataar of Vishnu. Kardam Rishi had nine daughters. After the birth of is daughters he set off to go to forest for Tap but his wife Devahooti requested him not to leave her like that with those nine young daughters. Brahmaa Jee then came there and assured him that "You will have a son who will be the part incarnation (Ansh Avataar) of Vishnu, so wait till He is born. After that you may go. You may marry your daughter to nine Prajaapati. Later your son will give Moksh to your wife."

So after the birth of their son, Kapil Jee, Kardam Muni went to forest for Tap. Kapil Muni stayed with his mother and preached Saankhya Yog to her. Devahooti got Moksh after that preaching.

There are two incidents of Kapil Muni's life --

Kapil Jee and Raavan
Kapil Jee met Raavan when He was at Bali's place. Read his description at "Raavan Meets Raajaa Bali".

Kapil Jee Burnt Raajaa Sagar's Sons
Once he was sitting in Samaadhi in his Aashram, that Raajaa Sagar's 60,000 sons came there in search of their father's Yagya horse. They found it tied with a tree nearby him, so they thought that Kapil Muni had stolen it. They started telling him some bad words. Kapil Muni opened his eyes and as he cast a look at them, they all were burned to ashes. In fact Indra had stolen it from Raajaa Sagar's Yagya and hid it in Kapil Muni's Aashram.

Then Raajaa Sagar sent his grandson Anshumaan in search of his 60,000 sons and the Yagya horse. He traced his uncles' footsteps and arrived at Kapil Muni's Aashram. He saw a mound of ashes near his Aashram. He understood everything. He greeted him and asked him how his uncles could get Mukti (salvation). Kapil Muni suggested him to bring Gangaa on Prithvi and bring it there in his Aashram, so that her water can give them Mukti.


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