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Ahiraavan and Mahiraavan
Taken from  " Shree Brahmaa Vishnu Mahesh" Serial

Ahiraavan and Mahiraavan are the characters of Raamaayan, but we don't find them in any of the two Raamaayan - neither in Vaalmeeki Raaamaayan, nor in Tulasee's Maanas. Maanas has Ahiraavan's reference but it does not give the full incident.

Who Were Ahi and Mahi
Long ago in the days of yore, there were two Rishi - Archi and

Ahi and Mahi were two brothers. Once Raavan helped them so to show their gratitude to him, they added "Raavan to their names and became known as Ahiraavan and Mahiraavan. They were the kings of Paataal Lok. Once there was Paataal Devee's festival, so they needed a Manushya Bali (human sacrifice) for her. They came to Prithvi Lok to find a man. Where they came that place was near Raam's camp in Lankaa. It was night and everybody was sleeping. Hanumaan had made a kind of tent of his tail and was protecting Raam and Lakshman in it. When they saw Hanumaan, they thought that he would be fine for their sacrifice, but in the meantime they noticed that he used to peep inside his tail tent. They got curious and they themselves peeped in that tent and found that he was protecting two humans.

They looked around and found that some kind of war was going on. They suspected that might be Raavan should also be involved in that war. So they went to Raavan and asked him his welfare. Raavan told them that two humans, Raaam and Lakshman, had attacked him and now the war was going on. Ahi and Mahi got very happy to hear this and suggested him that if he does not mind they could take them to Paataal Lok for the sacrifice for Paataal Devee. Raavan agreed at this so they came to battlefield again and thought about how to take Raam and Lakshman to Paataal Lok. They created two Asur to distract Hanumaan. They challenged Hanumaan for fighting and during that fight Ahi and Mahi entered the tail tent and took Raam and Lakshman to Paataal Lok. They tied them in chains and laid them in the temple to be sacrificed the next day.

Ahi and Mahi had a Gandharv maiden with them to whom they both wanted to marry, but she was not ready to marry them. She had to live with them as they had forced her to live with them. They told her that they had got the sacrifice - Raam and Lakshman. She expressed her desire to see them, so they took her to the Temple. While going to the Temple one had to pass the Fire Sea which only Ahi and Mahi or the person to whom they wanted to take there, could cross through. Seeing this Gandharvsenaa got very surprised. She went there and seeing them she got attracted to Raam. She selected Him as her husband and was now devoted to Him. Now she started thinking in the direction that she should save them from this sacrifice.

In the meantime Hanumaan found that Raam and Lakshman had disappeared from his tail tent. he got worried and started crying taking their names. Other Vaanar came there hearing his cries and came to know that Raam and Lakshman had disappeared. Vibheeshan suggested that Ahi and Mahi might have been taken them to Paataal Lok for the sacrifice for Paataal Devee. He also told that since only Hanumaan had the Animaa and Laghimaa Siddhi, only he could go to Paataal Lok. So Hanumaan went to Paataal Lok.

Another Version
According to another version, when Ahiraavan wanted to abduct Raam and Lakshman, he found it was difficult to take them from the vigilance of Hanumaan. So he assumed the form of Vibheeshan and took them away to Paataal Lok. When Hanumaan came to know that Raam and Lakshman had gone, he started asking everybody. He asked Vibheeshan also, but Vibheeshan refuse saying why he should abduct them? But then he suggested that might be Ahiraavan had taken them

Hanumaan Meets His Son
Paataal Lok was guarded by a Vaanar named Makaradhwaj. As Hanumaan came to Paataal Lok, He saw a Vaanar like himself guarding the gate of the palace. He asked him - "Who are you?" Makaradhwaj replied - "My name is Makaradhwaj and I am the son of Hanumaan. I am the guard of this palace., but who are you and why have you come here?" Hanumaan said - "I am Hanumaan and I am the devotee and messenger of Raam. Your kings have imprisoned my masters Raam and Lakshman, I have come here to free them and take them from here. By telling that you are my son, you are blaming me. I am lifelong Brahmchaaree. I have no wife and so no son."  Makaradhwaj said - "Till I am here, you cannot take them from here." Both started fighting and Makaradhwaj started losing the fight.

The then Makaradhwaj's mother came and introduced herself to Hanumaan and told him how Makaradhwaj was born. She told him that when Hanumaan took a plunge in the sea to be refresh from the tiredness of burning Lankaa, she was in the water at that time. Seeing Hanumaan she got attracted to him. And as a drop of sweat of Hanumaan fell in the water, she drank that water and later gave birth to Makaradhwaj. That is how he was Hanumaan's son. Hanumaan also got very happy to hear this. He told Makaradhwaj's mother also the purpose of his coming.

As Hanumaan and Makaradhwaj fought the palace shook, so Gandharvsenaa also came there to see what was happening. She also saw Hanumaan coming to take Raam and Lakshman back. She told him it was very difficult to take them from Ahi and Mahi's control. They were in the Temple and to go to temple was impossible as one had to pass through the Sea of Fire and only those could cross it, who were allowed by Ahi and Mahi. Hanumaan assured her that whatever happens he will go there and save Raam and Lakshman.

He used to live in Paataal Lok (Nether worlds). When Raavan's army started getting destroyed, he called him also. Maanas has its reference but it does not give this incident. (read about the incident here)



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