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[From Padm Puraan, Uttar Khand, p 887 and onward]

There was a Rishi named Kuts in Sat Yug of "Rathantar Kalp". (see Names of Kalp) He was the son of Brahmaa Jee. He married one of the nine daughters of Kardam Rishi. He had a son from her named Vats. Vats did severe Tap and had Darshan of Vishnu. Pleased with his Tap Vishnu gave him a Var - "Mrigshring, In next life you will be Ribhu named son of Brahmaa Jee and will get emancipation after discoursing Gyaan to Nidaagh."

Vats asked - "I am the son of Kuts, named Vats, then why did you address me as Mrigshring?" Vishnu said - "When you were doing Tap here, then Mrig (deer) used to come here to drink water, they used to rub their Shring (horns) with your body after drinking water, that is why the great Maharshi called you Mrigshring. All will call you Mrigshring from today." Since Mrigshring used to do Maagh Snaan (bath in Maagh Maas), he did Darshan of Hari and got Var.

Elephant Uddhaar
Now there was a Rishi named Uchathya. He had a beautiful daughter named Suvrittaa. She also used to go for Maagh Snaan. She did this for three years. Kuts decided to choose her as his daughter-in-law. One day, in Maagh Maas, she came to Kaaveree River to take bath with her three friends, that a fierce wild elephant came out of the water. Suvrittaa and her friends ran away from there in fear, the elephant also followed  them. Girls got tired running away from him and fell in a dry well covered with grass. As they fell in the well, they died.

When they did not come back home, their parents started searching for them. Finally they found their lifeless bodies in the dry well. Their mothers started crying calling their names - Kamalaa, Vimalaa, Surasaa, Suvrittaa. In the meantime Mrigshring Rishi also came there. Seeing this he said to the mothers - "Till I bring them to life, you please guard their bodies."

Then he went towards Kaaveree, stood in its neck deep water and prayed Mrityu Devtaa looking at Soorya Dev. At that time the same elephant rose from water and came near that Rishi with the intention to kill him, but Rishi just stood still. Surprisingly the elephant got calm and he lifted Rishi from his trunk and put him on his back. Rishi took some water in his hands and said - "I gave you the fruits of eight days of my Maagh Snaan." and dropped that water on elephant's forehead. Then he caressed him. With his touch, the elephant left his elephant body and his elephant body was changed into a Devtaa like body.

He prayed Rishi that he freed him from that animal species, and then he told his previous birth's story.

Elephant's Story
In earlier times, a Vaishya named Vishwagupt used to live in Naishadh Nagar. I was his son and my name was Dharmgupt. I was doing all good Karm and kept away from bad Karm. From my trade I earned 10 million (1 Crore) gold coins. I had only one son, so I divided my money in two parts, one part I gave to my son and the other part I kept for myself. I did so many kinds of charities from my money.

I used to sell juices, so one day a cheater came to me and he cheated me. He took my all money in the name of making gold and silver. Then came the month of Maagh and I bathed in Mahaanadee for 10 days, but because of old age I could not continue it. My son went to foreign land, my horses died, my crops got destroyed, and my son had relations with a prostitute. I left my Dharm to bring up my family, but I could not sell fruits of my Maagh Maas Snaan. Once I ate lots of sweets at other's house and because of its indigestion I died.

But because of my Maagh Snaan, I stayed with Indra for one Manvantar (71+ Chaturyug period), then I took birth in the species of elephant, because who lose their Dharm, they are born as elephant. You gave me your Punya to live in Swarg, so I am very grateful to you for that." and he went to Swarg.

Mrigshring again prayed for Yam Devtaa who lives in Sanyamanee Puree, with his 14 names - Yam, Dharm Raaj, Mrituu, Antak, Vaivaswat, Kaal, Sarvbhoot Kshaya, Audumbar, Dadhn, Neel, Parameshthee, Vrikodar, Chitra, and Chitragupt. Yam Raaj got very pleased with his prayer, he said - "Ask for any boon, I will certainly bless you with it." Immediately Mrigshring said - "Bhagavan, Give life to these girls." Yam Raaj gave them life. Their mothers got very happy to see them alive and all went to their homes.

Family Life of Mrigshring
After he had finished his education he married all the four girls he saved before, according to Braahm method. After some time Suvrattaa gave birth to a boy. Mrigshring named him Mrikandu. He was married to Mudgal Muni's daughter Marudwatee. Then Kamalaa gave birth to a boy who was named Uttam. He was married to Kanv Rishi's daughter Kushaa. Vimalaa also gave birth to a son named Sumati. His wife's name was Satyaa. Surasaa had a son named Suvrat. Suvrat was married to Raajaa Prithu's daughter Priyamvadaa

Later he went to Brahm Lok. Later in Shwet Varaah Kalp he was born as Brahmaa's son named Ribhu, and he discoursed to Nidaagh.



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