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Mandar Daitya

There are two Mandar -

(1) One is Mandar Parvat which is more popularly known as Mandaraachal

(2) Mandar Daitya
His reference comes in Mahaabhaarat, Anushaasan Parv, in the context when Krishn meets the sage Upamanyu and expresses His objective to come there. Upamanyu cites a few names who had been benefited by worshiping Shiv. One of them is Mandar, Hiranyakashyap's son, along with other names

Thus Mandar was the son of Hiranyakashyap's son. (In fact we have never heard that Hiranyakashyap had a son named Mandar - he had only 5 sons - Anulhaad, Prahlaad, Sanhlaad, Baashkal and Shivi). Mandar got a boon from Shiv Jee to fight with Indra for 1 million years. The Chakra, which was so blazed with energy that nobody else could look at it except Shiv Jee (that is why he named it Sudarshan) was unable to affect the body of Mandar who looked like an evil planet in Tri-Lok. He also got the boon from Mahaadev and hundreds of Chakra like that Chakra, and hundreds of Vajra (thunderbolt) like Indra's Vajra could not make even a scratch on his body. Afflicted by his atrocities Devtaa had to fight with him and his people who also got the boons from Shiv.

Shiv gave the same Chakra to Vishnu.

Once Shiv killed a Daitya who was very proud of his strength and lived in waters.



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