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Ten Commandments

[13-13] Yudhishthir asked Bheeshm - "Pitaamaha, What a man should do to pass his life in this world and in the other world? What conduct he should adopt and what practices he should observe?"

Bheeshm said - "One should avoid three physical actions; four speech actions and three mind actions - thus the ten paths of action.

(1) The three physical actions to be avoided at all are - Hinsaa (violence) - to kill other creatures; theft - stealing other's property; and the enjoying with other women than one's own wife.
(2) The four speech actions which should never be even thought of are - evil conversation, harsh words, pointing other people's faults and lying.
(3) The three actions performed by mind are - to wish for other's property, doing injury to others (follow compassion for all creatures), and disbelief in the words of Ved (that all actions have fruits).

In short, one should never do any evil by mind, speech and action (Manasaa, Vaachaa Na Karmanaa), because by doing good or evil actions, one is sure to enjoy their fruits, there is no doubt about it.

Upamanyu and Shiv

[13-14] Yudhishthir asked Bheeshm - "O Son of Gangaa, You know all the names of Shiv, please tell us those names to us, who is called Eesh, Shambhoo, Vabhru (vast), Swaayambhu (self-created), Mahaadev."

Bheeshm said - "I am quite incompetent to describe the virtues of Mahaadev. Although he lives everywhere still he is seen nowhere. He transcends both Purush and Prakriti. He is Supreme Brahm. Who can tell the virtues of the god of gods? Man is subject to conception, birth, decrepitude, and death, then how a man like me can describe his virtues? He is irresistible. he sees all the things with the eye of Yog. It is only he who has gratified Krishn by His penance to him in Badaree Van, because of it He is all pervasive. For a full 1,000 years Maadhav went through austere penance that He has achieved universal agreeableness. In every Yug Krishn did penance and in every Yug Mahaadev has gratified Krishn. Krishn got a son by doing penance for him only (Pradyumn Jee was born to Him after the penance to Shiv only). I don't know anybody else superior than Shiv, and only Krishn alone is competent to describe his names."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this Bheeshm said to Vaasudev -"You are Vishnu, all pervasive, only you are capable to reply Yudhishthir's question. In olden days, Rishi Tandee who was born from Brahmaa recited them; and before him Brahmm Jee himself recited Mahaadev's 1,000 names. Please recite those names of his, who is called Mundin and Kapardin, now so that all Rishi including Vyaas can hear the same."

Vaasudev said - "All Deities with Indra and Brahmaa and great Rishi are incompetent to understand the course of Mahaadev's acts truly. Even all the Aaditya who have very subtle sight, are unable to see his abode, then how can a man describe him? I will recite some of his attributes." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After having said this Vaasudev touched the water before beginning His discourse to cleanse Himself. Vaasudev said - "Hear O Braahman, Yudhishthir, Pitaamaha, the names of Kapardin. First hear how I got the sight which is very difficult to get, to get Saamb (Krishn's son). After 12 years of when Rukminee's son Pradyumn killed Shambaraasur, Jaambvatee, seeing the sons of Rukminee (Pradyumn, Chaarudeshn etc) asked me - "Please give me a son who has heroic qualities, and is like you. There is nothing which you cannot give, you can even create other worlds if you wish. You had observed a vow for Mahaadev for 12 years and then got the sons on Rukminee - Chaarudeshn, Suchaaru, Chaaruvesh, Yashodhan, Chaarushravaa, and Chaaruyash and Pradyumn and Shambhoo. Give one son to me too like hers." So I said - "Give me permission to obey you." She said - "Go, and may success be yours. Let Brahmaa, Kashyap, Shiv, Riksh, Pitri, planets, Kaal, Kshan, Lav, Muhoort, Yug seasons, all keep you in happiness wherever you live." Thus blessed by her I took the leave from the Princess of apes, and of my parents, of King, of Aahuk and told them what the daughter of the Prince of Vidyaadhar told me. Then I went to Gad and Raam, took their blessings and then I remembered Garud. He came immediately and took me to Himvant. There I saw many wonderful sights and selected one site for my retreat. That site was owned by Upamanyu who was the son of Vyaaghrapaad.

There were many kinds of trees of fruits and flowers - Dhav, Kakubh (Arjun), Kadamb, Coca, Kuruvaak, Ketak, Jamboo, Pataal, Baniyan, Varunak, Vatsnabh, Saral, Kapitth, Piyal, Shaal, palmyras, Badaree, Kund, Pannag, Ashok, Aamra (mango), Kovidaar, Champak, and Panas. There were many animals and there were many ascetics who were subsisting on water, or air. Some were doing silent Jap, some were reciting Mantra. Some had taken the vow to eat like cows - eating without hands. Some were using only two stones to remove the husk of grains. And then I saw a Rishi with matted locks. He was a young looking Rishi. His name was Upamanyu. Seeing me there, he bowed to me and said - "Welcome, Seeing you here my life has become successful. You are worthy to be seen, but it seems that you want to see me." Joining my hands I asked him the welfare of his Aashram.

He said to me - "O Krishn, Without doubt you will have a son like yourself. Take the penance to Eeshaan. Adhokshaj sports here with his wife. O Janaardan, Even Hiranyakshyap who could move even Mount Meru, got a boon from him and lived for 10 million years. There was a Daitya Mandar who succeeded in getting the boon from him to fight with Sakra for 1 million years. The Discus (Chakra) you have, was given by Shiv after he had killed a Daitya who was very powerful and lived in waters. That Chakra was so blazing with energy that nobody could look at it except Shiv himself, that is why he named it Sudarshan. From that time it became known as Sudarshan. Even that Chakra was unable to affect the body of Hiranyakashyap's son Mandar who looked like an evil planet in Tri-Lok. he also got the boon from Mahaadev and hundreds of Chakra like your Chakra, and hundreds of Vajra (thunderbolt) like Indra's Vajra could not make even a scratch on his body. Afflicted by his atrocities Devtaa had to fight with him and his people who also got the boons from Shiv.

We have never heard that Hiranyakashyap had a son named Mandar. We know only Mandar Parvat (Mandaraachal Parvat). Any body has any idea?

There was another Daitya named Vidyut Prabhaa who did penance for Mahaadev and he granted him the sovereignty of Tri-Lok, and he remained the single King of Tri-Lok for 100,000 years. Shiv said to him - "You will be one of my attendants." and then bestowed on him 100 million children. He gave him the kingdom of Kush Dweep also. There was one Daitya named Shatamukh who was created by Brahmaa. He did a Yagya for Shiv for 100 years and offered the Aahuti of his own flesh in it. Shiv got very pleased with him and asked him - "What can I do for you?" Shatamukh said - "Please, let me have the power of creating new creatures and animals. And give me also eternal power." Shiv said - "So be it." Even self-born Brahmaa, in olden days, did a Yagya for 300 years to get children. Mahaadev granted him 1,000 sons of great knowledge and merits. Yaagyavalkya Jee and Ved Vyaaas Jee also achieved great fame by the grace of Shiv. Once Baalkhilyaadi Rishi were discarded by Maghaavat (Indra). They got angry and so they pleased Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee bestowed them a boon that they would be able to create a bird by the power of their Tap that will rob Indra of his Amrit. Once Mahaadev was angry so he dried the sea. So all Devtaa pleased Shiv with a Yagya called Sapt Kapaal and with his grace were able to fill the sea again.

Once the wife of Atri (Anasooyaa) left her husband in a huff saying - "I do not want to live with this ascetic." She sought the refuge of Mahaadev. Because of the fear of Atri, she lived without food and slept on wooden logs for 300 years to please Mahaadev. Mahaadev appeared before her and blessed with the son - "You will get a son, and you will have that son without your husband simply by the grace of Rudra. That will be celebrated in the whole world and will have his name on your name."

Even the illustrious Vikarn also was a great devotee of Shiv and got high happiness and success. Shaakalya too did mental sacrifice for Mahaadev for 900 years. Pleased with his sacrifice, Shiv blessed him - "You will become a great author and your fame will be inexhaustible in Tri-Lok. Your family line will never end and many great Rishi will take birth in it. Your son make the Sootra of your work." There was great Rishi named Saavarni in Sat Yug. He stayed here only. He also did penance for 6,000 years. Shiv blessed him - "You will never be subjected to old age and death and you will become an author to become famous in the whole Tri-Lok." In olden days Sakra (Indra) did a severe penance for Mahaadev, who have too much empty space for clothes but live only ash smeared to his body, in Vaaraanasee obtained the sovereignty on Devtaa. Naarad Jee also pleased the Guru of the Tri-Lok and said to him - "You are unequal in penance and energy. Please always help me with your songs and instrumental music."

O Maadhav, Listen, I also had a sight of him, listen to it. I invoked him with my great energy, I tell you the whole account. In olden days, in Sat Yug, there was a great Rishi Vyaaghrapaad. He had mastery over Ved and their branches. I was born to him and Dhaumya took birth as my younger brother. Once Dhaumya and myself came to an Aashram of a Rishi where Rishi were milking a cow. I saw that milk and immediately I felt that that milk was like Amrit. I came home and in my childishness, I asked my mother to give me some food prepared with milk. There was no milk in the house so my mother got very sad about this. My mother then took a piece of rice cake and boiled it in water. The water became white and she gave it to me saying that it was milk, drink it. But its taste did not seem to me of milk, so I said - "Ma, This is not milk." She said to me - "O child, We are ascetics, we cannot afford it. We who live in forests and mountains, live on bulbs, fruits and roots. How can we have milk in this wilderness? Sometimes we have to live on water, sometimes on air. By habit we abstain from all kinds of food that normal people eat in villages and towns. We eat only that food which is available in forests. My child, we cannot have any milk here where there is no Surabhi. Living here we pass our time reciting Mantra and practicing penance. Shiv is our highest refuge. By pleasing one can get all the good comforts of the world - good food made of milk, good clothes and other objects of enjoyment. You also devote yourself to him, by his grace you will get everything you wish for."

Hearing this I folded my hands in respect of her, and I said to her - "Maa, Who is this Mahaadev? How can I please him? Where does he live? How can he be seen? How one can get the knowledge about him? If he is pleased with me, will he show himself to me?" My mother said with maternal affection - "Mahaadev is very difficulty to know by people of uncleaned soul, they can retain him in their mind but they cannot see him. Learned people say that he has many forms, he lives in many places, his grace is also shown in many forms, who is there who can understand him? Who can tell that how he sports and how he is pleased? I have heard Muni talking about him, so what I have come to know about him I tell you that when people worship him with compassion, he gives them his Darshan. How do they worship him, I tell you that."

My mother continued - "Bhav assumes the form of Brahmaa and Vishnu and Rudra, the Aaditya, the Ashwins, or Vshwedev. he can take the form of men and women, and Pret, Pishaach, Kiraat etc too, even trees, tortoise, fish or conch too. he can take the form of coral sprouts (of which ornaments are made), Yaksh, Raakshas, snake etc etc. He pervades all things. Whichever object you worship, he becomes acquainted with that object. He sometimes sleeps, sometimes he is awake, sometimes he does penance himself and sometimes becomes the Deity of the people who do penance for him. he is perfectly naked for he has the horizon for his garments. He is without birth and without death. Who can understand him who is formless and indivisible? You accept him as your one refuge."

Hearing my mother's words my mind bent towards Mahaadev, and I started my penance towards Shankar. I stood on my left toe for 1,000 years, then I subsisted upon fruits for 1,000 years, the next 1,000 years I passed eating only fallen leaves, the next 1,000 years I passed  living on water only, and the I passed 700 years living on air alone. In this way I passed full 1,000 celestial years pleasing Shiv Jee.

Bhaagvat Puraan gives some other Time measurement - 360,000 human years = 1 celestial years. Why is this difference in two books written by the same author?

After this Mahaadev got pleased, but to test me, first he appeared in the form of Sakra surrounded by all Deities. Sakra had 1,000 eyes on his body, had his Vajra in his hand, was riding on elephant, with a white umbrella over his head. He came to me where I was and asked me to ask for a boon. I did not get happy to hear him, so I said - "I do not any boon from you, I want the boon only from Shiv. I may become anything, a worm or a tree with 1,000 branches but I want the boon from him only, but I would not want to take birth even in Indra's palace. If one has drank the Amrit of Shiv's blessings, he does not need anything else. Until he is pleased with me I will still be doing Tap for him. Who can get peace without pleasing Shiv. If I will have to rebirth in this process, I will take them and still devote myself to him." Indra asked - "What is that you want from Shiv?" I said - "I want boons from him only who is omnipresent, who is the seed of all creatures, who is the beginning and end of everything. I wish to ask boons from him. Tell me who is higher than the Supreme Lord? He is the knowledge, he is the ignorance, He is the righteousness, he is the unrighteousness, he is everything. If it pleases you, you also please him. All Brahmaa, Indra, Daitya, Devtaa say that he is the Supreme. All creatures have sprung from him, females from Umaa and males from Shiv."

Upamanyu Sees Shiv

After saying this to Indra I became silent and became sad too, because I thought that Shiv was not pleased with me even  with my so much austere penance. But within a moment I saw the elephant changing into a bull, as white as a swan or jasmine. His tail hair was black, his horns were hard and golden in color. he was wearing many ornaments of gold. And on the back of that bull I saw Maheshwar and Umaa sitting gracefully. It seemed as if thousand suns arose filling every side with dazzling splendor. Once I stood in surprise and could not understand a thing. In a little while he looked like smokeless fire and I saw Paarvatee also of faultless features. He had 18 arms adorned with all kinds of ornaments. He was wearing white clothes, his banner was white, his sacred thread was also white. He had a garland as pure as white. He had bow too in his hand, that bow was of rainbow color. That bow's name is Pinaak and in actual it is a snake. That snake had seven heads and was tied to the bow in place of a bowstring. He had a shaft also, that was Paashupat. O Govind, Mahaadev destroyed the three cities with only a single arrow. This weapon is superior to Brahmaastra, Vaishanvaastra, Varunaaastra etc. He had one other weapon, I saw that weapon also. In olden days, Yuvanaashwa's son King Maandhaataa, who won Tri-lok, was destroyed by that weapon. The king was slain by Lavan Daitya by that weapon, it was Shool. The Shool is a very terrible weapon making people's hair stand. I saw it in his hand. The handle of that Shool was made of snake. It is really indescribable. I saw another weapon in his hand that was sharp-edged battle-axe. It was given to Parashuraam in olden to kill Kaartveerya who was the ruler of the world in those days. Parashuraam was able to kill all Kshatriya on the Earth 21 times with that weapon only. That blazing axe, adorned with a snake, was hanging on his shoulder. In fact I have described only a few weapons matching with his principal character.

On his left side was Brahmaa in his chariot adorned with swans, and on the same side was Naaraayan also, seated on Vinataa's son Garud, bearing conch, discus and the mace. Close to Umaa was Skand seated on his peacock, bearing his fatal dart and bells. In front of Mahaadev was standing Nandee with his Shool, Bhrigu along with many Rishi and Manu with many Muni. Deities were singing praise of Shankar, Brahmaa was reciting Rathantar uttering the Jyeshth Saam Ved. Indra was also doing the same with Shat Rudreeyam. O Keshav, I then praised the Supreme Lord."

Upamanyu said - "I prayed him - I salute you, O Mahaadev, who disguised himself in Sakra's form, who always bears Pinaak, conch and Shool, who is clad in white, whose complexion is white, whose home is the whole universe. Salutation to you who has Soorya, Chandra and Fire as his three eyes, who has a snake as garland. Salutations to you who killed Mahishaasur, who assumed three forms [Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh], who has destroyed Daksh's Yagya. You are the destroyer of the body of Kaam Dev, who is Skand, who is Vishaakh, who is destroyer of Bhag, who is the slayer of Andhak, You are the Brahmaa in deities, You are the Purush in Saankhya philosophy, Rishabh in all sacred, you are the householder among the four modes of life, you are Kuber among Yaksh, you are Vishnu among sacrifices, Meru among mountains, Moon among all luminaries, Vashishth among Rishi and Soorya among planets, lion among all wild animals, bull among all domestic animals, among the Aaditya you are Vishnu (Upendra), among the Vasu you are Paavak, among the birds you are Garud, among the snakes you are Shesh (Anant), among all the Ved you are Saam Ved, among the Yaju you are Shat Rudreeyam, among Yogee you are Sanat Kumaar, and among Saankhyavaadee you are Kapil. Among the Marut you are Sakra, among the Pitri you are Devaraat, among all the regions created you are Brahm Lok, amongst the four ends

(Dharm, Arth, Kaam, Moksh) you are Moksh, among all oceans you are Ksheer Saagar, among rocky things you are Himvant, among all the Varn you are Braahman and among all the Braahman you are the Braahman with Deekshaa. You are the destroyer of Kaal. I was stupefied by you who appeared before me disguising yourself as Indra, O Maheshwar, I did not give Arghya to you or water to wash your feet." After having prayed him like this I gave him water to wash his feet and stood with folded hands waiting for his orders. Flowers of celestial fragrance and bedewed with cold water with fell on my head.

A part of this prayer seems similar to the 10th Skandh of Geetaa in which Krishn has told His Vibhooti to Arjun.

Shiv Jee addressed the celestials - "See the devotion of Upamanyu, his devotion is great, and it is unshakable." The celestials said - "Let this person's desire be fulfilled." Sarv smiled at me - "O Dear Upamanyu, I am very pleased with you seeing your devotion to Shiv. Today I will give you everything whatever you have in your heart." Hearing this I was overjoyed and tears came into my eyes. Kneeling down I said to him - "O gracious God, It seems to me till today I was dead and only today I am born. And my birth has been successful as I am standing before the god who is the god of both Devtaa and Asur. You cannot be seen by Devtaa even and you exist in all entities. My devotion to you remains unchanged. By your grace I should have the knowledge of past, present and future. I shall eat food mixed with milk with my kinsmen and friends, and please always be present at my house." Hearing this Shiv said - "Be free from all misery and pain, decrepitude and death, be of great fame, let all spiritual knowledge be yours, all Rishi will look for you, have good and righteous behavior, be of agreeable appearance, and always remain young. Whenever you will desire for milk, there always be a sea of milk in front of you for your consumption. You and your kinsmen can take milk from it and that milk will have nectar mixed in it. After a Kalp you will come to me. You family and kinsmen will never get tired, and your devotion to me will be eternal. I will always be with you. You live wherever you wish, and do not worry about anything any time. Whenever you will think of me, I will appear in front of you." Thus giving me boons, Shiv disappeared then and there. O Krishn, that is how I saw the god of gods. I got all that what he gave to me. You see these Siddh, Rishi, Muni, Vidyaadhar, Yaksh, and Chaaran; and see these trees bearing all kinds of fruits and flowers all the time, this is all because his grace."

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