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2-Krishn Sees Shiv
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[13-14 contd.] Krishn said - "Hearing this I got very happy and it seemed to me as if I myself had Darshan of him. I said to him - "You are praise worthy, because who is here who has witnessed god? Will Shiv give his Darshan to me also?" Upamanyu said - "Why not? You will surely get it very soon. I can see with my spiritual eyes that you will see him in the 6th month and will get 24 boons from him. I am telling you the truth, because by the grace of Shiv I can see past, present and future. When he has appeared before these Rishi, why not he will appear before you? Meeting with the gods like you is always commendable. I will give you certain Mantra. Recite them continuously. By doing this you will get his Darshan." Vishnu said - "O Ascetic, By your grace I will surely get his Darshan. O Yudhishthir, eight days passed like an hour. On the eighth day I took Deekshaa from him according to due rites, and got the staff from him. I underwent the prescribed shave. I took a few Kush grass in my hand, I wore rags, I rubbed Ghee on my body and I wore a girdle of Munjaa grass. I lived on fruits for one month. The second month I lived on water. The next three months (up to the 5th month) I passed on air alone. I stood on one foot with my arms raising upwards alone for all the while. I forwent sleep all that time.

Then one day I saw a dazzling light like thousand sun. Then I saw a black cloud, adorned with cranes and many rainbows, and within that cloud there was Mahaadev with Umaa. Beside him was Moon. My hair stood and my eyes widened seeing Har, the god of gods. He was wearing a diadem, he was armed with Shool, had matted hair locks, he had thunderbolt and Pinaak, he was surrounded by his spirits and ghosts who were praising him. Eleven hundred Rudra stood around him praising hymns. Indra, Upendra, Aaditya, Vasu, Brahmaa all were praising him. I saw all - Saptarshi, Atri, Pulah, Angiraa, Mareechi, Agastya, planets, constellations, stars, Bhrigu, Daksh, Kashyap, Deekshaa, Dakshinaa etc etc. Thus Sarv appeared in his full glory. Seeing Eeshaan has appeared before me, the whole universe looked at me. I did not have power to look at him. Then Shankar spoke to me - "O Krishn, Speak to me. You have adorned me thousands of times. There is no one dearer to me than you." At this I bowed to him and Umaa and Umaa got pleased with me. I said to him - "I salute you. You are the origin of all things. Rishi say that you are the Lord of Ved. You are penance, you are Sattwa, you are Rajas, you are Tamas, and you are the truth too. You are Rudra, you are Varun, you are Agni, you are Bhav, you are Dhaatri, you are Taashtri, and you are Vidhaatri. Desire, wealth, fear, pride, pain, sorrows all are your children. You are the first of all the topics. By understanding the seven subtle entities (five Tanmaatraa, Mahat Tattwa and Ego), by comprehending the six attributes (Omniscience, Contentment of Fullness, Knowledge without Beginning, Independence, Puissance - that is not at fault at any time, and that is Infinite), and being conversant with Yog, the man of knowledge succeeds in entering into you." After I have said these words, O Paarth, Bhav shouted loudly. All who were present there, including birds, bowed to that Deity. And then a shower of flowers fell on my head.

Shiv looked at Umaa and said to me - "We know, O Krishn, that you have lots of devotion for us, so ask for eight boons, I shall give you all. O Krishn, Tell me what do you desire? However difficult they are, still you will have them."

[13-15]  krishn said - "Then bowing my head, I said to him - "I ask you the boons of firmness in virtue, the slaughter of foes in battle, the highest fame, the greatest might, devotion to Yog, your adjacent, and hundreds upon hundreds of children." Shankar said - "So be it." and repeated my words. Then Umaa spoke to me - "Mahaadev has granted you a son who will be named Saamb. Now you take eight boons from me too whichever you wish for." I bowed my head to her and said - "I ask you non-anger of Braahman, grace of my father, a hundreds sons, the highest enjoyments, love for my family, grace of my mother, the attainment of tranquility and peace, and cleverness in every act." Umaa said - It shall be so. I never lie. You will have 16,000 wives. Your love towards them and their love for you will be limitless. Even your kinsmen will also love you very much. You will the most handsome man, and 7,000 guest will have food at your place daily."

Vaasudev said - "After giving me these boons, they disappeared then and there. This is the description of that Braahman of great energy (Upamanyu). Upamanyu said - There is no god like Sarv, there is n o refuge or end like Sarv, there is none can you such high boons. There is none equal to him in battle."

Story of Rishi Tandee

[13-16] Upamanyu said - "There was a Rishi named Tandee in Sat Yug. Once Tandee tried to please Mahaadev for 10,000 years. So listen to the fruits he got after the devotion of such long years. he was able to see Mahaadev and he praised him with hymns. He said to him - "I seek the protection of him whom Saankhya describes as Supreme, who is superior to all Deities, who is unborn, who has nobody higher then him." After saying this Tandee saw the ocean of penances before him, who is pure, who is indivisible, who is immaterial as the mind, who is ancient, who is Purush, who is higher than the highest. You are the Aadi Purush, you are the Supreme Truth, You are Brahmaa, Vishnu and Rudra. All things rest upon you and all things disappear in you. You are the Aaditya, You are Chandramaa, you are the Yug, you are the year." Thus he sang his praise and he sang Braahman also which was written by Brahmaa himself in his praise.

Upamanyu continued - "Thus praised by Tandee, Shiv who was with Umaa, said to him - "You will be indestructible and eternal, you shall be free from sorrow, you will have a great fame, you will have abundant energy and spiritual power. All the Rishi will seek you and your son will write Sootra. What other wishes I should grant you today? What is that you desire for?" At this Tandee said - "Let my devotion to you be steady." After giving the boons Shiv got disappeared. After this that Rishi came to my Aashram and told me what happened to him, Now you hear those holy celebrated names for your spiritual success which Tandee told me. Brahmaa Jee has recited 10,000 names of Shiv once, but in the scriptures 1,000 names occur. These names are not known to all. Once Brahmaa Jee recited them, so by the grace of Brahmaaa Jee Tandee recited them to me.

Shiv Sahastra Naam

[13-17] Vaasudev said - "Hey Yudhishthir, concentrating his mind Upamanyu recited the names of Shiv. Upamanyu said - "I praise that Deity who should be adored by every creature. Some names were recited by Brahmaa Jee, some by Rishi and some have appeared in Ved. These names are capable of accomplishing all the purposes which the devotee has in mind. These names have been recited by many people, I tell you the names who recited them first. Hear them attentively. Since you are an ardent devotee of Mahaadev, I recite these names to you. However, who can recite his all names according to his all qualities. The Supreme Lord is incapable of being adored by anyone, if he does  not grant his permission to the devotee. It is when U became fortunate to receive his permission then I succeed in adoring him. I will describe only a few names. These names have been taken from his 10,000 names, as Ghee is extracted from yogurt, or gold from rocks, honey from flowers. This abstract of names is seen as the Yog. This is the highest object of meditation. This is one should constantly recite as a Jap. This is holy, this is auspicious. Hear me reciting the 1,008 names of great Sarv. Hearing those names your all wish will be fructified.

I have thus recited 1,008 names of Shiv in the order of their importance. Who can sing his praise whose praise even Brahmaa cannot sing, Rishi have failed. These names is a hymn which is the best means to attain Brahm. With the help of this hymn one is sure to attain emancipation. It was thus Tandee recited these names to me. He who recites this hymn for one year with a single-mindedness, his all desires are fulfilled. This hymn is a great mystery. It was first with Brahmaa, Brahmaa gave to Sakra, Sakra gave it to Mrityu, Mrityu gave it to Rudra and Rudra gave it to Tandee. Tandee gave it to Shukra, Shukra of Bhrigu's race gave it to Gautam, Gautam gave it to Vavaswat Manu, Many gave it to Naaraayan, Naaraayan gave it to Yam Raaj, Vaivaswat Yam Raaj gave it to Nachiketaa, Nachiketaa gave it to Maarkandeya, and from Markandeya I got it as the fruits of my vows and fasts. And now the same I have given to you. This hymn leads to Heaven. It dispels disease and gives long life." Krishn continued - "Hey Paarth, Who recites this with pure mind and senses under control regularly for one year gets the fruits of Ashwamedh Yagya. Daanav, Daitya, Yaksh, Pishaach, Guhyak and snakes cannot injure him."

Testimonies for Shiv Sahastra Naam

[13-18] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Vaasudev had said the Sahastra Naam, Ved Vyaas Jee said - "O Son, Now you recite this Sahastra Naam and please Mahaadev Jee. Long before I had a desire of having a son, so I did penance on Meru Parvat and recited this very hymn for Mahaadev. and my all desires were fulfilled. You also do it. After this Kapil Muni, who propagated Saankhya, said - "I have adored Bhav for many lives. Pleased with my devotion, he gave me that knowledge which is capable to get over rebirth." After him Chaarusheersh Rishi, who is Alamban's son and the friend of Indra, said - "I went to Gokarn mountain and did severe penance for hundred years. I got 100 sons by that Tapasyaa without having any woman. My sons were very righteous, free from disease and sorrow, and having a life of more than 100,000 years. Then Vaalmeeki Jee said - "Once some Braahman blamed me for killing a Braahman, and as soon as they blamed me for it, that sin possessed me. The I sought the protection of Eeshaan and I became cleansed. He said to me - "Your fame will spread in the whole world." After that Parashuraam said to Yudhishthir - "I was also afflicted by the sin of killing my learned Braahman brothers, so to purify myself I recited hymn of his names for him. At this Bhav got pleased with me and gave me a battle axe and many other celestial weapons and said - "You will be free from all sins and you will be invincible in battle. Death himself cannot control you for you will be free from disease." and I got all what he said to me." Then Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Before I was a Kshatriya. I prayed Bhav to become a Braahman and because of his grace I could become a Braahman which is so difficult to become."

Then the Rishi Asit-Deval said - "In olden days, because of the curse of Sakra, my all  merits were destroyed. It was only Mahaadev who gave me those merits back and gave me long life." Then Rishi Gritsamad spoke - "Once, in olden days, Indra did a sacrifice. While that sacrifice was going on, Sakra asked me to recite Saam Ved, Vashishth Jee, the son of Manu (who was born from the eyes of Brahmaa), came there and said to me - "You are not able to recite Rathantar correctly, try to read it correctly. Why are you committing such a sin which is ruining the sacrifice." Vashishth Jee is a very angry Rishi, told me once more - "Be am animal-intelligence person, subject to grief, always filled with fear, you live in trackless forest where there are no water and wind, for 11,800 years. The forest you will pass from will become empty from holy trees and will haunt with Ruru and lions". As soon as he said these words, I changed into a deer. I then went into the protection of Shiv. he said to me - "You will be free from all diseases and you will be immortal. You will never be grieved, and your friendship with Indra will be the same. Sacrifices of you both, yours and Indra's will increase." That Deity is unable to be comprehended in thoughts, words or deeds. Now there is nobody equal to me in learning."

After this Vaasudev once more said - "I pleased Mahaadev of golden eyes, and pleased with me he said to me - "By my grace you will be dearer to all the people than their wealth. You will be invincible in battle, and your energy will be like fire. And he bestowed upon me many other boons. In a former incarnation, I pleased Mahaadev on Manimant Mountain for millions of years. He then appeared before me and asked me to ask for any boons I desired for. I said to him - "If you are pleased with me, give me your unchanged devotion." "be it so" and the god disappeared then and there." Jaigishavya said - "Before god searched me and bestowed upon me eight attributes of sovereignty in Vaaraanasee." Garg Muni said - "Once I offered mental sacrifice and the great god bestowed on me, on the banks of Saraswatee, the wonderful science of Time with its 64 branches. he also bestowed me 1,000 sons, all possessing great merits and fully conversant of Ved. Their age was also extended to 10 million years."

Maharshi Paraashar said - "It was before, that I pleased Sarv and asked him to give me a son that possessed great merits and worldwide fame. God knew my wish and said to me - "You will have a son named Krishn and in Saavarni Manu's Manvantar he will be one of Saptarshi. [Vishnu Puraan, 3-Triteeya-1 supports this statement] He shall arrange Ved and will propagate Kuru's family. He will write the history and will do good to the Universe. He will do severe penance and will become the friend of Indra. Your son will be free from disease and immortal." After saying this the god disappeared." Maandavya Rishhi said - "Once I was blamed for a theft, although I was not an actual thief, and I was fastened to a stake on the king's order. I prayed Sarv, he said to me - You will be free soon and you will live for millions of years. You shall be free from any pain due to this and from any disease also. Since you have been born from the 4th foot of Dharm (Satya or Truth), you shall be unrivalled on Earth. After the ending of your life you will live in Heaven for unending time." and he disappeared then and there."

Gaalav Muni said - "I was a student of Vishwaamitra. Once I wanted to see my father so I took his permission and went to my home. My mother was a widow so she was in great sorrow and was weeping bitterly. She said to me - "Now your father will never see his son who has come home taking permission from his Guru to see him." Hearing this I felt very bad and I prayed Maheshwar and he appeared before me and said to me - "You and your parents will be free from death. Go quickly to your home and when I came home I saw my father coming out after finishing his daily sacrifice. He held some Kush grass and fallen fruits and it seemed that he had already taken his daily food. I fell on his feet. He kept hose things from his hands and raised me to embrace me. he said - "It is my good luck that I could see you. You have come back after finishing your education."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing all these feats of great Rishi Yudhishthir got very surprised, that Krishn spoke once more - "Upamanyu said - "People who have committed sins, they cannot see him, because they have Rajas and Tamas in their nature. But even if a person lives in the enjoyment of every pleasure, and he is devoted to him, he is regarded as a cleansed soul from the forest. If Rudra is pleased he can confer the sovereignty of the three worlds upon the person. Those people who worship him mentally, they are able to free themselves of all sins. A person who has committed many sins, but if he worships the god of three eyes, he cleanses his all sins." Krishn further spoke - "Aaditya, Chandra, Wind, Fire, Varun, Brahmaa, Sakra, Marut etc that deal with the knowledge of Ved, all kinds of restraints in the form of vows and fasts, Swaahaa. Vashat, celestial cow, seven Rishi, various tribes of the Deities, who live upon scents, or those Deities that live on vision only, and those Deities who live on touch only (for their food), Chaaran, snake etc etc all are born from that Creator of all creatures. By reciting this hymn the Braahman succeed in acquiring all Ved, Kshatrya succeed in acquiring victory all over, Vaishya succeed in acquiring wealth and cleverness, and Shoodra get happiness here and a good end thereafter. A man by reciting this hymn lives in Heaven for as many years as the number of pores in the body."


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