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Index of 9-Anushaasan Parv

There are some very good things in Anushaasan Parv, but only a few relevant topics of Bheeshm's discourse are given here.

13-Anushaasan Parv (168 Chapters)

Anushaasanikaa Parv-1 (1-35)

1. Upamanyu and Shiv  -  Bheeshm tell Yudhishthir 1o things never to do in life. Yudhishthir asks him to tell him Shiv's Sahastra Naam. Bheeshm expresses his inability to describe them and requests Krishn to recite them. First Krishn tells the circumstances as how He came to know about them, tells the story of Upamanyu from whom He learnt it. Upamanyu's mother describes Shiv in very very detail here.

2. Krishn and Shiv  -  Krishn tells Yudhishthir as how he went through penance and saw Shiv Jee. Many Rishi give their testimonies in favor of worshipping Shiv and Krishn concludes it by telling its greatness even for a sinner.


Anushaasanikaa Parv-2 (36-168)

117-119 Vyaas and Worm  - Bheeshm tells a story of Ved Vyaas Jee and a worm as why a Kshatriya wants to die in a battlefield.


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