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Yudhishthir as King

Vaishampaayan Jee says - "Then Yudhishthir sat on his throne facing eastward, and Krishna and Saatyaki sat facing directly him. On either side of Yudhishthir sat Bheem and Arjun. Prithaa and Nakul and Sahadev sat on an ivory seat. Sudharmaa, Vidur, Dhaumya and Dhritraashtra each sat separately. All his subjects brought gifts for him then the materials for his coronation was brought. Draupadee sat on a seat named Sarvatobhadra. Then Krishn took a sanctified conch and poured water on Yudhishthir's head. Dhritrashtra etc also did the same at the request of Krishn. Yudhishthir gave 1,000 Nishk to all Braahman that uttered benediction on him. Braahman blessed him and thus Yudhishthir was coronated on the Hastinaapur throne."

Vaishampaayan said - "Yudhishthir said - "No doubt great must be the sons of Paandu about whom you have described these attributes, but Dhritrashtra is our father and God, so if you wish to do something agreeable to me then please be obedient to him. My great duty is also to serve him in every respect. The whole world along with Paandav belongs to him only. Having killed all my kinsmen I live for him alone." Then he dismissed all, appointed Bheem as Yuvaraaj (crown prince) and Vidur to take care of the six-fold requirements of the state. Sanjaya was appointed as general director and supervisor of finance. Nakul was appointed to keep the register of the forces for giving them food, salary, and for other matters of army. Arjun was appointed to protect the kingdom from enemies and punish the wicked. Dhaumya was assigned to see other Braahman and other daily religious duties. He kept Sahadev always beside him, because he thought that he himself should be protected by him. Yudhishthir instructed Vidur and Saatyaki to attend Dhritraashtra and citizens."

Vaishampaayan said - "The Yudhishthir performed Shraddhaa rites for all the dead. Dhritraashtra also donated much food, cows, gems, wealth etc for his sons. Yudhishthir also donated wealth etc for Drone, Karn, Ghatotkach, Abhimanyu etc. Yudhishthir honored all his elders, protected all women without husband and sons. Thus he started being happy."

Vaishampaayan said - "Yudhishthir prayed Krishn - "You are all in all, you are three Yug, you are Vibhu, you are Daamodar, you are the Creator, you are Kapil, you are Vaaman, you are Yagyasen, you are Shikhandee, you are Hiranyagarbh, you are the sacred Mantra Swadhaa, you are Keshav. I salute to your Shaarng bow, Chakra (Divine disc) and sword." Krishn got very happy to hear this from Yudhishthir."

Vaishampaayan aid - "Then the king dismissed all his subjects and said to his brothers - "Your bodies have been wounded in battle, you are tired of fighting, now you enjoy this victory. Take rest now and meet me in the morning." Bheem then entered Duryodhan's palace, which was assigned to him by Dhritraashtra's permission. Arjun got the palace of Dushaasan. Durmarshan's palace was superior to Dushasan's, Yudhishthir gave it to Nakul who deserved best. The foremost of palaces, belonging to Durmukh, was given to Sahadev who always did what was agreeable to him. Sahadev got very happy to get that palace as Kuber got happy after getting Kailaash mountain. Vidur, Yuyutsy, Sanjaya, Sudharmaa and Dhaumya  proceeded towards their own abodes. (how Dhaumya got his house here in Kuru's capital, because he was Paandav's priest?) Krishn and Saatyaki entered the palace of Arjun. They all passed night happily, in the morning they came to the king."

Janamejaya asked - "Please tell me what the king and Krishn did after that?" Vaishampaayan said - "Then Yudhishthir gave 1,000 Nishk to each of 1,000 Snaatak Braahman. He satisfied his servants and other people also with wealth, cows, clothes, beds etc. He continued to honor Vidur and Kripaa and paid due honor to Dhritraashtra and Yuyutsu. Placing kingdom in Dhritraashtra, Gaandhaare and Vidur's hands Yudhishthir started passing his days happily. After satisfying everybody Yudhishthir went to Krishn and said - "O Vaasudev, we have got this kingdom because of you only." But Krishn was meditating."

Yudhishthir asked - "This is so surprising that you are thinking something, is it all right with the three worlds? When you are in the fourth state, I am surprised. You have controlled the five breaths (five Vaayu), your senses are concentrated in your mind, both speech and mind are concentrated within your understanding, all your senses are withdrawn within your soul. (see Note 4) Your mind and understanding both are still. You are immobile. If it is not a secret, please tell me." Krishn came back to His senses and said to Yudhishthir - "Bheeshm who is now about to die, he was thinking of me, so I was also thinking about him: who abducted three princesses of Kaashee for his brother Vichitraveerya; who fought with Parashuraam for 23 days and but was unable to be defeated; who knows all the four Ved and their parts; who knows the past, the present and the future. Therefore now is the time that you should go to him and ask whatever you wanted to know about." Yudhishthir said - "I believe what you are saying is true, so if you are pleased then shall we go there keeping you at our head. He deserves to have your sight."

Hearing this Krishn asked Saatyaki to yoke His chariot. Saatyaki went out and asked Daaruk to yoke Krishn's chariot, which Daaruk did promptly.


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