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15-Story of Kaagbhushundi-2

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15-Story of Kaagbhushundi-2

Kaagbhushundi Jee further said - "When I had grown up, my father started me teaching, but I didn't like it. I used to worship Shree Raam. I wandered everywhere and heard Raam's Kathaa. I didn't have any kind of desire except that when can I have Raam's Darshan? Because of Shiv Jee's kindness I could go anywhere.

Once I came to Sumeru Parvat where Muni Lomash was sitting under the shade of the banyan tree. On asking my purpose of coming there, I said "I want to learn to worship Sa-Gun Brahm." Then Muni told me some stories of Shree Raam. But then he started telling me about Nir-Gun Brahm - that He is only one, omnipresent, He is desireless, nameless, formless, unbroken and simileless.

Although Muni told me this in several ways, but I did not get convinced with that. So I requested him again that "I want to learn to worship Sa-Gun Brahm. Tell me the same so that I can see Shree Raghunaath with my eyes." Muni told me something about Sa-Gun again, but again he started telling me about Nir-Gun Brahm. Then I started arguing about it. Muni got angry and explained me Nir-Gun Brahm repeatedly.

Then I thought - without Dwait (dual) mind there is no anger, without A-Gyaan there is no Dwait mind. How can the Maayaa-controlled Jeev (soul) be equal to Eeshwar? How can any harm befall if you wish good for everybody? How can one be poor if he has Paaras Mani? How can one be dauntless if he has developed quarrel with somebody? How can a lusty person be stainless? How can one do attached Karm if he has spiritual knowledge? How can one go through life and death cycles if he knows Paramaatmaa?

Thus I thought for some time and did not listen to Muni attentively and argued for Sa-Gun. Then Muni said angrily - "O fool, I deliver you the best education still you don't listen to me and are afraid of everybody like a crow, so be a crow now." I immediately became a crow but I was not scared of anything. I just bowed in Muni's feet and flew away remembering Shree Raam Jee.

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Who love Shree Raam's feet they have no Kaam, anger and pride in them and they see the whole world full of Raam then from whom they can quarrel?" Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, It was not the fault of Muni. It was only because of Shree Raam who inspired Muni to act like this and tested me in this way.

Later He changed Muni's mind and he called me back and gave me Raam Mantra happily. Then he told me the method to meditate on child form of Shree Raam. He allowed me to stay there for some time then he told me Raam's Kathaa and said - "I got this Maanas from Shiv Jee and now I give it to you, knowing you Shree Raam's Bhakt. I bless you with intense love for Raam's feet. And not only this, you will be able to take any form you like, you will be able to leave your body whenever you wish (Ichhhaa Mrityu), and you will have a lots of knowledge and Vairaagya. Wherever you will will live remembering Shree Raam, there will be no A-Vidyaa (ignorance, Maayaa, attachment) up to four Kos (about 8 miles) around you. You will not be affected by any sorrow related to Kaal (Time), Karm (action), Gun (Sat, Raj, Tam) and nature. You will be able to know all Leelaa of Shree Raam described in history and Puraan automatically. Whatever you will wish you will get it easily with Raam's grace."

Hey Garud Jee, Hearing this blessing, Aakaashvaanee said - "Hey Muni, May your words be true. He is my Bhakt with Man, Vachan and Karm." I became very happy, I prayed Muni and came to this Aashram. I have been here for 27 Kalp. I always sing Raam's Kathaa and intelligent birds listen to it. Whenever Raghuveer appears in Ayodhyaa I go to see His Baal Leelaa. The I come back keeping that Roop (form) in my heart. So that is how I got this crow's body, I told you the whole story.

See the result of Bhajan. Maharshi Lomash gave me Shaap, and I got something so valuable which is very very difficult even to Muni. Who leave Bhakti and work hard for Gyaan, they search for Aak (Madaar) shrubs for milk, leaving Kaamdhenu at their door."



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