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14-Story of Kaagbhushundi-1

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14-Story of Kaagbhushundi-1

Kaagbhushundi Jee said to Garud Jee - "Hey King of birds, I lived thus there (in Ayodhyaa in Kali Yug) for many years. Once there was a famine, so I went to Ujjain. After some time I could collect some wealth then I started worshipping Bhagavaan Shankar. There was a Braahman who used to worship Shiv Jee methodically. He didn't have any other work. He was a great worshipper of Shiv Jee but didn't abuse Shree Hari. I served him with cheating, but he was very kind to me and taught me like his son.

He gave me Shiv Mantra and taught me many good things. I used to do Jaap of Shiv's Mantra in the temple. I became proud. I used to get jealous seeing Bhakt of Shree Hari and didn't like Shree Hari. Guru Jee was very sad seeing my behavior. He used to teach me many things but I did not follow them.

Once Guru Jee called me and taught me to do good to others. He said that - "The purpose of serving Shiv Jee is this only that you should have Bhakti in Shree Raam's feet. Shiv and Brahmaa themselves worship Shree Raam. You will not be happy if you dislike Him." Guru Jee told that Shiv Jee himself was Hari's servant, hearing this I felt very bad. I started quarreling with Guru Jee. He was very kind to me. He never got angry with me rather he used to teach me everything affectionately.

As dust lies on the way and tolerates all people's feet beat, but when wind lifts it up then first of all the same wind sets that dust on kings' crowns and fills in their eyes. This is low level people's characteristic that from whom he receives praise, he destroys the same first. Thinking thus intelligent people do not sit in the company of low level people. Rather it is said that neither quarrel, nor friendship is good with such people.

One day I was doing Jaap of Shiv's name in the temple, that my Guru Jee came there but because of pride I did not greet him. Guru Jee was very kind, he did not get angry with me. But Guru's insult is a big sin, so Mahaadev Jee could not tolerate it. Aakaashvaanee (aerial or Divine voice) said - "O Unfortunate, Although your Guru is not angry, but I give you Shaap because I do not like injustice and if I will not punish you then my Ved path will be spoiled. Those fools who are jealous from their Guru, they stay in Raurav Narak (Hell) for millions of Yug. Then they go through animals, birds etc Yoni (species) for 10,000 years. O sinner, You sat like a python in front of your Guru, so go and be a Sarp and live in a hollow tree."

Guru Jee got very sad hearing the Shaap of Shiv Jee. He prayed Shiv Jee - "I bow you, I greet you, I worship you. Kindly be happy with me." Shiv Jee got pleased and said to Guru Jee - "Ask for a Var." Guru Jee said - "If you are pleased with me then first give me the Var of your Bhakti, then give me second Var. This human being is under the spell of your Maayaa, so please don't be angry with him. Be pleased with him and free him from your Shaap after a short time."

Shiv Jee said - "So be it. Although he has committed a severe sin but because of you I will be kind to him. But my Shaap doesn't go waste so he will surely go through those species for 1,000 lives but he will not feel the pain of birth and death. He will not lose the knowledge in any of his lives. (Addressing to me, he said) First you were born in Ayodhyaa Puree, secondly you worshipped me, so Raam Bhakti will rise in your heart. Service of Braahman pleases Bhagavaan, so never insult any Braahman. Who doesn't die by Indra's Vajra, my Trishool, Kaal and Shree Hari's Chakra, he dies with Braahman's anger. Keep this in your mind then you will be able to go anywhere."

Guru Jee got very happy to hear this. He went back to his house. With Kaal's effect then I was born as Sarp (snake). I left many bodies without any pain and didn't lose my Gyaan also. Last body I took was of a Braahman."



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