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13-Dharm in Kali Yug

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13-Dharm in Kali Yug

Kaagbhushundi Jee said - "Hey King of birds, There is neither Varn nor Dharm nor any Aashram (four phases of life) in Kali Yug. All men and women oppose Ved. Braahman sell Ved. Nobody follows Ved. Whoever likes whatever, the same is the path for him,

Who snatches other's money, he is called intelligent; whoever lies he is called qualitative. Whoever has large nails and long Jataa, he is called Tapaswee. Whoever wear unholy things, they are called Yogee and are worshipped. Who lie with Man, Vachan and Karm, they are called good speakers

All men are in the control of women. Shoodra advise Braahman and accept alms. Married women don't wear ornaments while widows adorn themselves with new look. All men and women talk about Brahm Gyaan, but they kill Braahman or Guru for a very low profit.

Shoodra argue with Braahman. Oil extractors, clay pot makers, Bheel, etc who are of the lowest Varn, become Sanyaasee after shaving their heads and accept worship from Braahman.

Sanyaasee spend lots of money in decorating their houses. They don't have Vairaagya (detachment), so Tapaswee become rich and family men become poor. Men start liking their in-laws and hate their own Vansh people. Devtaa don't rain on Prithvi thus the grain doesn't grow enough.

People get many various kinds of diseases. They become proud also. Women have their hair as their only ornament (no other ornament on the body). They desire for happiness but do not like Dharm. They have less wisdom.

Thus Kali Yug is the store of sins and faults; but still it has one quality, that in that Yug, one can be free from the birth-death cycle without any hard labor. Whatever Gati one gets in Sat, Tretaa, and Dwaapar Yug through Yog, Yagya, and worship respectively; the same Gati one can get in Kali Yug just by reciting Hari's name. 

In Sat Yug all people are Yogee and Vigyaanee (have elemental knowledge). In Tretaa Yug they do various kinds of Yagya and offer all their actions to Prabhu. In Dwaapar Yug people worship Bhagavaan's feet, but in Kali Yug they get Mukti only by singing Bhagavaan's name.

In Kali Yug neither there is any Yog, nor Yagya, nor Gyaan, there is only Raam's name. One thing more, in Kali Yug, there mental Punya but not mental sins. In fact there is no other Yug like Kali Yug.

There are four legs of Dharm - Truth, Kindness, Tap and Alms or Charity; among which only one leg of alms is main in Kali Yug. Thus any kind of alms is good to observe Dharm in Kali Yug.

By the power of Shree Raam's Maayaa everybody has some Dharm in his heart in every Yug; but pure Sat Gun, equal behavior, elemental knowledge and happiness are the characteristics of Sat Yug. Sat Gun is more, Rajo Gun is less, love in Karm, happiness are the characteristics of Tretaa Yug. Rajo Gun is more, Sat Gun is very little, a little Tamo Gun, happiness and fear are the characteristics of Dwaapar Yug. Lots of Tamo Gun, a little Rajo Gun, enmity all around are the characteristics of Kali Yug.

Therefore intelligent people leave A-Dharm and follow Dharm.



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