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12-Kaag Yoni to Kaagbhushundi-6

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12-Kaag Yoni to Kaagbhushundi-6

Garud Jee said to Kaagbhushundi Jee - "Hey King of birds, now I ask you something because of my ignorance, but you kindly reply me considering me as your dear servant. You are such a dear servant of Shree Raam, then how did you get this Kaag (crow) body? Besides where did you get this beautiful Raam Charit Maanas? Kindly explain me everything.

Hey Naath, I have heard from Shiv Jee that you don't die even in Mahaa Pralaya and although Bhagavaan never lies, but still I have doubts in that, because this whole universe is the food of Kaal and nobody is spared from its hold; then why that terrible Kaal doesn't affect you? Is this the result of your Gyaan or your power of Yog?"

Kaagbhushundi Jee got very happy to hear Garud Jee's words. He said - "I now remembered the accounts of my many lives, so I tell you everything in detail. I have got Shree Raam's Bhakti only with this body that is why I love my this body most. Ved say that if any low level thing is of your good then love that too. As silk comes out of an insect and silk is used to make beautiful silken clothes that is why nobody hates that dirty insect and people bring up those insects with great love.

My death is in my control, but still I do not leave this body, because Ved say that without body one cannot do Bhajan. My first Moh (confusion) made my condition miserable. Then I did lots of Tap, Yog, Yagya, etc, I took birth in many Yoni, I did all kinds of Karm (actions), but I have never got such happiness as this.

I remember my many lives' accounts and I have never been confused since then.

Now you listen to my first life story. In a past Kalp, it was Kali Yug at that time, I was born as a Shoodra in Ayodhyaa Puree. I used to worship Shiv Jee with Man, Vachan and Karm but didn't like other Devtaa. I was very proud. Although I lived in Raghunaath's capital still I didn't know its importance at that time. Now I know it."



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