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11-Sermon of Kaagbhushundi-5

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam, Raam, Raam, Shri Raam, Raam, Raam


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11-Sermon of Kaagbhushundi-5

Kaagbhushundi Jee further said - "Hey King of birds, Now I tell you my own experience that without Bhagavaan's Bhajan sorrows don't go away. Without Shree Raam's favor one cannot know Raam's greatness. Without knowing Raam's greatness one cannot believe in Him, without belief there is no love; and without love Bhakti doesn't get stronger, as fat doesn't stay on water.

Without Guru and detachment there is no knowledge as a boat cannot be rowed without water. Without contentment desires are not destroyed, and if desires are there, there is no peace in the mind. Desires can only be destroyed by Raam's Bhajan. Without Shraddhaa (includes faith, faithfulness, love) no Dharm can be followed, as smell cannot be experienced without the Earth element, radiance cannot spread without Tap. There is no Ras (taste) without the Water element and good behavior cannot be learned without serving learned people. Without radiance (fire element) no form can be formed.

Without getting pleasure for soul, mind is not stable. Without the Air element a touch cannot be felt, and without belief there is no Siddhi or Bhakti. Without Hari Bhajan, fear is not destroyed. Therefore one should chant Raam's name.

Many creatures fly in the sky but can't get to the limit of the sky. In the same way Shree Raam's glory is also limitless. Shree Raam is the ocean of qualities. Nobody can reach up to its surface.

Hearing all this Garud Jee got very pleased. He bowed to Kaagbhushundi Jee's feet several times and said - "Nobody can cross this world ocean without the guidance of Guru. Now I knew the secret of Raam a little as I found you."



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