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10-Raam's Var to Kaagbhushundi-4

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam, Raam, Raam, Shri Raam, Raam, Raam



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10-Raam's Var to Kaagbhushundi-4

Kaagbhushundi Jee further said - "Hey Garud Jee, Seeing me troubled and scared, Shree Raam laughed and as He laughed, I came out of His mouth. He again started behaving in childlike way with me. I tried to convince myself in many ways that is was all Shree Raam's Leela (acting or play) but it didn't calm me down. Then I remembered all that I saw in His stomach. I forgot everything and I fell on His feet saying - "Save me, save me."

Prabhu drew back His Maayaa, put His kind hand on my head, then I calmed down and got happy. Shree Raam said to me -"Hey Kaagbhushundi, Considering me very pleased with you, you ask for any Var you wish for - Animaa etc. any eight Siddhi; other Riddhi, or Moksh; or Gyaan, detachment, elemental knowledge anything which is most difficult even for great Muni, I will give you all today without any doubt. So whatever you desire, you ask for it."

I got very happy to hear Prabhu's words. I thought that Prabhu told me to give everything, but He didn't mention about His Bhakti to give to me. Without Bhakti all pleasures are useless as many dishes of tasty food are tasteless without salt. So I said - "Hey Prabhu if you want to give me any Var, then I want to ask for my own Var. Whatever all Bhakti Yogee Muni desire for and rarely anybody gets it by your grace, kindly give me the same Bhakti."

"So be it" saying thus Raghuveer said - "You have asked for the treasure of pleasures. There is nobody else as fortunate as you. I liked your intelligence therefore from now on all good qualities will reside in your heart. You will know everything about Bhakti, Gyaan, elemental knowledge, detachment, my Leelaa and their secrets. You will not be confused now by my Maayaa. Know me as "without the beginning and end", "who doesn't born", "Nir-Gun (without the characteristics of nature)", "full of divine characteristics). I love my Bhakt, considering this fact, love my feet with Man, Vachan and body.

Now you listen to my words - "This whole world is created through my Maayaa. There are numerous movable and immovable creature in it. They all are dear to me because they all are created by me; but I like human beings most. Even among human beings I like Dwij (Braahman) more, among Dwij I like those more who know Ved, and among them who know Ved, I like more who follow Ved; and among them who follow Ved I like the ones who are detached from this world; and among the detached ones I like those more who have elemental knowledge.

And among all of them I like my servants most who have no other help. I tell you this several times that I do not love anybody else more than my servants. Even Brahmaa is dear to me without Bhakti like other ordinary creatures; but if anybody is of very low level and is my Bhakt, I love him like my life.

Pious, plain, and intelligent servant is lovable to all. Ved and Puraan also say this. One father may have several sons with different nature and behavior. One may be knowledgeable, another may be Tapaswee, another may be rich, another may be warrior and yet another may be very religious. Father loves them all alike, but if there is any son who is his Bhakt with Man, Vachan and Karm and doesn't follow any other Dharm, the same son is dearest to him, even if he is a fool.

In the same way, among creatures there are animals, birds, Devtaa, human beings, Asur. I have created all of them, therefore I love them all, but whosoever worships me with Man, Vachan and Karm, I love him most; whether he is a man, woman, eunuch, or any other creature. You will never be affected by Kaal (see Five Immortal Purush), just remember me always."

I wanted to hear Prabhu's voice more and more. Whatever pleasure I was getting out of it, only I myself know. My eyes saw His beautiful form, and my ears heard His sweet voice, so how my tongue can describe them, only eyes and ears know that; and eyes and ears cannot tell you as they cannot speak. After that Prabhu started playing again like a child. He looked at His mother as if He was hungry. Kaushalyaa Maa immediately got up and started feeding Him.

To get the pleasure Shiv Jee took his inauspicious form, people in Avadh Puree are drowned in the same pleasure always. I stayed there for some time more and watched some more of His Baal Leelaa, then I came back to my Aashram.



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